Does tourettes get worse with age?

So my son was diagnosed with tourettes. He is almost 4 years old. So far his ticks are not that bad. Flapping arms, twisting his body, jumping, tippy toe walking and making a...


Help needed...so clueless

So I am 25 years old, and have a 15 year old step daughter. She has lived with us for a little over a year now. When she first got here, things were great, I really become close...

Started by Casey on 10/28/2011 in Step Parenting

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Anyone elses 2 year old becoming violent? My son doesnt see any violence (people, gaming, tv etc) and he has turned into this violent monster. People keep telling me its a...


Has anyone started to "nest"?

And what types of things did you do? I have been on a 3 day long cleaning and organizing spree.. organizing things that I would have never thought needed to be organized. Also...


Worried Mom of 12 yearl old son..Help!

My son just turned 12 this month and for the past couple of months I've noticed a change in him that I don't like and I am concerned. He's always been this happy go lucky kid...

Started by Sandra on 11/19/2012 in School-Age Kids

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How do I/Should I tell my Son.

Hi Moms, This is my first time starting a conversation here. Ok so here's some background ... My sons biological father is an awful person. He began to be abusive to me while we...


taxes and cops!

Okay so that this all makes sense my bf and I have been together over a year now and we have a 6mo. He had been separated from his ex almost a year when we met. He filed Feb...

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