Any asthma aware mummies?

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has good advice on asthma treatments for 2.5 year-olds (other than prescribed inhalers that is). We just got in from a long night in hospital...


Is it possible?

I am 23 weeks pregnant, and I'm due Sep 22, my son will be turning 2 on Sep 28. Is it possible to have him potty trained by the time the new baby comes? I know he's kind of...

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only 30 weeks and already uncomfortable!?

With my son I never had back pain or stomach cramps and I didnt get swollen ankles until the day before I gave birth. Now I'm only 30 weeks pregnant with my daughter and my...

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Calling babies "sexy"

Does anyone else find it disturbing or a bit WRONG. My mother in law has called my daughter sexy quite a few times. She is very old fashion so I simply say "Silly grandma I am a...



I have a son with autism. His therpist wants me to take him to a dietitian. She believes changing his diet might help his temper tantrums he is having. Has anyone had any...


Why is it always about the birth mom

Why is it that whatever the birth mom wants she gets? Will she ever just get out of my life and leave us alone? She has to know everything that happens when the kids are with...


Should i have another child?????

I really want another baby, well i feel like i do I'am a mam of a boy aged 10, everyone keeps saying i should have had another one by now but its the money, going back to work...


Bad attituded

My daughter is 8 yrs. old and has the biggest attitude ever! I have tried grounding her, taking away her favorite things, and not letting her see her friends. Nothing is working...


on my own

I am on my own with 2 childrean eldest has aspergers has anybody got any tips 4 me 2 cope with both of them when he in what i call a black day


Help!! My 2 year old would rather drink milk!!!

My 2 and a half year old Joey would rather drink milk from his cup then to eat. I am able to get him to eat a few bites but thats it. Too much milk can make you constipated and...

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my son will not get along with his dad

ok well my son and my his father do not get along hardly at all , my son runs from him and cries when his daddy gets near him, his father is the more dominant one when it comes...

Started by Brittany on 02/07/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Pediatrician vs General Practioner

I was just wondering why mama's chose what they did. We use my Husband's childhood General Practioner. Zackary loves him and we're all comfortable with him and can all see...