I am worried

My son Jason is turned three this past March and his speech seems to me to be very behind, I would say that his vocabulary is 100 or less words. Potty training is a half success...


suggest healty tips

my son AKSHAT is of 3.5 years .he is very active and sharp minded.but he doesnot love to eat,he takes meal according to his choice only doesnot take proper fruits and...

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Depression :(

Hi Everyone. Im a young mummy at 22 years old. My wonderful daughter is 8 months old and i do love her to bits. She is my world. When i found out i was pregnant i was so happy...

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Moms working AT HOME!

I am a stay at home mom with my fiance being a paramedic working 24-48 hours at a time. We have an almost 11 month old and I believe I could do something from home to make money...



my daughter is two years 3 months she went to nursery from 1 month ago, the teachers are telling me that she is having fun with her friends but in house she insist to not going...


Three Year Old at Pre School

My three year old son has been hitting, pushing, and pinching at school. It's so hard because I cannot control what happens there. He is in a 2 year old class because they base...


How do I wean my 17 month old??

This sounds like a weird question, but how do I wean my 17 month old baby? I tried substituting bottle for breastmilk but he hates the bottle. I have very badly got him into the...


asperges 13 y/o with behaviors

My grandson has "A no touch policy" yet he was suspended from school for touching girls hair at school, followed by lashing out at his intervention specialist when she tried to...


so stressed

i am so stressed i am a stahm i tried working a couple months ago and i was paying daycare but all the money i was earning was goind towards day care was having nothing left...


Inlaws behavior with grand children

How should I tackle with a situation in which my toddler is being treated badly when he wants tobplay among the other children of the same family. My husband's brothers hve...


2 weeks old baby

Can you put a2 weeks toddler to sleep on get stomach

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