Is it ok to ask for some help if im a SAHM?

First off it was my husb idea that once our son was born I would quit the two jobs I had been working for the last 6 yrs (I worked both until I was 38 weeks) and stay home with...

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One big fun mess (help!)

Ok, so I have a 6 yr old stepson named Jaden and I have a very delicate situation with him. I am going to try and explain my situation as best I can without it getting a chaotic...



Having suffered postnatel depression for the last year and a half I thought it was time for me to create a group for woman who have and are feeling low...........Thank fully i...


Is this normal...or cause for concern?

My daughter almost 3 moves her hands alot. When she was a baby we noticed it. But being a first time mom, we passed it off as all babies do that, it's normal. Now as a...

Started by Deborah on 02/26/2009 in Toddler Moms

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I am expecting my first child...

I am six months pregnant with a girl and i have been having lots of second guessing about if i will be a good enough mom and if my husband being in the airforce will affect her...


Forced to raise children alone

I don't understand why the Government isn't more strict than they are with the childs daddy being just as responsible as the mom! It's killing me softly. Can I get your...


24 weeker

Do you ever get over what happened when you have a preemie? Alora was born a micro-preemie at 1pd. 10oz. . I had her on October 13th 2007 they told me there was a 50% chance she...


I am currently pregnant with my second child

I am currently pregnant with my second child and it is very scary for me as I am a student and I am afraid of what my mother will think when she finds out that iam, do you...

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Has anyone else heard about the dry max diapers causing burns??

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Boyfriends Son... Need advice

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years, we own a house together and everything has been great until now. I am not a mom, we plan on having children but I need...


9 month old/Gross Motor Delay

My son was diagnosed with gross motor delay at his last appointment about 2 weeks ago if I can even call it that. I've never heard of this did some research on it and it's kind...

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I used to be a pre-school teacher for 18 yrs before I had my son. I am now a stay at home mom with 1 child. I do the shopping, laundry, carpools, homework, housework and I get...

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