I feel so ALONE.

My 14 year old son has had behavior problems since he was a toddler. Ive done everything i know how. Therapy. Medicine. Mentors. Prayer. Church. Tutors. My son just doesn't want...

Started by Katen on 09/04/2016 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Feel like a bad mom...

Lately I've felt like a terrible mom/wife. For the last 2 years I went to school (and worked part time also for a year). I am now trying to build my photography career, and been...

Started by Sarah on 07/05/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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How to handle biting

Yikes! When your sweet-faced toddler starts chomping on your arm (or her brother’s) it’s natural to feel alarmed. After all, while biting is a normal developmental phase,...

Started by Katherine on 05/19/2011 in March 2009 Babies

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My daughter Ireland has been eating on her own now for about 2-3 months. How do I get her to eat more food with out throwing it around the room or playing in it?



How in the world to you get a 2 year old to listen?? Sometimes it feels like she's totally ignoring us.

Started by Shelley on 11/12/2008 in Toddlers

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refusing daddy?

Anyone have issues of your toddler only wanting you and not wanting daddy at all despite his many attempts to love on him? We do have a new baby in the house, so this could be...

Started by Lindsey on 11/18/2008 in Toddlers

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Who has the time?

I enjoy scrapbooking, but rarely have found any time over the past year since my son was born to fit it into my schedule. How do you find time to scrapbook? I don't have any...

Started by Catherine on 12/01/2008 in Scrapbooking Moms

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When to Start Potty Training.

Hi I have a 23 month old girl and would like to ask the questions as when is it best to start potty training? She knows what pee and boo are but I'm not sure if she knows she...

Started by Julia on 12/10/2008 in Potty Training

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New Here

Hi. I'm Lynn. My foster daughter has FAE, diagnosed by her neurologist a few months ago - she's eleven months old. She was placed with my family at three days old. We knew her...


any tips?

I am returning to work full time on jan 2, I will be working shift work 2 10 hour days and 2 14 hour nights 4 on 4 off rotation. My husband also works shifts and we have a home...

Started by Candace on 12/19/2008 in Working Moms

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Toilet training

We have 3 toddlers, 19 mos, 21 mos, 21 mos. How do you start toilet training with them? They keep trying to beat each other with the potty chair!


Expectant Mum with Baby

Hello to all the expectant Mothers... hope you are all well and have had a super Xmas !! I am new to this site and I am in need of a little venting. I am 12 weeks pregnant...