military discount

A little background on me first, my husband is air national guard full time which means it is his 5 day [sometimes 7 day] a week job. He is not classified active duty even...



I am nearing the end of a divorce. My husband is currently in jail. I moved into an apartment and out of the only home my sons have ever know on November 20th. I started a...

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How have you found CSA?

I've not had a good time with the CSA, I've given them information and they've not used it and then said they cannot help me so I've spent alot of time correcting them. Has...



My son is 7 and is generally a mild mannered child, but when it comes to playdayes he is a spaz! He gets so excited and plays very loud and silly (more than is appropriate)....


any advice on finding a pediatrician?

i've googled myself blue in the face, but can't seem to find any way of finding a pediatrician that won't give me hell for not vaccinating my kids. how did you choose a...

Started by Jessica on 03/09/2009 in UnVaccinated Kids

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I am trying to put together an Easter basket for my one year old and I don't know what to put in it. I have plastic eggs and edible Easter grass. I was thinking of putting...

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five year old BABY!

i am going crazy i have three boy 3,4,and5 years old the oldest one is driving me insane when they do something wrong like hit they have to stand on the wall well the other two...


Kicking the blankets off at night

Its coming up to the winter months so its starting to get cold at night. No matter how many times i pull the blankets over my little one at night - i check up on him before i go...


Clomid- Wish me well ;-)

Hi all... Well, i did 2 cycles of clomid a few months ago... but gave my body a break when my metformin dosage was increased... Started the clomid again today(100mg) - soooo...

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table foods

My son doesn't like textured foods the only things he will eat are baby food, puffed corn and thats it. Any suggestions on how to get him to at least try it and get used to more...

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Potty training and the weekend

My son just turn three. He's been in training about 6 months. When he's home, there is no problem getting him the potty. He goes over to his dad's house on fridays and comes...