teenage boys

I recently got married and my son finds it difficult to move on without my mother (who also recently moved out). He is always moody and it seems he is rejecting me. What can I...

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Am I really alone while being pregnant?

Ok so I have to ask because I dont know if how I am feeling is normal. Im 25 almost 26, expecting my second child, my husbands 3rd, and right now I feel alone. And let me just...

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I need advice.

I have a 5years son with my previously marriage. My fiancé and I have 1 yr old daughter together, however my fiancé and son doesn't get along. My fiancé would complained and...

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16 year old, how do I get through this?

My precious angel decided this evening that she would like to move with her dad because she doesnt like rules. She has been with me, a single mom, her whole life and her dad has...

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I just have to say that even with the newly phrased overview of the Breastfeeding group, it seems that not all that much progress has been made after all. I've seen two posts...


Bad friends & brothers

One of the other ladies posted a conversation on bad friends & I knew my neighbors kids weren't the best but my 5yr old son came in today to tell me that his brother who is 7 &...

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loss of rank in friendship?

Hi everyone I really need some friendship based advise. To make it very short, I was in very tightly with a group of three other ladies and we did everything together for...

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I need some advice

I have three boys and my two oldest are from a previous relationship. We don't have anywhere near an amicable relationship but it's getting to the point where I don't want my...

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My daughter is almost 20 months old. She is very bossy. She throws things when she gets mad. When playing with her brother and neighbor girl she takes toys from them and yells...


Are we poisoning our children?

Hi Moms! Did you know that your cosmetics, bath and body, cleaning and baby products contain dangerous toxins and chemicals that are extremely harmful and even deadly? Read the...

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Dealing with the Mother

I need some advice. My boyfriend and i have been together almost 8 years. And i have been in his son's life since he was about 5 and he's almost 10 now. The reason why i've...