Taking Meds with pregnancy

Ok so when I was pregnant, my doctor said I could not take any medicines at all except tums for heartburn. No dental work, only a cleaning, no x-ray's, limited caffeine,...

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I am SO FRUSTRATED right now!!!!!!

My son and I are completely at odds of late--every encounter we have ends with him storming off in tears and yelling that I don't understand anything at the top of his lungs....


swimming pools

ok(once again saw this on the main page) what age do we reckon to swimming pools for our darling little ones? my opinion is... the main problem with taking babies swimmin is...

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Swine Flu Shot

Are you getting your child the swine flu vaccine? Why or why not?


Breast feeding and baby food

My daughter will be 7 months on 02/21/10. I am nursing on demand and upon the pediatrician's recommendation, have been trying to introduce food for about 2 months. She'll eat,...

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Marriage --A Must Read

I just wanted to share this, I saw it on Facebook, it was written by a lady named Vicki Gray Deaton, it made me cry, but it was something I glad I took the time to read and...


Babydaddy Drama! I'm tired of it!

I need some help... I have a two year old son who I have basically been raising on my own. I am a young mother (only 19 years old). I have dealt with so much drama with my...

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Cereal for toddler?

My baby is 17 months old. She's never been a big eater of solids. She's very curious and will taste anything and definitely wants bites of everything we eat etc but has never...

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my little alexander was born on may 7th. i have recently started cereal with him after breastfeeding (as my doctor recommends,) but he really isn't into it. he doesn't show...

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how much "solid food" should formula babies be eating at this stage? (7months +) and how much did/does your March baby weigh before they crawled/walked?

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