Single Mom fighting a losing custody battle

The past few years have been a dilema. I am a single mother of a three year old little girl. I got pregnant in my second year of school, moved back home with my mom in her one...

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Breastfeeding plus Bottle

Any suggestions? I've been breastfeeding Alexander since the start. We've dealt with all kinds of issues and here's the latest. I have been back to work almost since right...



I think my son is a sleepwalker. We have a gate to his room because he freaks out big time if the door is closed. Anyway, a few nights ago we were awakened by his screaming, but...


postpartum depression

I went thru postpartum depression. it was really hard, Ive been depressed before but this was hard. i wanted to just go away, i felt like going in the bath room and dieing. i...

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sleeping issues

My son will be 16 months old on the 20th of Aug. He has never slept through the night and I am desprite to get a good night sleep. When he was frist born he would only wake up...


Baby daddy not working

My child's father and i dated and lived together for 2 years. To me he has always had a issue with working like i believe in working. I get paid once a month and it was kinda of...


Baby mamma/ Baby daddy

Has any military spouse had to deal with an ex causing trouble because of a move? My husband was up for orders and I told my sons fater about the out of state move . Now he...


vyvanse side effects

my 4 year old son has been diagnosed as autistic and adhd. he has very violent episodes several times a day. he hits,kicks,bites, and spits all over you. i have bruises all over...


baby wont nap anymore...ugh...

my daughter is 5 months old..like you all babies...lol..maybe i'm to busy running errands and the such..but she doesn't go down for naps... i used to put her down at 1030ish and...


Does potty training punishment make sense?

My son turned 3 in June. He knows when he has to use the bathroom because he hides to do it. I have tried rewards of all kinds, all different potty seats and nothing seems to...

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How much should I pay ?

So I'm starting a new job soon and my husband works full time as well. We need a babysitter and turns out his mom is leaving her job to baby sit both of her grand-daughters. soo...


Torn about child support

Ladies, I need your help. My stbx and I are in the process of divorcing. So far we have agreed on everything, such as time-sharing and debt/asset splitting. The only problem we...


14 month old and just started daycare

My son turn 14 month few days ago, and we just started him in daycare today. He will be going 3 days a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday while I am at work. We used to have a...

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help!!!! please

me and my partner got together wen i was 2 months pregnant, he is so supportive but when my bump started to show he refused to have sex with me which i totally understand as...