Do you vote?

If yes, do you always stay in one party? Democrat or republican Do you always have certainty you are choosing the best person? Do you feel like you have to choose the lesser of...

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Please help! Crying it out...

My daughter does not sleep...hasn't since the day she was born! I tried about a month and a half ago to let her cry it out, but after 2 hours of non-stop screaming, her dad and...


If you had a high risk pregnancy...

If you had a righ risk or very difficult pregnacy, even if you knew you would most likely having a preemie...did it bother you when people with healthy babies and normal...

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Do you think it's ok to put a T.V in a childs room?? At what age and why??

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EBF and losing weight fast...

I am EBF my four month old daughter and have recently went back to work. I babysit during the day from 7:30am until 2:00/3:00pm and then work at 3:15pm until anywhere from...

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I just hope I'm doing the best thing for my son

I will admit I am selfish but I swallow my selfishness every other Friday sat and Sunday and Thursday .. So my 4 year old son can be with his daddy and have that bond.. But what...

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Help please

Does anyone have any advice for me on how I can get my 19 month old son out of our bed into his own bed, off the bottle and sleeping through. The thing is he will fall asleep in...

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Hair Industry

I was just wondering if there are any other moms that work or used to be a hairstylist? I have been off of work for nearly 15 months and just went back to work part time last...

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How do I stop the tantrums???

My 2 year old son has the worst temper. He yells and throws himself on the floor when he doesn't get what he wants. He pushes and pushes every button I have. Talks back...

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Adoptee been found.....

Hi! I feel a little bewildered currently, and hope some of you may be able to help shed some light on the different, weird, wacky thoughts going through me. I was adopted when...


new help, i have a 14yr old boy

i have a 14yr old boy who NEVER goes to school, has been in trouble with police and has to got to somthing called yos basic its youth probation, but only turns up when he wants...

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Bambi or Baby?!

I am absolutely devestated by a comment my husband made this past weekend. I don't even know how to speak with him about the situation. He just gets defensive and tells me that...

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Giving up TV, but what about the kids?

First I should say I am a spirit filled christian, 3 boys 7,5, and 2. GOD has revealed to me that I am addicted to the TV, it has taken me away from reading my bible, spending...

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Holiday MIL issues

I need some unbiased advice. I am having some issues with my in-laws and it's driving me crazy and I am not sure how to best handle it. The gist of the story is that this will...


8 boys and wanting a girl

I watched this programme on TV this week, It was about families having only 1 gender kids and desperatly wanting the other gender. In this case the main story was about family...

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