new to warner robins!!

im new to warner robins! im a stay at home mom! i have a daughter who is 19 months old! we love going out shopin and to parks...but is there anything toddler friendly inn warner...

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what would you do if...

your baby daddy started being verbally abusive towards you and your toddler?

Started by Cleaver on 09/08/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Can these be sleep terrors?

My 23month old is speech delayed he is starting to have behavioral problems he begins crying if you look at him say anything to him helm have a full out tantrum. For the past...

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schedule breastfeeding and pumping

My baby is turning four months on Saturday. Just finally got a hand pump. Needing help on getting a solid schedule of feeding and pumping. I work part time where I watch a...

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how do i teach my baby sitter to play with my one year old toddler so the baby does not become dull?


How do you treat ant bites?

My toddler was playing outside and gotten bit by red ants on her ankle and her chest and I need to know if you have any tips for treating the bites.


moms who bully other moms

what do I do if in a situation where another mom (who I know) has told a bunch of other moms in the community rumours about me (other moms who I don't know at all) ? has anybody...


scared out of my mind!

I thought my toddler was doing great developmentally and i was so proud of him! He goes to daycare 3 times a week and i just happened to ask the teacher about him. Boy oh boy i...


what is wrong with my boy

My 10 year old has always got up to mischief from being a toddler, he was a good baby never cried much, he used to be ok with me washin g his hair and then all of a sudden he...


Anyone in the Sykesville/Eldersburg area?

Hi everyone, I've been in Maryland for just over a year and could really use some friends. Play-dates for the kids would be great, but I'm also trying to find friends for myself...

Started by Michelle on 02/08/2014 in Maryland Moms

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My 2 year old is refusing to drink milk I have tried adding mixes to sweeten I know not the best idea but not even that way will she drink all she wants to drink is powerade/...