Resentment towards a friend who is a SHM

I am not sure if this is the right circle to put my question in or not. Anyway, the subject line pretty much explains it all. I will briefly try to explain my friends story. She...

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I am at my wits end. Hopefully I can get some insight here, please help. My DD is three, she has been potty trained since she was 15 months old. Within the last year or so she...


Overweight Breastfed 15 mo old

My daughter is 15 months old. She currently weighs 28lbs, and is almost 32 inches. I like to think its beause her dads side of the family is all 6ft+ but my Pediatrician is...


Anyone else feeling isolated and frustrated?

I feel bad for the way i'm feeling. Don't get me wrong, i love my son. Hes two and while i know this is a difficult time period, i am overwhelmingly frustrated to the point of...

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Travel tips for 6-month-old

In December, my husband and I will be flying to New York City and Tennessee with our daughter (six-months old when we travel) (and my parents and older sister). This will be the...


hyperness in the waitingroom

Tonight I had to take my son to the after hours clinic to see the doctor because I thought he had pink eye. While we were waiting, I was reading and of course watching him...


daughter with aspergers

???? anyone else have a daughter with aspergers?? It just always seems to be boys and schools are so used to dealing with boys they arent really aware how to deal with...


Help! My 3 yr old seems to always be hungry.

My daughter seems to think that she constantly has to be eating and I'm really worried about her becoming over weight. As of right now she isn't at all over weight but being...

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Trouble bonding with preemie(s)

My son was only 5wks2dys early (seems so nominal compared to other stories I've been reading), but he was born in the midst of transition in our family. We had just completed an...


Homework and dishonesty

I am very frustrated. My son is 13 and generally very well behaved. He has excellent manners, does his chores and is very responsible. His teachers all praise his attitude in...

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