My 3 year old son cries over EVERYTHING!

My 3 year old son Nicholas literally cries over everything. I have no idea how to make him stop. If he wants something that he knows very well that he can't have, and I tell him...

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Anyone else have a baby who doesn't walk yet? My little girl was born August 24. She's our third child. My older two were walking way before now. I don't remember having to work...

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Holiday traditions....share yours

Do you have any special Holiday Traditions that you do with your triplets? Do you buy three of everything, or individual gifts for each child, or some combination?

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Just Gone back to work

Just gone back to work and its not half as bad as I thought it'd be - quite enjoying it actually........ does that make me a bad person?

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What an experience

Isn't it amazing how much different it is to have a 2 year old and be pregnant than it was with no children and being pregnant. Some parts of it are definetly more fun with the...



Dear everyone.... nice to be here with you. I need some advice or suggestions... My boy was born on 30 Jan 08. He is 9 months now. Is it normal that he still cannot sit by...


tantrums already??

my daughter is almost 6 months, and has been crawling for almost a month, so you can count on her getting into everything. but, when i take things away from her that she cant...

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ARGGGGGGG!! 2 yr old trying my patience

My son is something else!! hahaha...............the terrible 2's are so here for us. The "no" and him just being so defiant and waking his 4 mo. old brother all the...

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Daycare providers

Hello. I am due to go back to work in September and have started looking for daycare. My husband and I have kind of set our hearts on a home daycare so that our son has a more...

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My 3 yr old does not sleep.

I've tried everything, no juice or sugar after 7:00pm, reading to him, TV, no TV, laying down with him, lights out/door closed. Nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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i'm concern about my 16months old daughter,whenever she get upsets she hits herself in the face, how should i get her to stop