Growth Spurt?

I have a 4 month old daughter named Rebekah Anne. She got her shots about 3 days ago and has not slept through the night since and is also teething and will hopefully get her...

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7 month temper tantrums

Hello. My Kaiden was the sweetest little angle until about 2 weeks ago. He hardly ever cried unless he was tired and has been sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night since he was...

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fear of being a sterotype.

i am 22 years old and until recently was on my way to finishing college after a few long hard battles. Right now i am faced with dropping out of school to raise the baby. i...

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Weight loss after pregnancy

If anyone try the following herbal appetite suppessant www.hoodiabushman.com I have gain 20 - 30 kgs weight since I gave birth to my son which I would like to lose as a feel...

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i dont know what to do being a single mom

i am i single mom of two. carrie is 2 1/2 years old and johnathyn is 7 1/2 months old. all im doing is working 2 jobs trying to squeak by and going to college full time to make...

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Financial Stress

Anyone else out there having difficulties these days? I'm scared and don't know if we can repair ourselves from the husband losing his job. I have a 2 year old boy and a 3 1/2...


need help moms!!

my son has had lung difficulties since 2 months old. he was in and out of the hospital and they couldnt figure out what was wrong till he was 6 moths old and we finally figured...



I'm pregnant with my second child. I'm afraid I wont lose the weight like I did with my first. Any advice...

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a hungry little boy

i am a mother of 3 and a big sister of 5 so i have seen and done ALOT, but one thing in particular i havent seen is how much my one and a half year old eats. he will eat a whole...


How will this year's election affect you?

I originally posted this in the Student Moms community but nobody's ever in there, haha. So I changed it up a bit to include everyone. Plenty of people talk about how the...

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My hands are tied??!! *step mom*

Hello... My step daughter is 9 and weighed in last weekend at 149.4!??! My husband and I are getting concerned about her weight gain! Seems like she gains 10 to 15 pounds a...

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Apraxia of speech

Anyone have a child, children with Apraxia? Have you had success with resolving Apraxia or what therapy strategies have proven most beneficial? A side note would be nice if...