I'm not sure how to address this issue,

My 15 year old step-son is scared to come 5 feet into the kitchen withought someone else up in the morning. This poses a problem, His bathroom is litterally 2 feet from his...

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What Do You Wear as a SAHM?

I'm not trying to be creepy haha Just curious as to what other moms wear for the job of a SAHM? For myself, it's usually leggings a comfortable shirt. Usually I have my hair up...

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Don't know where to turn

Looking for real advice, from someone with teens. I'm confused, my daughter is accusing her step father of 10 years of inappropriate touching, over the years. We run a very...


Trying to adopt

Hi I am 18 and a girl who wants to be a mother I know I am young but I already have a house and a car of my own and an extra bedroom for a baby. I have always dreamed about...

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teenage daughter

my daughters do not respect me and say horrible things to me and my husband doesn't say anything and doesn't have my back, Its very upsetting and I don't think I can take any...



Does any mom here got there baby back on the breast after baby got used to a bottle? Id like some tips on how to get him to latch again? Please any advice would be great.

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Up in arms

My son is 4 years old and I am a single mom living with my mom and I am having problems getting him to listen and at suppertime I have to sit there and tell him over and over...

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A New Admin for this Community

We want to make sure this community has what it needs to thrive, starting with a dedicated community Admin. Is there anyone out there interested in taking the reins from me?...

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Hi everyone and welcome!! I am a mom of three teenagers, a wife , and know the limits of what autoimmune disdeases such as lupus can pose on a mom, family and yes even a...



My husbands 5 year old daughter decided to lie to her mom and said that I smacked her across the face! I have never spanked her, let alone smacked her in the face! This caused a...

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What to do while husband is away?

My husband just left today for Army Boot Camp at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. He will be gone for 6 months to complete both Boot Camp and Basic Training. What are some things that...

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Divorced With Teenage Son not living with me.

Well, this is seems to be a good place to seek advice outside my friends and family. I am now divorced and my teenage son lives with his dad. This was an 18 yr...

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Anxiety over Easter

I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in October of 2009. A baby that we were trying to concieve for over 2 years. After my loss my mother was pretty nasty to me saying my sisters...


Babies given anti-obesity drugs in the womb

Ok, so the title of this article is slightly misleading. There is a new UK trial involving Metformin and obese mothers. Metformin is NOT an anti-obesity drug or diet pill, but...

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