Stepson driving me crazy

My husband and stepson (9) have been living with me for over 2 years, but I'm still having some serious issues connecting with my stepson. He drives me crazy because he lacks...

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My daughters are being bullied

My older daughter is 13 years old while the other one is almost 12 years old - they are two years apart and have a healthy relationship with each other and with both have a good...


Speech - should I be concerned?

My father pointed it out to me today while we were talking on the phone today that my DD never really strings words together like my 2 year old nephew. My comment was of...


how do you get your child to behave?

my son is almost 4 years old and he constantly acts up and wont listen to me. i'm a single mom and trying to do this on my own. it's so easy to give him what he wants so he...

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Hi I'm 21 years old with two kids aged 2years and 18months. I've been feeling rather low lately, and has been diaignosed wiv depression, Ive been given tablets to take but they...


just concerend

My son just turned two and i am alittle worried ... he doesn't talk AT ALL well he says the basics like daddy and mama. but nothing else he shakes his head no also. When he...

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This company is recognized as a legit work at home opportunity. I have been approached by many circle of moms members who are both involved, love, and are interested. I am not...



People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I respect PETA's message and I respect all of what they are doing for animals but, what about people? Where is PETP? When I had...

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weaning difficulties

my dd just turned 18 mos. we have been cosleeping since birth and she nurses on demand. recently i have been trying to cut back on her nursing, trying to get her to go to sleep...

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My stepdaughter mom hates me

My stepdaughter is now 15yrs old and she was born when my husband and I were broke up. (Then boyfriend) Due to the past of what her mom and I been through, she keeps her away...

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Could My son be Bi-polar, how to tell.

My son is almost 10 and he has , i guess you could call it severe adhd, but as a mother, i feel something else is hiding in him. Like the way he acts out, punches things, hits...


Coming back after maternity leave

Hi! I was just wondering how you guys felt after coming back from maternity leave. I have a 3 year old son and an 8 month old son and will be going back in Sept. Coming back the...

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Man AND woman's best friend

PRAISE GOD I've never been one to choke on apologies! LOL!!! :):) Wanted to share another "I'm so sorry" with all of you for my lengthy absence...again. Almost two weeks ago,...

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Pray's for michelle

all is great here.Michelle has been dx with endometriosis and adenomyosis..so she been home sick the past three day's.and her school is well to work with us so she does not miss...

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I wish it got better

My daughter was stillborn (I was 11 days overdue). It would be my daughter Zoe's ninth birthday on October 27th, and it still hurts. My heart just feels broken. As I watch my...