going to sound dumb....

Lately my son (who is 2, hence going to sound dumb) is driving me crazy. He used to be so well behaved and somewhat listen to instructions and when I would tell him "no" or "no...

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Getting worried

Hi there, my daughter is 9, she has been having seizures since birth and after 2 years of them they finally said they were complex-partial, starting in one side and moving...


Hi !! My Name Is Grace

MY 6 years old son got suspended from school what should I do? This was due to his behavior; he wanted to go home and had a tantrum. He started to throw toys and anything else...


2 childs sleep and nap on the same time?

I wonder any mum of 2 kids manage to make both can sleep and nap in the same time? I have a 2 and half year old girl and 1 year old son which I never come across that both can...

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March 2008

I would probally have to say that my third, born in March 2008 was the worst experience of my life. The worse labor I could have possibly went through. I didn't really ever...

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can babys have nightmares?????

may be a silly question, but iv gone over every single possible reason, why my 7month old wakes up screaming but stil asleep???? completly out of it. Not even his eyes open....



How is childcare portrayed in other parts of the worls? Family groups here have recently said that its not good for childrens development, meanwhile the governemnt wants...


Baby won't sleep during day

My little girl sleeps very well at night (from 18:00-06:00), but only catnaps during the day which means I cannot get anything done! She also seems tired and irritable by...