Hi I need your emotional support!!!

I am a mother of 4. My twins will be 4 in june. i also had a baby that died of a spider bite at the age of 6 weeks. And i also have a daughter that is 1. While i was pregnant...

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Belly to sleep for a newborn?

My 2 wk old daughter likes to sleep on her stomach. I discovered this because she sleeps best when on mine or my husband's chest. Obviously we dont want to continue that habit...

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Moral question

Ok I'm faced with a big moral question at the moment.... (A bit of backstory needed so here goes) My brother as a younger teen (12-13 I think) sexually interfered with my...

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School & Seizures....

Having allot of trouble getting my son back to school after he has a seizure. He is 13 and in 7th grade...he is a good student...never missed allot of school until now. Had...


custody HELLP!

MY ex and I divorced in 09. in 2010 he asked if he could live with him. I agreed since my son would be going to the local school that i was familiar with and my other children...



So just found out I'm pregnant n my new bf of 2 month's says we are not ready. I honestly didn't think I could get pregnant so I'd like to keep it but scared I won't be able to...

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My ex husband molested my daughter

January 9, 2011 I am desperate. Im living in darkness. In a bad dream that I can not wake up from. February 2007 my then 3 year old daughter began coming home raw and red on...


Nursing strike- Please read

Being a first time mom i am learning every day!! Its difficult with all the new developements vs your mother and grandparents giving you all the advice that now seems so wrong!...

Started by Jeanine on 12/18/2008 in Breastfeeding Moms

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9 month not eating baby food

Is there any other mom who's 9 month old won't eat baby food? I've been trying for 4 months off and on to get him to eat and he doesn't want anything to do with it. He won't...

Started by Saratruax on 01/10/2009 in April 2008 Babies

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Diaper rashes

My son has his first really bad diaper rash and I was wondering if anyone knew any other good ways to clear it up. I've tried all the creams and aside from hurting him with the...



i am due march 7th and boy am i ready to see her! this is my first child a baby girl, and as likely as it prolly is to have her later can you trust your instincts on when you...

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Mine are now 18,17 and 16

Hi im new here, My name is Laura, I have three children 15 mos and 18mos apart, They are now a girl 18, a boy 17 and another girl 16. They were not planned this close. It...


Help! Biting while Nursing!

My 4 and a half month old has two teeth and won't stop biting while nursing. I've tried the "startle" technique and "baby time out" and nothing seems to be helping. Definitely...