Please Help! {eating problem}

My daughter is just about to turn 1 year old and she has ALWAYS been a great eater, she even started eating solid foods at an age much earlier than a lot of others I know...

Started by Mandy on 12/19/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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Stem cell ban on research lifted

http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/04/29/stem.cells/index.html A federal court has given the Obama administration the go-ahead to continue funding embryonic stem-cell research. The...

Started by Katherine on 05/02/2011 in Informed Moms

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How much should my 3 month old be eating?

My son is almost 3 months (on the 5th) and he seems to be eating less. He will only eat every 5-6 hours. And he's been sleeping a lot. He will sleep from sometimes 8pm-6am or...


5 week old fighting sleep even in my arms

My son is five and a half weeks old. I know this is too young for true sleep training, but I have started trying to lay him down "awake but drowsy". Sometimes it works,...

Started by Jessica on 08/30/2012 in Babies And Infants

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Baby's father no good for her!? Help!

Okay this is akward and kind of difficult to discribe but I really need some honest answers. My daughter is now 7 weeks old. When I was 5 months pregnant her father tried his...

Started by Brianne on 06/08/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Is Your Child's Dad a Deadbeat? How to explain it?

My daughter's dad doesn't want anything to do with her. He barely pays support. My daughter found out from her sister that he took that sister & brother to Disney for a week but...

Started by Teresa on 08/15/2011 in Working Moms

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Custody issues

Ok this is a crazy situation but I need help. Me and my sons father live on seperate islands in Hawaii and he ignored me since I was 6 mths pregnant. He promised to be there for...

Started by Nicole on 07/12/2012 in Single Moms

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100% lost, confused and extremely mad!

I allowed my ex to see my little girl for the 1st time in her whole 2 years of life. I've given him a chance to come into her life and be a dad to his oldest daughter. We spend...

Started by Alysha on 08/21/2012 in Deadbeat Dads

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i have a run in with the Department of Children and family services, you know the ones that put the fear of loosing your kids... Well I'm not going to loose my babies, but i...



so i have been seperated from my husband for 9 months. our divorce hasnt finalized because he is fighting me for every little thing possible...literally, which is making me...

Started by Natasha on 06/05/2012 in Single Moms

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What to feed a fussy 9yr old

Does any one have any idea of what I should fed Cameron he lives on Two minute noodles.

Started by Tracey on 04/03/2009 in Toddlers

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Just wondering?!

I was wondering what kind of cancer do or did your husbands have? Feel free to comment and let us all know. My husband was diagnosed with stage 1 large B cell lymphoma in his...