early November sometime around November 15th I took Noah into St John hospital because he had have developed a serious cough we also noticed he had lot of reflux which at the...

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Anyone's baby come home on a feeding tube?

My baby was born at 29 W 5 Days and weighed 870 grams. She spent 80 days in the hospital and was finally released, but on a feeding tube. She didn't do much bottling in the...

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I just wanted to post a warning to parents letting their teens or pre teens have a myspace account... I let my daughter have one for a few years now. I monitor everything she...


I am exhausted.

I'm so friggen tired. I've been in sleep deficit ever since I worked closing & opening. I haven't been able to get to bed early enough or sleep in long enough at all....


My 18 Month Old Is Acting Out

My son is 18 months old and he as recently started hitting other children (some older than he is and other's younger). He is biting and exhibiting very aggressive behavior my...


HELP!!! In urgent need of some advice!

I am currently in need of information reguarding Home Schools in Ohio that I can get my child into quickly. I would love some feedback on some schools that have been successful...


Why will my 3 yr old not potty train?!

I've tried everything!!! I brought the potty chair down stairs into the living room to give him a better access. I gave him a "reward" for when he did potty once. I thought...

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My story

Hi! My name is Rosalie and I have 4 beautiful girls. My oldest, Gabby, is 9 years old and I had her at 30 weeks due to severe preeclapsia, and I had one sign of HELLP's which is...


Why can't my husband be more supportive

I think the hardest thing about being a sahm is NEVER getting a break. My parents won't babysit their grandkids and my in laws live out of state. My husband thinks I'm selfish...

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I really don't know what I am

I live with a die hard republican, No matter what the news is as far as him it is law, I do swing to the right, however I agree with some of the left as well with certain...

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is this normal?

my daughter is 7 goin on 8 mths and she doesn't crawl yet..my son who is now 4 was crawling by now but what i was woundering is..when she sees a toy she wants she rolls to it or...


18 month old and not walking born with club foot

My son was born at 37 weeks(Jan. 28th, 2011) He was born with Clubbed foot(is a congenital deformity involving one foot or both. The affected foot appears rotated internally at...

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is it my place to say anything?

I am at a loss here. I am a mother of 3 kids ages 15, 12 and 9. I have been a single mother since day one.Until my boyfriend moved in with me 2 months ago. He has visitation...


toddler bed????

When did you move your kiddos into a toddler/"big kid bed"? Any advice for me? I'm thinking about moving my daughter (born end of July 2008) sometime soon because we have...


Wetting himself again...

My 4 year old son who has autism has recently started wetting himself again after being dry day and night for maybe a year. Basically one of his obessions is watchings darts on...