anyone that can share some info

I am a single mom and have a 8 year old son had him tested for adhd and add. After 20 mins in a room the doctor diagnosised my son with both althoug he was sitting still playing...


new but interested in paganism

i am 31 i have struggled with the loss of my stepdad,there is no comfort in the bible i have always felt like there was something there i think i have found it here


potty training

my son turned two in march how should i potty train him he refuses to go on the potty but when he poos in his diaper he throws a fit... what should i do

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Creating Space + Time

Do you have some space for yourself to create, how do you create, where, when??? Could you make it into a business? FYI, if you become freelance you can add it to your hours...


Discipline for a 13 month old?

My son is 13 months old. He has been walking since he was 9 months old so he is into everything and curious about everything. I love that he is walking and curious.... it's...



I think I have some sort of depression... I don't know if it's the antibiotics I'm on or the hormones or what... but I have been starting fights with my boyfriend over the...

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Brushing my son's teeth..

I have a really hard time brushing my son's teeth. I had a thing that I put over my finger to brush his teeth in the beginning and that was real easy and efficent but then he...


Step daughter Boundries where to stop

Recently my step daughter has come to live with my husband and I. She is 15. At her Moms house she was having problems and basically her Mom was neglecting her. I have a 13 year...


4 yr old wont stop eating

HELP i have a beautiful 4 yr old girl who i love with all my heart but the problem is she WILL NOT STOP EATING She is morbidly obese already weighing in at 32 kgs and i fear for...



I just started my son on solids about two weeks ago...first carrots, which he seemed to enjoy and this weeks squash. I can tell he doesn't like it and since last night he's had...


What kind of gift?

I am a mum with very wonderful husband. He has done so much for me and our family and I would like to get him some thing to appreciate him. Can you advise what kind of gift I...


Taking a 5 week old to a mini airshow??

My husband really wants to go to this mini airshow tommorrow. Im not sure I should be going to such an event with a 5 week old baby. Ive read that I can get him ear muffs to...

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