High functioning Asperger

I've become more and more frusterated with my son, who just turned 7 this past July. Please bear with my long post... He wasn't ready for preschool, to begin with. He could...


abusive relationship, help!

hi, im just posting cause i feel i cant talk to anybody and want other peoples views. im 21, me and my boyfriend have been together and lived together for 2 years...we have a 4...



hi all, im Deb, i have 5 sons, and im currently tandem feeding my 2yr old and my 7mth old... my 4th & 5th children. at first, when i became pregnant with Harri (now 7mths), i...

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What is this group about?

O.K. so I joined... Thinking that obviously this group was something other than what it is.... I know,Love it or Leave it, Right??? Well maybe so, and probably will. However, I...


Riots coming to America?

We have all seen the damage caused by the riots in Britain. It was uninhibited anarchy and lawlessness. For five days, animal-like mobs burned businesses and homes, hospitalized...

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Annoying Family members

I got pregnant with my son at 17 (about a week before I graduated from Highschool), needless to say my father wasn't too impressed. Ontop of being a teen mom, my son's father is...

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Advent customs

Advent is coming up fast! What does your family do to observe Advent? Do you decorate or leave it simple? Do you have any special customs? Last year we made an Advent calender...

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Hi, My name is Nancy, my daughter Tegan was born on January 17, 2008 (6 weeks early). She is growing by leaps and bounds! She just had her 1 year check up last Monday and...


How to get my son potty trained???

My son is almost two and he lets me or my fiance' know he needs his diaper change when takes off his diaper or before he pee pee he goes to the bathroom and we'll sit him on the...


Potty training

HI, o.k. I have a son who will be four in a couple of weeks and I have been trying to get him potty trained for the past eight months. He has days where he will not have one...


Potty Training

Hi everyone I am new to this site and am looking for some advice on potty training. My daughter is Olivia and will be 3 in October like most of your children I’m sure. She...



Hi. Just wanted to hear everyones thoughts and opinions on how your life and body and needs have changed since giving birth. My boyfriend and I have had a couple tiffs about how...


going to sound dumb....

Lately my son (who is 2, hence going to sound dumb) is driving me crazy. He used to be so well behaved and somewhat listen to instructions and when I would tell him "no" or "no...

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