Dairy r Soy?

Hello. I'm wanting (after formula) to introduce milk to my 18mnth old. I wanted dairy milk but was told by family its unhealthy. Any Advise. Is soy better for child? & if yes Why?


Anyone ever used Medela SoftFeeder?

I am going to be breast feeding my baby when he is born. And I found this product through Medela Breastfeeding Products. It is called the SoftFeeder, it is initially used for...

Started by Crystal on 09/11/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Breastfeeding while pregnant!

I have a 12 month old son that is currently breastfeeding and I had planned on breastfeeding him until he turns two. However, my husband and I just found out that I am expecting...


post partum

i had my son at 17 he almost died from whooping cough at 2 months old and had 3 deadly diseases before he was 4 months old. i breast fed which was sopposed to help and didnt, i...


I haven't felt my baby move in awhile?

I started feeling my baby move around and change positions at 17 weeks, I'm 19 weeks and I haven't felt my baby move in the last couple of days I didn't really think much at...


Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Kie, and I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Oct. 3rd. She has yet to come home from the hospital since she's been in the NICU from the time she was a...


Wanting baby #2

My fiance and I have decided that we want to expand our little family. We currently have a 17month old daughter who is probably the calmest baby I have ever met (might be a...



I was wondering if any of you had a sucessful vaginal delivery after a c-section. I intend on asking my doctor today about the risk but was just curious. I had a c-section...


two languages

my daughter is 16 months n still not saying ne words that i can comprehend although she does conversate she not actually saying real words, so iwas wondering if ne body else has...


problems at the table :/

is it normal for my 1 year old to be refusing food? she wont eat baby food and doesnt eat alot of the other food i make for her sanwiches etc she would rather eat toast that she...


Feel like I never get a break!

I stay at home with my 3 and half year old son everyday. We dint get out much cause im disabled and my family lives in different state. He goes to daycare once a week so I can...

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my 19 month old won't talk!

My 19 month old son just won't talk. I've seen kids younger than him say words he hasn't said yet. Are there any tips to getting him to say words instead of just whining? He...


help, or not so much?

So, why is it that when someone asks for help in a forum, some people LOVE to criticize the help you are offering? I'm not saying that you shouldn't criticize someone for really...

Started by Rebekah on 01/25/2009 in Plus Sized Mommas

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