Why are my cloth diapers leaking?

We've had our daughter in Rumparooz since she was about 1 or 2 months old (now she's 6 months), and we're having a lot of problems with them at nighttime. She is soaking...



Hey there! I'm Christina. I'm 21 and my daughter, Regina, is 2 1/2 yrs. Just kinda introducing us here. I'm full time nursing student and hold a full time job, and obviously...

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Well this one has got me a bit.... well... stunned really! My son is in pre-school and at home time we Mums all gather and wait for our kids to be released into our care....


My 11 year old has bathroom issues

He still wears pullups and has a hard time pooping on the pot he is in middle school and the teachers have smelled him and i am concerned kids will start noticing. Any advice on...


whines every day during breakfast

Help! I'm at my wits end! My don is 13 months and for about 5 months now every morning during breakfast ALLLLLLL he does is whine or cry. He is perfectly content before...

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spica cast

Hi all moms. I was wondering if anyone here has had a child with a spica cast. My son who will be 4 March 29 is having both hips operated on the day after his birthday. It...


Todder Milestones??

My son is turning 1 soon. He walks and says 2 words. Gestures some. But I was wondering what are the milestones for the next year? What should/could he be doing by age 2?

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Why are we so judgemental of each other?

Why do we as mothers judge other mothers so harshly? Its not our place to judge other mothers. If one mothers thinks its ok to let their child cry it out then whos to say shes...


No tolerance...

I have a 6 mos old daughter who is teething and a very... independent, smart, and stubborn...2 year old son. When he puts his mind to something there is no changing it, be it...


Teens and college

I am the mother of a high school freshman who is hearing from her school that college is not for everyone and other post high school options are available. I am very hopeful...

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