Moms with UN-Husbands

This is a group for mommy's not married for whatever reason but living with their significant other as partners. Whether your planning on getting married, or never plan to marry...

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My daughter is 18 months and I have been reading many articles about How important it is to take your child to the dentist by there first birthday well my child got teeth late...


Prayers needed this way, please

Hi Ladies Just a request for prayers, I will be going on a fasting session for some medical procedures, I was in for my monthly sonar and my tests showed high levels of sugar....

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moving house and moving to toddler bed??? BAD IDEA??

We're moving to our new home soon, our daughter is 25MONTHS old and sleeps on a single bed at her Nanna's house (about once a week). We're thinking of selling her cot, and...

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my little girl is 23 weeks old and as yet she has no teeth but they are giving her trouble.. she screams constantly and nothing i do seems to help her.. Please can i have some...


Update: My obssessed grandson...The Wiggles

I tryed different things on my grandson, William, with his obssession with the Wiggles and nothing worked. Thanks to his sister and 2 older cousins...whom I love dearly....he...

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truly happy

There have been times where I've thought back and said "man I miss those good old days" and i do have some unforgettable memories and some unremeberable nights! but really...

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Son won't sleep through the night

Please I need help my eleven month old won't sleep through the night he wakes up anywhere from two to five times a night. I knew there was something else that was goo g on so I...


My 3 year old does not sleep

My 3 year old daughter was never a good sleeper. She always slept for less than 10 hours per days, since she was born. We moved her to a normal bed already since she was 2 years...

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How do you stop temper tantrums?

My 3 year old used to be the sweetest girl in the world but lately she has become a demon. I love her with all my heart but I see military school in her future. She throws...

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My toddler sleeps concerns me...

My toddler sleeps too restless. She is 20 months old. She wakes up crying, moaning, scratching, seems like something is aggrovating her. This happens every single night. What...

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