older mum with breast cancer

I am a 42yr old mum with a 4 yr old son and an 8 month old baby girl. I was diagnosed with breast cancer the same week I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl. Pregnancy...

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My husband is currently deployed and we are both having to face the reality that our son is going to be born in about a months time. My husband will not be here for the birth....


The Hard to Love Future Step-Son - HELP!

My fiance & I have a great relationship. However, we have issues with his 3 year old son. I've operated child care centers & never have had a child as bad as him! He speaks...

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For all you that have read past post I don't have a good relationship with my sons father and his GF but the last few months we have all gotting along.. To the point where she...

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Trouble with my unborn baby's father

My ex and I have been on and off since the summer of 2013. He already has a 4 year old girl and I have a 3 year old boy. Around November of 2013 I started to notice some violent...

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Welcome and Introduce

My name is Melissa and I wanted to start this group because my 6 year old son has asthma. He uses an inhaler daily and is onsingulair. We have been very lucky that the meds work...



every one of my family members feels the need to express that i dont share my baby with other people during times when there friends or my friends want to hold my daughter it...


c-section due to breech but i am upset

ok so i found out that my baby girl is breech and i have to have a c-section. i know it dose not sound bad and people do it all the time but i cant be awake during it due to the...

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My daugher has made great progress in some areas, but still has a lot of anxiety when it comes to school. She's still not speaking to her friends from school, even with numerous...


Sperm Donors in the US

News reports of a sperm donor with 150 offspring have prompted discussions on how to better regulate the sperm bank industry. Every year, tens of thousands of children are born...

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I've Had Enough Breastfeeding

I have been breastfeeding my daughter with the occasional bottle of formula for 8 weeks now and all I think about is whether she is getting enough to eat, how come I can't pump...


Oh, for the sake of sleep!

Yup....are you all thinking I'm talking about my infant? Nope, she's two and still not sleeping even half the night. She has had many issues waking up due to her stomach...