Another Baby

Hii guys ! my name is Kimberly and i have a a 10 month old girl. i'm only 20 years old, but i do go to school and my fiance goes to school and works. Lately i've been yearning...

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Church Nursery Issues

So I had to switch daycare centers due to some things that were going on that I didn't like. My son is 3 months old. Well, now I keep having issues in the nursery at church...


Baby Aspirin

My parents have said I should give my 11mo old a low dose baby aspirin, St John's orange flavored, I think it's 81mg. I have a 28 month old toddler teething her 2-yr molars...


2-year old says she doesn't want a birthday party

My little girl is turning 3-years old in about 4 weeks, so I'm trying to plan her birthday party by the end of this week so I won't be stressing at the last minute. I've...

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17months not eating well And 10kilos?

my son is 17months old and he is weighing 10kilo.he is not a fun of eating well but he drinks alot could someone advice me on what to do for him to eat well he just like finger...

Started by Sarah on 11/13/2011 in June 2010 Mommas!

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2 yearold playing with poo

hi beautiful ladies im a mother to a two year old boy, we started potty training in septmber.before we tried to get him to use the potty but he hated it and threw tantrums. at...

Started by Ms.Khulu on 12/10/2011 in Toddler Moms

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How do I handle an undermining Grandpa?

My husband and I are in the process of moving to a new state, and while we are on the house hunt, I have been staying with his parents while he is training in Indiana. My...

Started by Brittany on 12/12/2011 in Toddler Moms

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SAHM: feeling incomplete being at home???

ok so i am 26 with 3 young children...5,2, 11 months... I thought i was finally ok with being a stay at home mom(SAHM) but now i feel so incomplete and not in control of my own...


Letting it all out!!!

A mama's laundry is never done!!!! Do you ever feel like what you want to wear is always dirty even though you do laundry every day? I can do at max 2 loads a day as we have no...


Third Pregnancy Due in May

I am Pregnant for the third time now due in May and I get told by sister in law that being 27 almost 28 that it is totally normal to feel like getting out of bed is a chore...


Harnesses/Leashes for children

The first time I saw a harness (and by harness I mean a back pack with a rope attached to it and dangling in which the mom would hold or tie around her wrist) I was shocked. I...

Started by **Jackie** on 02/21/2012 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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What is everyones bedtime routine?

Since my daughter was a newborn (now is 18 months) she has slept with myself and my husband. When we moved into this double house about a year ago she wouldn't sleep in her crib...


What to do? So frustrated! ADHD/ODD

I live with my fiancé along with my toddler daughter and his 3 children ages 8 ( twins) and 12. The 12 year old has serious emotional issues stemming from his past. (bio mom...