My daughter is almost 3 months, and about 2 wks. ago, i wanted her 2 sleep longer, so i put babyfood in her bottle. Now, she refuses 2 take a bottle without the baby food, and...


Skin problems

my daughter has a sensitive skin, even if an insect or ant touches her, it results in a rash and wounds. I have taken her to doctors but they say it thing. The problem is she...



my little girl seems to be constipated :( She is 6 months old this week, and I am not sure what to do...has anyone had this problem? A doctor today told me to try a prune...


Lochia at 12 weeks?

I had my daughter via c-section 12 weeks ago this Thursday and I am still having lochia every once and a while. I took it very easy the first 6 weeks but have tried to get back...

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teenage girls...

I know that all of the mothers in this 'Community' are mother's of young kids... toddlers etc. But I have a question about older kids... daughters infact. If you had a 12 yr old...

Started by Angie on 10/21/2010 in May 2007 Babies

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How do stay happy?

Things are going pretty well for me. But i still am getting overly irritated at little things and my emotions seem to be in high gear. I want to be happy and just enjoy life but...



Hi my name is becky. Im 21 years old. I went to the er today for kidney pain. Turns out when they did the test for uti they also did a pregnancy test. Both test came up positive...



Im confused i found out i was pregnant by taking pregnancy test they said yes I'm pregnant but going to the Dr i told them my period has been coming on and off since September....


Ever felt this way?

A lot of you are moms or at least want to be so hi there! My names K.D and honestly I want to be a mommy more than anything in the entire world. No one understands why I feel...

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Hey there, my name is Leanne and I am proud mummy to Sadie Elizabeth, a beautiful, sweet and happy little girl born with left CF. She is 12 weeks old and has just started with...


How do you step-parent a troubled child?

Thirteen year old boy, in trouble at school, kind of a bully at home. Has no respect for others or their things. Mom left his family when he was 8. Sure there's issues there....

Started by Marlys on 05/07/2009 in Step Moms

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Advice needed for my 6 yo, please :)

Hi all- it's been a while since anyone has posted anything here. I have been reading past posts to see if any advice has been given that I can use, and I am curious to see...