friend's kids hit! what would you do?

We just moved back to our hometown and the only friends my 4 year old has are my friends 2 boys who are 3 1/2 and 5 1/2. They live 25 minutes away and we see them every couple...

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Cure for a broken heart

My babies father and I have been together for over 3 years, and he cheated on me a few times and kept telling me he had a problem and needed me to help him and needed...

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Hi all. My name is Kellee (most people call me Kel) and I am the mom of a very smart, very spirited little girl who is two years old. I'm a SAHM and I tend to go with the flow....

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Tell me it's going to be ok...

I am a single mum to a very active 2 year old. She is incredible and wonderful and exhausting. I left her father a year ago, his temper became violent around the time I got...

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Help!!! Potty training

We have 7 children (blended family) and 1 of our own he is 3yrs and 5 months I just can't seem to get him interested in potty training at all. He won't even go near the toilet...

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going back to work

is anyone else having trouble working out when to go back to work and for how many days, and what childcare to put them on etc. cause this seem to be one of the hardest...


schools in New York

Hi - We're thinking about moving to NY from London. We have two kids aged 5 and 3. In the UK school starts earlier than in US and they are both reading and writing (the 5 year...



I get so annoyed when people think a stillborn is exactly like a miscarriage. I get so angry when people think I shouldn't count my stillborn daughter as one of my children. I...

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seeing baby move

I know as we're all nearing the last month, we are ready to meet our babies, not to mention all the weird and icky stuff that's happening to us. But I thought I'd take a minute...

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Working and being pregnant

Hi All My name is Kristal and im 25 yrs old and live in Vancouver BC. Im 22 weeks and due August 27th. I have a son that is 5 yrs old and im expecting a baby girl!!!. Anyways...

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still not talking

Hi everyone, My boys have little speech. My son Jesse is mildly deaf and getting grommits, and twin brother is fine but both boys only have about 10 words each. Any other...


Behavior Issues

Hi Ladies: I am a first time Mom of a 17 month old boy. I have practiced AP since birth and I am a SAHM. The issue that we have been having is that my son is mean to everyone...


Feelings of isolation

As a very young mother still in college, my husband and I do not have any friends in the same situation as us. It's all fine for him because he works all week and is only home...

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newborn and step kids?

well i have two step kids who i have almost 99% of the time. i love them to death but i just had a newborn baby girl and i am wondering how to prioritze my time to where i can...

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