Birth Stories

I find that the best thing about giving birth is the story of the birth itself! I'm interested in learning what lead to you choosing to give birth at home and what your...

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself-I am a mom of a 4 yr. old named Gary and 15 month old twins-Logan and Jessica. I know I should be sleeping now but enjoying the...

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New to group

Hi there! My name is Naomi and I am a birth doula and aspiring midwife. My first was born at home but I gave birth to my second was born at home, and there was a world of...



hi, i'm Jess. This is the first mom's community i have joined. a little about myself i guess. i am 22 years old and live in Minnesota. I have two beautiful little girls named...

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New as well!

I'm a SAHM to 4 boys, aged 8, 4 , and 3 yr old twins. Life gets pretty hectic sometimes and we're looking in to starting to homeschool. Does anyone else homeschool?


mother of 3

hi i am also older mum i am 52 and got boy of 12 nearly thirteen twin girls of ten it is hard work with them all fighting

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motherhood tried tested love's every minute

im 42 years old a mother of 4 children my oldist is a girl 21 in a few days .. next is a boy 18 in two weeks and then twin girls age 8 . and if i could have them all all...

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Hi everyone! I am new to this community (on Facebook). I live in Burlington County and am a new mother to a three month old. I am currently staying at home after working at a...

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Hi Everyone

My name is Janene, I have 2 little girls under 4. I work full time and the girls go to daycare. I would love to chat to some mums in the same situation living in my area. We...


Being a mum of teenagers

I'm 46 and I have 6 children, 5 of which are living at home. What frustrates me the most is their constant arguing and their complete unwillingness to compromise with each other.

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Im only 29!!

Im only 29 yet av 3 amazing kids... 12,8 n 6!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Last yr or so its got soooooooooo much harder xxxxxxxxxx

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About me

My Name is Tracy, and I am expecting my second baby in March, I have a girl who is 3 years old and fills my life with joy and happiness, we are very excited because we are being...

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Hello Ladies, My name is Antonella and I have 3 beautiful children, Lauryn who is 5 and b/g twins Sarah and Cameron who will be 2 in May. I can't wait to get to know more of...

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Just never leave the house!

I guess my best money saving tip is to have twins. Since then I hardly ever leave the house! So if I keep online spending to a minimum, that saves lots of money ;o)

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hi, thanks for the invite. i have a 23 yr old and 3 step children, well almost step children. i love them all. i just love motherhood.

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my little man is 17 months old and I am expecting another little one in June 2009. I love my little man so much. I hope that he does okay with a new sibling.

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