Hey, My name is Hiriana, I'm 26 years old. I just had a baby boy named Hayden on March 9, 2010. I'm currently still on maternity leave but due to go back to work at the end of...

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My stepchildren's mother

she lies to all four but of course the youngest (10) won't believe she does and then takes out his anger on his father and myself. My husband has had full custody since the...

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coming home

My son has been in the nicu since he was born in may. He will be coming home soon and I'm really nervous. He's my first and i haven't had him home. Any suggestions on how to...

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Sisterly love

Hi everyone. Your posts are so cool to read. I was only 3 when my little brother was born (with downs). He is now 20 years old! I could tell you lots of stories. My mom...


One and Done because of Cost?

My son is two now and I find myself in the position of wanting another babe but in no way being able to afford it. My husband and I have good jobs and live in an sort of...

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Talking to your tweens about sex

One of my kids is almost 11 and hangs out in a group of 7 girls. 3 of this group (not Katie, my kid) recently announced that they were lesbians in the school cafeteria. This...


I'm a newbie!

Hi, I've just discovered Circle of Moms and thought i'd write a quick note to introduce myself and my son Dylan to you all... My name's Sarah, i'm 30 and from the UK. I...


I´m new here

Hi I´m new to the group. Working mum who has just launched a new online business and trying to get out of the rat race :). I´ve two gorgeous girls. Paula...


Low milk supply - desperate

Help other mommies! My baby boy is ten weeks old. My goal was to BF him exclusively for six months, but I've had to supplement with formula due to a sharp drop in my supply. My...


Insane Stepmom torn by ex wife

This is another tight christmas for rob and I so I again had to tell his kids because I believe in being straight forward with them about everything theres no point to lying, so...

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♥ Staying Home is THE BEST! ♥

What do you find is the BEST thing about being able to be a mother at home - your time is your own - taking a nap when you chose - going to the park when you feel like it -...

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expecting in September

I'm 16 plus weeks today and am new to this community. I'm excited and scared at the same time about having my first child. I find out the sex on May 5th. We are very excited...

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I Need A Weight Loss Buddy

Hi! I am looking to lose 75 pounds...not rapidly where I'll put it all back on, but permanently. I am just looking for a weight loss buddy (or buddies!) where we can encourage...


Imaginary Friend

I was wondering if anyone else has a child that has an imaginary friend. My daughter turned three in March and this past month she now has a 'friend'. She has had a big...

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