SD and bio daughter rivalry, any ideas?

So I have a SD who just turned 5, and my daughter will be 5 in 2 months. We have my SD on the weekends only, and when we have her, I feel like Im constantly yelling at her....

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anyone else have no family to offer their child?

Is there anyone else like me? Divorced, with a child(now 16)and not much in the way of family? My ex is remarried and has a child with his new wife...we split because he was...

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my story

ok here it is finally my turn to share my birth story, i may be a bit partial but i think it is pretty amazing. Monday night i was in bed all excited that tuesday evening i...

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Learn from History

This is an email I got this morning. Food for thought. READ THIS CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY by Pam Geller I am a student of history. Professionally, I have...


Problems with my daughter's father

I have a 6 month old little girl. Me and her dad have been having issues since I was pregnant. I just don't know where to began. Basically though out the time we were together...


13 year old daughter

My 13 year old daughter looks like she's 18 and she is.beautiful. She has lots of friends and is active outside of school in dance training and she loves to adventure. She has...

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Ignorance is rampant

I just need to vent. A FB friend of mine posted an ad she found on Craigslist for a classroom shadow for a 5-year-old, for the purpose of making fun of the ad. First she...


What would you do in this situation?

The last time Loyda Rodriguez saw her daughter, the 2-year-old was being whisked into a taxi cab by a stranger in her native Guatemala. It was 2006, and Anyeli Rodriguez became...


i feel so alone...

single mom of two soon to be three....my children have different dads and alot of people look down on me for that but whats that prove...that ive had sex with three men..big...

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Nanny or not??

Up to the 8th month of my pregnancy I've been working for 12 hours/day...just because i loved my job and what i was doing. I've been working since I was 18 and never imagined...

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Not What You Imagined...

Hey! Did any of you ladies have a dream of how your pregnancy and delivery would go? We plan our nurseries, paint the walls, set our crib up (I didn't get to but I had a scheme...