10 year old picky eaters!

I have 10 year old twin boys. Since preschool, they have been very picky eaters. I have not pushed the issue and I know that is backfiring on my now. They have peanut butter...


Do sperm donors have rights?

The Kansas Supreme Court is about to decide an interesting case involving the parental rights of sperm donors. Here are the basic facts of the case: 1.Single woman is...



I have twin boys who just turned 22 months. One has been on this throwing spree for weeks now. He is constantly throwing EVERYTHING! From books to crayons to dog toys,...

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Is it wrong to....?

My son's crib has been deemed unsafe by my Hubby and myself. Rather then buying a new crib for only a few months we thought about giving him my 4 year olds bed. And then...

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ob/gyn, hospitals etc

Hi. I'm pregnant and as i've just moved to Toronto I have no idea how the whole pregnancy appts etc work here. Any help would be most appreciated!


HELP!! introducing the bottle...

hi ladies! i have 2 boys, 22 months and 5 months. i bf my big guy for 4 months and had so many issues that i stopped. he always took both breast and bottle right from the...


Too big for boobies?!

My son will turn 3 in April. He still wants boobie before his nap during the day and he wakes up twice, sometimes even three times during the night and wants it again to settle...


Rant need some advice

Hi. Currently my husband and I have a set of b/g twins that will be three in June and were surprised ( was on the pill when we conceived) when we found out about our youngest....

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Just found out I am pregnant again...

I have an 18 month old son named Ryder born 7/25/09 and I just found out I am about 2-3 months pregnant again...Anyone with good advice about what to expect, good space savers...

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Nursing baby to sleep?

Hi ladies, first of all I wanted to say how grateful I am for community like this. It is great to know I am not alone in this! I guess I'm just looking for reassurance,...


Am I in the wrong?

Im a mom of twin boys age 10 month, we live with the IN LAWS Because of alot of reason... thats beside the fact. They have an 8yr old matt. Here is the problem: Let me just say...

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bad dreams

Ok, so my husband and I were sitting at dinner and he told me he didn't really want to talk about it, but he needed to. He told me he had a dream about one of our daughters (we...

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Baby climbing out of crib?!

Alright so my 15 month old son climbed out of his crib the other day. Of course, he's not coordinated enough to know that he should swing his feet over the edge, so he went head...