When does Mommy do her writing?

For me writing always feels like a selfish act - so, as a mom, I tend to let this part of me slide (my young ones are only toddlers, not in school yet). I jump on whatever...

Started by Wendy on 02/04/2009 in Writer Mamas

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I need some help!

have a 5 yearold step son and 9 years old step daughter that I've been around for about 3 -4 years while being with there dad. At first there mom realy resisted against the...

Started by Kathleen on 02/26/2009 in Step Moms

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nothing's working... help!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. my son was born with club feet. They used casts to correct the position, which worked great, and they did a minor surgery on his ankle to release the achilles...


How do I get my 2 year old to stop hurting me?

I have a two year old daughter. At times she can be the sweetest thing ever, but when she throws fits it gets bad. She pinches, bites, hits, kicks and scratches. I have tried...

Started by Amy on 10/28/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Should I let my child fail?

My second grader just returned to school this year. He was in public school for Kindergarten and homeschooled last year. He started the year with D's and F's but tested end of...


New to group as well as Encopresis...

Our daughter who just turned 4 a month ago was diagnosed with Encopresis the beginning of January. She was put on mineral oil which was the biggest mess I've ever seen in my...

Started by Morgan on 04/15/2014 in Encopresis Support

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Hi and Advise

Hi my name is Angel (yeah its my real name) I am a mom of my two wonderful kids. my boy 5 and my girl 2 I am also pregnant with our 3rd. I am 31 weeks pregnant. I am 24 years...

Started by Angel on 02/23/2010 in Christian Moms

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Anyone else have this problem? Need Advise

My three and a half year old has finally been potty trained. But we have started having problems at night. He will wake up crying when he has to go to the bathroom but will...

Started by Allen9612 on 09/01/2009 in Moms With 3 Kids

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Washing Wool Diaper Covers

http://www.washingwool.info/index.php This is a very good and comprehensive site that has a lot of information to help answer any wool cover questions you might have. I LOVE...


My 5 year old

More and more it seems that my 5 yr old has started back talking my husband and me. Not only is she doing this, but she has started to flat out lie to us as well. I would like...

Started by Carleen on 07/25/2009 in Moms Under 30

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bottles and breast feeding at 14 1/2 months

Hi mamas, My daughter is breast feeding a couple times a day. I'm happy to continue our breast feeding for a while; she asks for a morning, pre-nap, and bedtime nursing session...

Started by Mary on 08/03/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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