Potty training my 18 mth old daughter??

My daughter is 18 mths old and I am going to start potty training her this week. She is already in a toddler bed and has been since she was about 14/15 months. Her...

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WOW our kids r almost 3

i cant belive how fast the time has gone. 3yrs already where did it go. i also have 3 week old and it dont seem like it had been that long. y do they have to grow up so fast.


Iron Supplements??

I recently took my daughter for her 1 yr. check up. Although she is healthy, 19lb and 27", the doctor suggested that I start giving her an iron supplement, in the form of drops....

Started by Kari on 04/19/2011 in March 2010 Babies

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napping issues.

So my 16 month old has always been an amazing sleeper, but lately nap time has become "sleep for 15 minutes then play in the crib time" and its making for a very irritable...


physical therapy for young moms

i am 23 years old(24 come july 13) and i was just told by my doctor that i have what is called Lumbago and i need physical therapy for my back. i have 3 boys ages 5 1/2; 3 and...

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Danger Disipline.

Make a Lasting Impression Your toddler reaches for the handle of the soup pan on the stove. Instead of shouting "no," try "stop!" As soon as baby stops in her tracks, issue a...


help on trying the potty again

how can i get my 3 1/2 toddler to start the potty again grandma has scared her to death with the spiders and now she wont go back help any one thank you

Started by Angela on 10/30/2011 in May 2008 Babies

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potty training

My 18 month old son has started his potty training. My question is can I use his current cloth diapers to potty train or do I need to buy training pants?


night time peg feeding help

my son is peg fed 24 hrs a day. in the day time he wears a bag on his back with his pump and milk in it. but my problem is at night he has been sleeping in a pram so he is safe...


16 month old with toe nail fungus

My 16 month old daughter has developed toe nail fungus on three of her toes. What kinds of treatment works best on a toddler? I have read some things but is says to soak your...


How to get a 15 month old to sleep alone?

Hi my son is almost 15 months old and will not sleep unless I or my husband lay with him! It takes forever too! He naps fine, and I even tried moving his nap ealier hoping he...

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Looking for a playgroup for my 17 month old son. I'm 30 and new to the area. We're in the Wentzville and are hoping to meet others to get together with. Any suggestions on...