the urge to pee

My three year old has been crying telling me she has to pee but it won't come out. After peeing like three times she still says she has to go. She has been checked for bladder...

Started by Stacy on 04/26/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Wont sleep in own bed!!!

We (as in me and my partner) can put our 14month old to bed at night, but he will always wake up wanting to get in our bed. If we try to leave him in his own he cries so hard he...

Started by Tegan on 04/29/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Still on Puree foods??

My son was a fussy eater as an infant. However at 12months he started eating 3 pureed meals a day. At times has a pureed fruit granole as evening snack. He is breastfed and does...


Want to finally stop Breastfeeding.

I have nursed my daughter for 17 months and I really want to stop, BUT I have a hard time telling her no. She really loves to nurse. How do I stop? Distraction only works for...


Potty Mouth!

My son is 2 and a half and has picked up some really bad words while with his daddy and his friends when I'm at work. I have talked to his daddy about whatching what he says in...

Started by Amanda on 05/29/2009 in Moms Under 30

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My 3 yr old doesnt sleep ...

I have a 3 yr old that just doesnt sleep... well she does just on a strange schedule. She will stay up as late as I allow her too, usually means bed time is at 8pm . And this...

Started by Jessica on 06/12/2009 in Children Of 2006

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Reassure me about Tandem nursing...or not?

Tell me it's possible to tandem nurse. Share your stories, good and bad, please. My daughter is 7 months old and I would love to do CLW (child led weaning) past two years. But...

Started by Guggie on 06/13/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Travel Tips

I may be insane, but we're going to take my son, who will be 17 months old at the time, on a road trip from Pennsylvania to North Carolina for vacation. I NEED TRAVEL TIPS!...

Started by Desiree on 06/25/2009 in Toddlers

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My daughter Hannah is 3 yrs old she wont sleep in her own room in her bed! she sleeps on the floor in my and my husbands room! WHat do we do?

Started by Ashley on 07/06/2009 in Children Of 2006

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I need activities

I have a 2 8/12 year old and a 1 4/12 year old. My 2 year old still puts everything else in his mouth and my 1 year old still isnt sure about some things but as a younger...

Started by Traci on 07/13/2009 in Toddlers

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bad habits

Any suggestions for a 14 month old who thinks that bitting and hitting are funny. We have tried telling him "No", redirecting, not reacting (which is pretty tough when those...

Started by Holly on 07/15/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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Thicker poo - and it smells

I just love talking about baby poo! Never thought I'd ever do this. Anyway, my little guy is fifteen weeks and all of a sudden had stinky poo the other day, and it was also...

Started by Jessica on 07/20/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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Scared of post-partum depression

I had really bad post-partum depression with my last child. It actually started about 6 weeks after he was born. I would cry over anything! Even dropping the soap in the...