Problems with 8 year old who steals

Sorry this is so long! We are a family of four. We have an 8 year old and 2 year old both girls. While our two year old is thriving our eight year old seems to try and find...


Worried about being a bad mother

Recently, I really feel guilty for being a bad mother. My daughter is almost 22 mo. She says "no" to everything, doesn't let me brush her teeth, insists on breastfeeding (and...

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Help!! Clingy 4 month old

Im new to this, but I really need some advice. What can I do to ease the clingy-ness of my baby girl? For the past four months the only person that can hold her for longer than...


parenting advise needed?

where do I begin with my motherhood struggles. My 2 year old daughter is driving me absolutely crazy! First of all, she's so hyper, I can't even begin to describe it. She has an...


Crying Child

I'm about to pull ALL my hair out! My 19 month old cries ALL the time....If she wants something, if she's hungry, if she wants a toy. She never asks or points it out..she just...


Just got done crying

I am a mother of a former 12 week preemie. My son spent 3 months in the hospital in the beginning only to return 19 days later for a stay because he was septic due to late...

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Career Mom Turned Stay At Home Mom

Previously I was a career mommy dedicated to my job which often meant long hours and bringing work home. During this time I did not get to spend nearly as much time as I wanted...


Venting....Random subjects

I just need to get some minor things off my chest and I'm positive others here will get a laugh or sympathize. Feel free to add your own. 1. I'm sick of huge baby stuff taking...

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my daughter wont sllep in her crib

my daughter has been sleeping in the bed with me or my husband for the past 6 months we had to bring another queen into our room so she wouldnt fall off. my husband sleeps on...

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Baby proofing... the constant job.

My daughter is 7 months Week 3. Since day one I knew she was determined to do whatever she wanted. If you swaddled her she'd wiggle away till her arms were free. Day 2 of her...


Behavior issues

ok I have a 3, almost 4 yr old girl. She is in pre-school/daycare and for the the last couple months she has been acting bad at school, pulling her pants down, hitting the...


Skills of your 1 year old?

Lacota was born 9-10-09. He says words like mama, dada, go, night, light, byebye, hi, uhhuh,unuh, huh, up, done, juice, yea, sticker, nose, that, duh, did, it, I, Bubba (his...


At My witts ends...help???

my daughter is 22.5 months be two may 3rd,and i cant get her to stop throwing everything an hitting.today was the worst when we were on the bus she took her cup an chucked it an...

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Help! Need to switch to toddler bed

My son is 20 months old and has always slept with me. I am 6 months pregnant, due on his 2nd birthday! I feel that I need to get him sleeping in his own toddler bed asap so I...