terrible 2's and horrific tantrums

my son wont stop getting mad and throwing his toys, and then throwing an obnoxious screaming temper trantrum.. im not sure what to do anymore besides cry because i dont know...

Started by Schelene on 03/01/2012 in May 2010

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5 1/2 month old refuses to sleep

I am hoping for some help or just some support! My 5 1/2 month old daughter just seems to hate sleeping and I am so overwhelmed. She wakes up about 5 times a night and will...


I want to leave

I am 22 years old. It all started when my boyfriend and I decided to have a child he is now 10 months and healhy. My mother did not like the idea. my boyfriend decided that it...


Ice Cream Issue!

I have been spending time outside because the weather is great, our neighbors daughter (3) comes and plays with my son. It has been bothering me that she may not have an...


I dont know what to do, im so bored!

Hello everyone! My name is Bri, I am 24 years old and I recently became a stay at home mom. I have to wonderful children from a previous marriage. My husband and I just moved...

Started by Bri on 08/25/2014 in Stay At Home Moms

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I'm at my whits end!

My son is just about to turn 6. I've been having so many issues with him lying, torturing our cat, no interest in his school work, destroying things, and now wetting his pants...

Started by Lisa on 02/09/2012 in Children Of 2006

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Retilin??????? Good or bad???????

Hi there moms. My name is Annie and my son - Blaine (6 years old) - is believed to have ADD. I have an appointment for him with an Educational Physycologist on July 4 2009...


Thanksgiving and In-Lwas

So I am a SAHM with an 18 month old girl. DH is at work in IN for 2 weeks and home in MI for 48 hours on a usual basis.Recently we moved from my old college town to were my mom...


When is it to young for boy/girl sleepovers?

So my 8 yr old recently became great friends with a girl from school. You would think they were twins. They recently had a "play date" and had so much fun that they wanted to...

Started by Airelle on 01/15/2010 in School-Age Kids

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Advice for "mommyitis"

Does anyone have advice for the "mommyitis." My son is almost 5 months old and he is starting to cry when mom is out of sight. He's fine at home, but when others hold him, he...

Started by Sarah on 01/26/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Allergies & Excema

Just wondeing if anyone has found a link between allergies and excema for their own kids? All the other Moms I have spoken to who have/had kids with excema have said that...