what an amazing prem

my LO is now 8 months old but not yet 5 months corrected and we have had it confurmed by my health visiter that he can already talk, his first word is yeah and he is now...

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Throwing bully fits

When things don't go just as my two year old daughter wants them to, she will throw herself on the ground and cry and scream. With that she usually hits her head of the ground....

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baby number 2

i am currently pregnant with my second child, alexis will be 16 months when he is born and im dreading how she will react, anyone with a similar exsperiance?


What is the best way to potty train a boy?

My son is going to be 2 years old in 3 weeks. I bought a potty seat to start training soon but I'm not sure if he is ready. He does hide when he poops. This is the scariest...

Started by Lizbeth on 06/27/2010 in Toddlers

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19 month old and cold medicine?

I was just wondering if there are any other ways of giving your toddler medicine? Is it possible to put medicine in a drink if the medicine is liquid? He is 19 months, the meds...


How to explain sex to 6 yr old?

My 6 yr old son walked in on my husband and I making love the other night. We were not aware of it until he went to K5 the next day and told his friends what he saw and heard....


custody of a 3 month old.

i have a 3 month old son. he is my pride and joy, and always has been. on december 05 i found out i was pregnant.. the father of my baby,( he was my boifriend for thee years)...


Some people Have no Clue!

I am so angry. The guys I work with had the nerve to tell me that ADHD wasn't real. That the parents and doctors just don't know how to deal with kids. And there was the old...


My daughter passed away last yeat

My daughter passed away last year on my birthday life is so so painful without her she was 30 and has had anorexia for years. At the end the issue was not her weight she was a...


New Member

My name is Michelle, I am 41 years old, I have a 3 month old son, a 12 year old son, and two daughters 20 and 18.And I am really enjoying being a mother again later in life!


Need advice on weaning! Help!

Hi Moms! I am new to the circle of moms. It was a huge blessing to find you all. I am having some issues with trying to wean my nearly 13 month old son. He loves to nurse, more...

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I need friends :/

Hi guys, I'm 17 and my son is 7 weeks. My boyfriend and my sons father is 18 and going into the marines on the 23rd of September. During my pregnancy I lost alot of close...


Things to do with an 8 month old

The weather is finally nice enough to outside (Florida!) so I am able to go for a daily walk now at least, but I find myself, and maybe him if that is possible, getting bored...



So as a young woman who happens to be a mom, I sometimes find it hard balancing my lovelife, and my social activities and my daughter. Dont get me wrong my daughter comes first....