Custody and rights question?

Ok well I had a newborn 7 days ago. I already have an 18month old daughter. About 2 weeks ago I had a huge fight with their father infront of my toddler. Which is bad. I didnt...

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Is my 1 year old weaning too fast??

My youndest dd was a year on the 17th and I have been letting her self wean even while working full time as I work at the daycare where my two girls attend. From starting back...

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Why it realy hurts? Suggest me wjat i should do?

I got seperated with my husban 3 months ago and it was my decision. I have 18months old daughter. I took this decision because he used to abuse me and hit me many times. he used...

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Looking for recipes

Hey everyone! Looking for your expertise :) My younger son (13 months) is a very picky eater - Not the kind that takes a bite and then spits it out, but the kind that won't...

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I'm pregnant again!!

We are having another baby and are beyond excited! Is anyone else having a second yet? Already have one? How should I go about telling my 1 year old about the new addition? How...


Older sibling jealousy

Is this the 2nd child for anyone else here? My little boy was born 19th of May, his older sister was born September 2009 which makes her three next month. Though she loves her...


Saving and spending

Where are some places that you ladies save all you can, so that you can spend that little bit extra somewhere else? For me, we cut back out gas expenditures. With one car, we...

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My Sons Father Is s Liar

Am I wrong bc I refuse to let my sons dad take him anywhere by himself/ without me? He has lied to me countless times over little and big things and I trust him about as far as...

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Over reacting or reason for concern?

My daughter is 19 months old and tonight I noticed her hand was swollen and all of her knuckles were purple. I called the peds office and he said that if her hand still looks...


Two year old won't sleep through the night

I have a 2 year old step daughter and she spends the majority of her time with her mom (not for lack of trying but because the mediator was following the "guidelines"). We have...

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