I am a mother of 4 teenagers 3 mine and 1 step, but mine...lol at 35 years old and loving it. I am on my way to getting married to a wonderful man. He is kind, loving, caring,...

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Potty in school... not at home

I have a 3.5 YO son who's trying to potty train. Problem is.... he doesnt fuss or fight when he does it at preschool but gives me a hard time (throwing tantrums) when I try to...

Started by Ana on 08/13/2009 in Potty Training

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HELP!! Horriable Tantrums!

My daughter has just started throwing the most horrific tantrums. She has always been a happy little girl but now when she doesn't get her way or what she wants (like her binki,...


Potty training my 2 year old

I have been trying to potty train my daughter Mikayla. She turn's 2 next week. I've put her in pull up's and try to take her to the bathroom every hour, but she won't go in the...

Started by Misty on 09/08/2009 in Potty Training

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Abigails potty training....

trying to potty train abby,coz buying diapers every week is so expensive. so any hints on how to go about it?

Started by Asenaca on 09/28/2009 in April 2007 Babies

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my son is 3 and still has naps but bedtime is staring to b a nightmare as he wont fall asleep untll about 10 ish! his nap is from 1 till bout 3 as he is up from about half 7 in...

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My husband and I are having a hard time getting pregnant this time around. I finally called the my OBGYN today and I have a appointment to see her on Thursday and maybe she can...

Started by Sarah on 10/05/2009 in Getting Pregnant

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Need help to get 12 month old to sleep

My son will be one at the end of this month and still won't sleep through the night. It feels like he is either teething or sick so it's hard to get him to sleep. I'm also...

Started by Marla on 10/14/2009 in Moms In School

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Exhausted....just need to vent.

I am finally in my last year of University, completing my bachelor of Arts (Psyc) and Bachelor of Education degrees concurrently. I have had 2 children during my university...

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im sooo frustrated

i want to have another baby so bad, but my husband doesnt. Not just for money reasons, but because hes totally afraid of haveing complications again, haveing to take care of me...

Started by Molly on 10/25/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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"terrible" twos....

My daycare provider just informed me that my son is starting to ignore her when she tells him to do things or not to do things. He has started throwing these fits where he...

Started by Tiffany on 11/20/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Sleep Schedule Out of Wack

My son is 7 months (I'm a new mom) and he goes to bed way to late (usually between 10:30-midnight) and is up for good between 10-11 am. He wakes up for formula about 2x a night...

Started by Laura on 11/27/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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