No sleep

Hi I'm Eliana I have twins girl the problem is every day they wake up in middle of night I'm very tired what I have to do to make them sleep all night

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Can't kick the colds!

My one year old son has been sick (congestion, cough, sometimes fever) for almost 4 months straight. He's had 5 rounds of antibiotics, and those are the only times he's well....

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Im pulling my hair out!!

I have 2 children at the moment. A 4 year old boy (well he turns 4 in 2 days), an almost 11 month old girl and Im having a second boy in March (my daughter and son will be 13...


Trying to ween baby off the breast??

Hi I have a 6mth old baby girl who I am currently breastfeeding. I dont really want to start her on formula but would give her breast milk in a cup or bottle, how many ounces of...

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I'm new & have a question

First... hi. Second, how do I get her to nurse longer, but less often. She's gaining properly and has plenty of wet/dirty diapers. I'd just like her to go longer than 1.5-2...

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Tips and Tricks

Ok, I have already talked to my doctor and she doesn't seems concerned but I need some help!! I am now 30 wks pregnant and can't sleep. I know that the farther into pregnancy...

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potty training?

i know that some mom's decide to potty train at a young age..i'm not one of those mom's, but i don't want it to be too late either. however, my 18 month old (19 months on the...


The 10 Commandments of Dating---------cute

When it comes to dating, there are some rules that should not ever be broken. Here are 10 dating commandments—for men!—that should be etched in stone. (Don’t...

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Dec. baby 08

Hi everyone. My name is Jo-Ann and I have a Dec. 08 baby. Just wanting to know a little about your babies and what they are into at this stage. I'd love to hear about your...



My son is doing extremely well with potty training lately. He stays dry thru the night and during nap time, and it is very rare that he has an accident during the day, unless...


how much should she be eating?

i breastfed my first so am not sure how much my little girl should be eating from a bottle, i have to pump and give her my milk in the bottle because she has cleft of the soft...

Started by Aubrey on 04/22/2010 in March 2010 Babies

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