help with my 3 year old daughter out of control

my daughter is 3 year old im a single mom..my daughter dosent see her dad because he dosent look for her at all i have to look for him for him to see her.. im having problems...

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Charles Manson, Biological Dad?

Surprise: Your Biological Father May Be Charles Manson At some point, every adopted child wonders about his biological parents. Did I get my athletic abilities from my...

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What do you/your doc consider 'preemie'?

While its obvious that a 24, 28, 32, 34 weeker is considered a preemie. What do you/your doc consider full term? 36? 37? 38? I have read some think 36 is full term and others at...

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My son is two years old now. Was wondering how long does it take for him to start talking right with out screaming his head off for what he wants. So far he just loves to say...


Donating breast milk???

Has anyone donated their breastmilk to a milk bank? I am considering trying it because I have so much excess milk in the freezer and I just don't think my little girl will drink...

Started by Stephanie on 04/06/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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In need of Healthy Recipes

I am a mother of three very active girls, and a wife to a husband who is always on the go with work, and it seems like meals get lost in the mix. This year I am trying to 1....

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Birth control

I am 17 years old. I DON'T have any kids, I don't plan on having any until I am financially stable and married. I'm not saying I wouldn't want one right now, cause trust me I...


15 year old help

My 15 year old sd came to live with us over 2 years ago due to her mother not being able to handle her. This is not the first time she has come. When she was 10 her mother sent...

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