Potty training..AHHHHH!

Trying the joys of potty training now.... Im sure many of you know how fun it can be.... My son has gone on the potty a cuple times but for the most part he will Yell "POTTY!"...

Started by Tyne on 01/09/2013 in Toddlers

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Cry it out method

My 6 month old son is a sweetheart. We started him on baby applesauce/green beans etc. at night time. So he gets food and his regular 7.5 formula bottle. No matter what I do he...


Feeling bad about gaining too much weight

I am 24 weeks and have already gained 30 pounds! I am having my 2nd baby girl and finding it so hard to fit in exercise. I didn't lose all the weight I gained with my 1st, so I...

Started by Stephanie on 07/11/2013 in Expecting

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Helicopter Mother In Law

My MIL expects to see us (especially newborn baby) every couple of days. How do we tell her no, once every three weeks is enough?


Advice for a special little boy

My son will be four in Feb.He has a speech delay that puts him at just a little over two.We went through speech therapy at eighteen months but the cut off age was when he turned...


help am i a hoarder?

Ok I kept both 1st months of my kids cloths plus all blankets, animals, pacifier's, Halloween costumes, and alot of my kids outfits that I really wanna keep. I a hoarder I...


need some advise.

My daughter is gonna be a month old on tuesday. Im exclusively breastfeeding her. But I would like to also give her enfamil formula. Like at night time and what not. What are...


Potty Training on Long Car Trips

Having anxiety about my toddler and a long long car ride (3 1/2 hrs) coming up. Invested a lot of effort to get him trained in underpants but knows he can "go" if I place him...


I need advice help something please

I'm a young mother of an 18 month old little girl. I need to talk to a mother of a toddler who has been sexually abused. What are the signs? How did you know? Please I know what...



Hello I am a 23yr old single mom with a wonderful son who is 3 months old.... Lucky me I spent my b-day in labour and had him the day after lol how great is that ??? Well I...


New :)

Hello, all. :) I am the blessed mommy of b/g twins born at 30 weeks. My son, Hayden, spent 5 weeks in the NICU and his sister Hannah spent 7. They are now 2 1/2 and appear to...