I know people get tired of hearing negativity and it's so important to be grateful for the small things but there are some things i can't seem to get over in life and my husband...


4 year old with daddy issues

I am a single mother, of the most wonderful gift I have ever recieved. 3 yrs ago I asked her dad to leave. He couldnt seem 2 remember where we lived anyway. However my daughter...


Bedtime routine is disasterous!!!

I need help desperately, my daughter (23 months) has a fairly regular bedtime routine... until we upgraded her to a 'big girl' bed. With her new found freedom, my husband & I...


Temper Tantrum

When I found out I was pregnant with my son. My Future sister in law ruin my pregnancy experience. We gotten into so many arguments and my stress level would go up I got...

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Help- threats from ex b/f

I need help.. I am shaking and throwing up. Here is what is going on… My ex-boyfriend is being evicted from the home my parents own and I am living out of the house with...


Baby's Father....hates? Son.

Okay, here is my situation, bear with me, its long, but so important to be read: I got pregnant at age 19. At first, his "daddy" (I will use " throughout the entire post because...

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23mo and refusing naps!!!!

I am so sad to accept this. My son (23mo) is refusing to take naps..... What used to be our normal routine was wake up about 9/9:30 drink milk, watch some toons. Bum around a...


Hello & Welcome!

My name is Laurie and I started this community after several weeks of browsing through the ADHD community offered and also posting a couple of my own questions relating to the...