I love being a mom and im in a steedy relationship, but among those two things i have felt i lost my idenity. I dont feel like "Jaimie" anymore only: mommy and girlfriend. I...

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My fears

Hello. My husband and I split up in April. It's been really hard on me, truth to be told. I feel alone in raising my two sons. He only has them one day a week, and has made no...


EEG results

Hi. My son had an EEG done in September 2010 that said he had generalized seizure disorder. Since then he has had multiple seizures so they did another EEG. THis EEG came...


i think im cooped up :/

winter needs to be over! im 21 i have two kids, a 3 year old and a 16 month old. im going crazyyyy!! my husband works monday-thurs 10 hour days, then on fridays till noon. my...

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Behavior issues in pre k

I NEED ADVICE!! ok so my daughter will be 5 tomorrow (march 1st) and is having some serious behavior issues at school out of no where!! shes pretty well behaved at home.. not...

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what would you do if your husband told you that you were the worse wife ever.. and that he didn't care if you left because you told him he was stuck to his mama.. the thing is...



So a couple days ago, I went to get some pictures off my husbands phone. Found a picture of a topless girl. A "friend." He claimed he didn't ask for it. Said she sent it because...


bed training

im a single mother an im 22 my son three an refuses to sleep in his own bed iv tried heaps of things frm nite lights to teddy bears iv even tried bribbing him an its that bad i...


Daughters Father

Ok guys here is my Vent ... I am a single mother... My Daughters Father lives in TX I live in CA. He can't hold a job. is in a motorcycle gang., can't pay child support,...



I am a single mom of a 12, 6, and a 2 year old I am in college and only recieve unemployment I have been so tired these last couple of weeks dealing with school a parttime job a...

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I need advice.

I have a 5years son with my previously marriage. My fiancé and I have 1 yr old daughter together, however my fiancé and son doesn't get along. My fiancé would complained and...

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