Drama with my daughter need advice

This actually has nothing to do with my twins but I was hoping you all have some advice. So, my daughter is 9 years old and a little high spirited. I would not say she is a...

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I live in a small town and the word bully is all over the place. They are haveing classes at school about it tv shows books. I mean really its all over the place. I have 3 kids...


mommies on modified bed rest - how are feeling?

I have been on modified bed rest since the past 4 weeks due to early contractions - i.e. couch/ bed rest with walks limited to dinner table and bio breaks. I just started my 3rd...

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I have twin 12 year old boys. They seem to always get in trouble in school. Now they just got suspended. I am running out of ideas of punishment. One seems not to care. I tried...


So confusing

I am at so stressed. I have twin boys that are 6 years old. One of them is ADHD and he is just a hyper little boy and is on a medicine for it and it works great. His twin...


A Little About Me

hello(: My name is Laree, Im currently in highschool and 6 months pregant with a beautiful baby girl that i cant wait to meet. I joined this coummuntiy beacuse i thought that...


how to deal with stress

I'm a single mother nd I have 17 month old twins and sme days I cn gt through the days without being stress out r depress. but between gtting off of wrking nd hving to run...



For some reason I read the instructions on the formula wrong! I did 1 scoop for every oz of water :-( is that bad?? Help! I'm so embarrassed...

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taken off a plane for appearance

Shoshana Hebshi, Airline Passenger, Says She Was Strip-Searched Over Her 'Appearance' This photo supplied by Shoshana Hebshi was taken Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011. By JEFF...

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I need help!

I am a single mother of two amazing children an I'm just not making enough to care for us! It's hard for me to get a second job due to lack of child care. I am tired so very...


Am I alone in this?

My son is over a year old and he is still not home from the hospital since his birth. It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to go to the hospital and I am feeling so much...



I am enjoying reading all of the conversations with a heavy heart. Tears fill my eyes and make it hard to type. I'm sure there are many out there who would not understand this...