I'm soooo glad I found you

Hello Everyone, I am a mother of a 15 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and a 21 month old baby girl. I have been trying to find people to talk to, since I've had my baby it...


keeping fit!

iv got 3 children and have not lost my baby fat it is making me feel depressed as i cnt seem to lose it,any ideas any1 ?


being rejected

How do you handle being rejected by your grown kids?

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Im over 40 and the mother of four

I don't have newies anymore..but have 2 grand children and 2 more on the way. From 3 of my four children. My youngest is nearly 16 now, but have a 27 yr old, 24yr old and a 20yr...

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My name is Valerie and I have 4 boys. Their ages are 23,25,26 and 28. Phew....dont know how I did it but I did! I'm surprised I'm still sane. Been taking care of them the last...

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aint it a shame when they all grow up. i love that my kids are confident and independent but i do miss their company at the weekends when they're all out with friends

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I hope there are others!

Hi! I will tell an abridged version of my story to start and hope that others follow! I have gone through 2 husbands and 14 years of infertility. Two failed adoptions,...


Where do we go from here????

Ok long story short DH's two youngest kids hate us. They have sent us really nasty messages telling us so. One from the eldest one says that she wishes DH and I would dissapear...

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My 6 year old twin girls are very very friendly. they say hi to everyone that they come across and even sometimes get into conversations with people. I love that they are not...


BM getting on my last nerve!!!!!!!!

I am 26 years old. i have twin daughters who are mine. and my boyfriend who i have been with for 6 years has two children with his ex girlfriend, a b/g who are 9 and 10 years...

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Hi everyone, Just wanted to solicit some advice on slepp for my 7 month old. She has NEVER been a good sleeper, and of course I have never attempted cry-it-out. I have...



My youngest twin, Cameron, was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I had him evaluated a couple of months ago and he will be starting his therapy (speech, occupational, special...