Hello guys

My name is Ashley and I am a mommy to a one year old babygirl. I am new to this application but I do have a question. My daughter has been throwing really bad tempertantrums...



Rebecca will be 6 mths old on friday...i went upstairs to ck on her during her nap and she was on her stomach. Do I need to worry..i kinda fo freaked out and turned her over. I...


krissy 19 months

She refuses to play alone, she has every toy in the world and her room is like disney land, but she prefers to be right under mommy. It makes me feel like im not giving her...

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House rules for toddlers

Hi all I wondered if anyone could help me,it seems i'm constantly telling my son off for doing things that i think are wrong, What i am wanting to do though is have a list of...

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Curbing biting

What methods have you used to help your toddler understand biting is not ok? Please do not post for me to bite her back because I don't use corporal punishment. I have tried...

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2 and a tassy (pacifier)

My 2 year old will not let his "tassy" go no matter what. We've tried giving him a cup, teddy bear, favorite toy, we've even tried putting hot sauce on it lol but that didn't...

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How to get your child motivated

What ideas do you have for getting your children moving? Mine is slow at everything! He can do anything just fine it just takes him forever. When he's on the way to the...

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Toilet training - Holding on!!

Hi, my daughter is 2 and a half and has been wearing undies for neraly a month. For the last few weeks she has been holding on and refusing to wee anywhere but home. I have...

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play date

I have a 6 month old baby. we live in San diego, CA in mission valley. we are a military family and with no family and limited friends. I am looking for someone close by to have...

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Moving soon...transition help

My husband and I will be moving from an apartment into a house in the next few months. We are super excited! Really looking forward to having a yard for DD to run around and...

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Elf on the Shelf

How many have started the Elf on the Shelf tradition? We got on board this year and it had it's pros and cons. My daughter was terrified of the elf at first and couldn't sleep...

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I babysit 3 children weekly in my home for $120 a week. Sometimes less if i don't have them or only have one or two. Two of the children are school age and one stays with me...


Moving with 21 month old?

I'm a young mom my son and I been living with my mother since he was born. I recently got approved for my own apartment! It's further away from his daycare, so he's starting a...

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