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Welcome Sisters, Please introduce yourself and share a bit about you & your family: Name: Location: Number/gender of children(grandchildren): Married/Single mom: If...


What is it like to be a SAHM?

I've been wondering this for a long time but never knew how to pose the question without making it seem like I don't think SAHM's do anything. I think being a SAHM is amazing...

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somebody help give me advice

How do I deal with stress when my kids father got 24 years in prison?im Single mom working part time job try pay bills without a fulltime babysitter im so stressed somebody...


inhome daycare

I live in GA and my son is 5 months, I am currently paying $150 per week for full time. The person that watch him is not certified, she just watches him in her home and she can...


Introductions are in order :)

Hi, I am the mother of two bilingual children. They both attend immersion schools 5 days a week. At home, my children speak Mandarin Chinese to me (though I am non-native...


I am scared

I am the primary custodian of my children, and for the last two years I have contractually allowed my oldest two to live with their dad and now pregnant step mother so that I...

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Child left home

My 19 year old daughter got upset because we did not approve of her boyfriend. His is not in college he flunked out a year and a half ago. He is not working and he comes on...


new member

How everyone! My name is Sandra, I am 43 and my first and only daughter, Jade, is 4. My husband is 48. We work full time and she's at school (daycare, jk) until 4:30. At the...

Started by Sandra on 03/01/2009 in Moms Over 40

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