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Hi guys or should i say gals!! LOL I have 4 beautiful children of who i am sooo happy to have inmy life.. I enjoy being a mother as young as i am, but i woldnt change a thing.....

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My daughters 1st day of preschool!

So today is my 3 year old daughters 1st day of preschool, the drop off went suscessfully, but one thing bothered me. She was not scared or didn't even bat an eye when I walked...


Wait or not to wait?

I have a 3 year old son, I am 22 will be 23 in june, Hubby and I are Ready for a new addition to the Family, I am stay at home mom, and Hubby works at nights, Money is a little...


First Deployment

My husband is in the army and is getting ready to do his first deployment. This is also our first deployment as a family. My daughter is turning one in a few weeks... I am a...


To all single mothers :D

To all of you single mothers out there, or those who are in a bad relationship and are ready to leave, take comfort in this. *Your children will always be more important in your...

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About Screaming

Hello, My son is 18 months old, hes just perfect, he learns fast , hes smart , buuut he screams for and at everything! if hes hungry he screams ! for like 10 -15 min before...

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Studying a degree while preggers

Some times it can be jolly hard trying to study when all I can think about is my baby. Specially when I get kicked in the ribs a lot or Braxton Hicks makes an appearance. I'm...

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hi everyone..my baby has eczema since she was 3 months old..we apply elcon 1% which is a steroid..i was wondering what do other moms apply on their babies who have eczema??

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Need help with my DD who is 3 years old

First off i am a first time mom and everything is new to me. But lately i have been noticing a lot of things with my daughter that is scaring me and also annoying me. I wanted...

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Biting Baby!!!!!

My one yr. old has biten me a few times in the past but most recent she has been doing it quite often. OUCH not a nice thing. I want to breast feed as long as she wants to...

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How to stop hating baby daddy

I'm 10 weeks almost 11 weeks pregnant I recently broke up with the father of my unborn child, he stopped talking to me and changed his number without telling me while we were...