Introductions are in order :)

Hi, I am the mother of two bilingual children. They both attend immersion schools 5 days a week. At home, my children speak Mandarin Chinese to me (though I am non-native...


I am scared

I am the primary custodian of my children, and for the last two years I have contractually allowed my oldest two to live with their dad and now pregnant step mother so that I...

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Child left home

My 19 year old daughter got upset because we did not approve of her boyfriend. His is not in college he flunked out a year and a half ago. He is not working and he comes on...


new member

How everyone! My name is Sandra, I am 43 and my first and only daughter, Jade, is 4. My husband is 48. We work full time and she's at school (daycare, jk) until 4:30. At the...

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does it get any easier???

im 21 yrs old and have 4 kids! my husband and i split up and christmas! i was 8 mounths pregnate at the time! i went on to have my little girl now i have a 1 2 3 and 8 weeks i...

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playing favourites

Im 29 weeks and really worried that my baby is going to be a daddies girl. I'm a single mom, but me and the father are at least civil...most of the time. We don't live together...



im new here. just joined. friend of my daughter invited me to circle of moms. im a single mom of 4; and they were all classified as "special needs"; but my last 2 at home have...


New parents

My husband is at work from 12 to9pm. He comes home tired and takes his anger and stress out on me. I feel bad he is tired but i don't know what to do. Like I've suggested he...


how to handle a naughty 7years old boy

good morning mommys, i am a single mom of 7years old boy who is in grade 1 now, he is good with his studies and the teacher is happy with his work, the problem is he is very...


going thru my third pregnancy alone

i just need some support i guess. I am a single parent of two girls already. I am 11 weeks pregnant right now. The father sorta left because he used me to get back at his ex and...

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Anxiety and Panic

Okay, here is my situation. I get severe panic and anxiety, the whole fight or flight. The need to escape a situation. I also have what I was told IBS, acid reflux. WHich I am...