1st Birthday Advice!

Aloha! I live 5000 miles away from my family and friends (I live in Hawaii, my family lives in DC) and I want my daughter's first birthday to be special. That said I have no...

Started by Mary Renee on 01/31/2011 in May 2010

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MMmmmmmmm Cinnamon.

You smell cinnamon and think holidays, delicious sweet treats, and baked goods. Here are some new thought replacements: delicious smoothie, blood-regulating champion, and the...

Started by Julianne on 02/05/2011 in Informed Moms

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Sleeping in her own bed.

My daughter is 19 months old. She goes to bed without much fuss in her own toddler bed every night. The problem is that she still wakes up in the middle of the night and wants...


potty training help - where do I begin?

I have twin 2 yr old girls (just turned 2 in January) and would like to try to potty train them. I know they might not take to it right away and I may have to try again, but...

Started by Amanda on 03/09/2011 in Toddler Moms

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My 14 month old won't eat

I have been struggling for 4 months now to get my 14m old son to eat. He hated baby food, so we put him on table food at around 9ms. He is sooo picky, well he eats two or...

Started by Casanova_rc2003 on 03/09/2011 in Toddler Moms

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How do I get my son to sit in his carseat?

My son has recently started consistently fighting getting into his car seat. If I let him get in the car himself, he jumps into the front seat and it becomes a chase game of...


Baby climbing out of crib?!

Alright so my 15 month old son climbed out of his crib the other day. Of course, he's not coordinated enough to know that he should swing his feet over the edge, so he went head...


Temper out of control! 20 month old

My daughter is 20 months and she has a very unbearable temper. she will kick, cry, scream, throw her self down, knock her head against walls, the crib anything she is closest...


How do you handle your picky eater?

My 22 month old daughter is still very reluctant to try new foods. She is stuck on carbs (crackers, toast, pretzels) and yogurt. She also drinks almond milk and is not a big fan...

Started by Dusty on 06/01/2011 in Toddler Moms

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Sleeping troubles

How can I get my 8 month old to sleep in her bed all night? She has been sleeping with us since birth.

Started by Angie on 06/01/2011 in Young Moms Aged 20-30

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How to work naptime

I have two sons. One 22 months and the other 3 months. Ever since I was pregnant I have been wondering how I am going to work naps once my 3 month old is on a regular nap...

Started by Sara on 07/07/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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