advice on children that hit

I have an almopst 4 year old that hits on occation. Began as early as 10 months. It really stikes a nearve in me as I was abused as a child, and I thought (silly me) that kids...


Dad's girlfriend

I have 2 children, 20yr old daughter and a 12 yr old son. The children's Dad has had a girlfriend for several years.I live in a city an hour away from them..I'm okay with the...

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SEVEN - Proverbs 6

Thanks for waiting, sorry this wasn't up this morning, as mentioned in update. But wanted to make sure to pray over it to encourage and bless you for HIs glory. At any rate,...


How do I guide an out of control child?

How am I suppose to pull in the reigns with my 4yr old daughter, she back talks everything we tell her, throws tantrums and has a very smart mouth? I need to get a handle on it...

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ok my 2 year old son. has sleep through the night since he was 2 years old and has always gone to bed without a hassle. up until 2 weeks ago that it. for the last two weeks when...

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How to be a referee without taking sides

Combining households in a second marriage is hard but mixing and accepting new personalities and habits has been our achilles heel. Being a problem solver by nature, I find...

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Help me he bites

My son is 2years. He was Biting other kids and I punished him.His Dr. Told me when ever he does this don't make any eye contact just put him in a room and after 5min go in there...

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Somebody Please Help...Please

Ok since I have had my daughter last year in September my period has been coming on the 19th. Well these past 2 months its been coming on the 13th. Now for some reason this last...

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Runny Nose

My daughter is just a little over 3 months old. Yesterday I noticed she has a runny nose. She doesn't have a fever and doesn't seem to be cranky (until I clean her nose). Just...

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i need help with my 4year old

my 4year old does not share at school he fights alot and im scared when he goes to kindergarden what can i do he sometimes does not wanna lisen to me and he copies everything i...

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