Pre-Teen Only Child

I have a 10 year old daughter, and I am a single mother of an only child. We are currently in a power struggle. She feels like she has the authority to tell me what to do with...


How do you fix a broken family??

Me and my baby daddy been goin on for 6 years but we always fight so much and my daughter always get in the middle of it which i hate so much cause all i want is our family to...


Clingy child

Ok, lately my daughter (19 months) has gotten very very attached to me. She is always following me around everywhere, and really wants nothing to do with anyone else. Before...

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So proud :)

For the last year my SD has had a major fear of dogs. She would scream, climb up the nearest adult and shake and cry for a good 5 minutes after the dog was gone. This has been...

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Newbie to the board

Hi! I've been looking for a spot like this. I'm 30 and have one daughter, 27mo old. While we thought we'd have two kids when we first married, after having her we've decided...


Moving out of my parents house

I'm thinking of moving out of my parents house this summer. I really think it is what's best for me and my son but I will be on a tight budget. Any advice from single moms on...


ohhhh the tantrums!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son is 22 months and i had a new baby 5 months ago. they are exactly 17 months apart, to the day. i know his behavior probably has some to do with adding another child in the...

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17 with a baby 19 months old need help

I had my daughter at 15 me and her father was not together when it happened, but he was there for me and her throughout my entire pregnancy. When my little girl was 3 months old...


another old and tired mommy

i just turned 46 last month. my oldest turns 26 in april and my youngest turned 5 in october. i have 9 all together, plus 2 step-kids and each of them has a child---so we have...

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Eight year age gap

My two boys have an eight year age gap, which create constant war in our house!! I need advise on how to keep the two of them at peace, at least some times, and to get...


Issues with the baby's father.

Now im a single mom who has had her first child and the father is being such a stubborn dickhead. He wont apologize to me about needing the paternaty test to find out if its his...

Started by Priscilla on 07/31/2009 in Single Moms

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bad dad drama help

ok so this is a tough one i have been seeing my boyfriend for a year and a 1/2 and i am 37 weeks prego and have a 3 year old child from a previous relationship but she still...

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post natel depression

i had jacob 15th december 2008 and i have been on medication since he was 1 month old, some times i have just felt like leaving my partner to deal with him and leave him to do...


i am 36 weeks pregnant

i live with my partner who works full time at the mo we only have his wage coming in of £250 per week sometime it less than this due to his hours being cut by the time we have...

Started by Kimberley on 01/21/2009 in Money Saving Tips

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