Emotional damage in daycare

The nanny post reminded me of this. At the time it came out three of my friends were putting there nine month olds into day nurseries because they" didn't want baby loving or...

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Infection after aaving c-section

i had a c-section in july 2008 with my third child, while in hospital i experinced worsning pain that the docs did not notice. i came home and thought the pain was normal till...

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My daughter is 10 & having a hard time in math

It started last year, she went to summer school & we have been do math all suumer. Now she getting back in to the hard stuff as she calls it I have been helpping everyday, and...

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The tub is my daughter's toilet!

Hi! My daughter is 11 months old and my don is 21 months old. Hailey has started to poop in the tub water the past 3 baths when I bathe her and her brother. Its not like the...

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Hi - first time at this. My son might have or be ADHD. we go see his doctor on the 25th. The school did a test and the numbers they gave me were high. Does anyone have any...


I'm not sure how to deal with my daughter's behavior?

Kymburlyn's behavior I feel is way more than I can handle. She literally will not listen to me for anything. She listens to other's just fine but when it comes time for me to...

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Pacifier Help

Any tips or advice on how to get rid of the pacifier without a screaming fit? My son is 27mo and only uses it for nap and bedtime. He is able to fall asleep without in the...

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Spoiled kids?

ok, having a debate with my fiance (which usually ends in we both get mad and give up) My fiance says i spoil my kids too much. We went to the store and i bought my 2 yr old...

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unruly teenagers

hi there, im new to this so bare with me, my name is cheryl and im a mum of 4 children 2 of which are teenagers...Im having real trouble with the 16 year old at the moment, as...