Preemie vision

I have twins (boy & girl) who were born at 26 weeks. My son, Austen, was 2 lbs 2 oz and my daughter, Emilee, was 1 lb 12.5 oz. Emilee, though smaller, is doing very well she...

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I am a mother to a 13yr old girl, oh the joys of having a teenager!!!!

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Feeding Schedule Dilemma...

I have almost 5 month old twins (boy/girl). Their feeding schedule has been every three(ish) hours- 7:30, 10:30, 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 10:30. On that schedule, my daughter would...


Breastfeeding Preemies

I am just wondering about your experiences breastfeeding your preterm infants. My twins were born at 26 weeks; they are 33 weeks now and still in the NICU. we started nippling...

Started by Jessica on 04/17/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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I'm mom of kid 3 years old. I dont know how to cook. I want to know much from here


Comparing double jogging strollers...any advice?

Hi, ladies, I currently have a "late model" Peg-Perego Duette stroller but began the search for a double jogging stroller (keeping in mind I live in Canada) and am more...

Started by Erica on 05/26/2009 in Twins 2008

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Sleeping through the Night

I have three... 3 year old, 1 1/2 (almost 2) and a 6 month old...none of which are sleeping through the night. I have tried almost everything I can think of..??? any suggestions?

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Any Potty Training Suggestions?

I have 3.5 y/o twin boys. One of them has had complete bladder control for almost a year, but refuses to go on the potty. I have done everything I can think of, from reminding...

Started by Cortney on 09/02/2009 in Twins

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using silverware and dishes...

hey guys my twins are 16 months old, should they know how to use silverware and eat off a plate or bowl? I know that with them being a little premature that they will develop...

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my son will not sleep in toddler bed !

my name is Alicia. i am a mother of 2 year old twins. Yesterday we took down my kids cribs and put up toddler beds since my son had gotten out of his crib. and last night we put...

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I need help please

My son was born breathing and with a heartbeat... but died two minutes after birth. He had a fatal condition, and we had been expecting his death since our 18 week ultrasound. I...


Hi, Im Jamie

Hello everyone! I just wanted introduce myself....My name is Jamie Baber, I'm 21 years old, I'm engaged to a wonderful man, and we are expecting our first child. We are...

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i too am a stay at home mom

i use to work as a teacher at a daycare until i broke my hip when the twins were 2 i had 4 surgerys and then a total hip replacement wich did not heel right.. i like being home...

Started by Shannon on 01/06/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Daily Routine

I have 8 1/2 month old b/g twins with reflux. My son has to have medicine 1 hour before he can eat 3 times a day. My daughter is 1/2 hour before 2 meals a day. Do you have any...


11 month old feeding schedules

So I was just curious to hear what other moms with 11 month old twins are eating. Hear is my schedule for my boys breakfast 7am- Stage 2 fruit or a baby yogurt with 7oz...

Started by Trinity on 01/17/2010 in Twins

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