Sensitive to loud noise...

My 9 month old freaks out when I run the blow dryer or the blender. I am not sure if it is a frequency thing or what. Maybe he has a problem with his hearing? Or he is just...


Hi everyone!

Thanks for inviting me. Isn't hard to believe that is has almost been year since we first met our little ones? Time flew by and I can't believe how much my daughter can do now....



Hello everyone my name is Kate I have two little boys a 21 month old and a 3 week old. My three week old is a real challange. Chase has acid reflux and projectile vomits all the...

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Refridgerator raider

My sweet little innocent ::cough:: toddler has learned to get into the refridgerator and graze on things as she pleases. She's wasted a lot of half eaten, or just smeared...

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hello, My name is Violeta (mom of two beautiful babies) Antonio 4, Yailette 1......planning to take my children to california this december, kinda worry due to the fact that my...

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my sons eating habits have changed drastically

Hi my son is 10 months old now and i was feeding him on my own cooked meals that i pureed but over the last week hes gone right off eating ive tried everything. ive now trying...

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Hi everyone! I'm so glad a group in the twin cities was formed...hopefully we recruit more members. I have a 14 month old daughter who is full of energy and very adventurous....


Terrified of the big bathtub

My son has been standing up a lot in his infant/toddler bathtub recently (even made the tub tip forward the other day), so I decided it was time to try taking a bath in the big...


no dairy until 1 yr, a myth?

While there is NO great magic in Yogurt or Cheese, the most common reasons for yogurt and cheese being ok for baby prior to age 1 year old are: * Unlike Whole Cow...



How do you get your toddler to refrain from throwing things like wooden blocks. He thinks its funny when we tell him no. It seems that he even does it so we will say no to...

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Hi! I'm a new member!

Hello- I'm Krissi. I'm a mom of 3- 2 daughters who are 15 and 10 and a son who is 20 months. It definitely has been challenging starting over, but I'm so blessed! I work...

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How do I teach my 15-month-old to stop hitting, pinching, and biting? She especially likes to hit people in the face.

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Kidney disease and transplant

Hi. 4 Years ago me and my husband had a boy with a kidney disease called policystic kidneys, he died when he was 7 weeks old. We had a healthy boy a year later. In July of...


Art projects

I was just looking for some ideas for art projects to do with my daughter. I would love any ideas. Thank you.



My son is turning one next week. Should I stop giving him formula?



hi i was just woundering if any mothers or father here have witnessed their child having a fit brought on by a concussion. my sonlast night was playing with his 7 yr old uncle...

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Does anyone know when children begin having nightmares?