Won't eat!

The stomach virus just went through our house, though my son did not really get the full effect of it, lots of poop diapers. Since about Tuesday last week he has not really...

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my baby is going to get a Fundoplication surgery for him throwing up. Some told me that they could not even burp so they can't eat any gasy foods? Is that so!! My son also has a...


Should I just let him sleep?

My little guy is really sick. He has had a temp for two days and the doc says it's just a cold. He slept from 1am til 11:40am this morning, was kind of awake for a while (kind...

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Temper tantrums!??

Ok my little boy is 15 months (born 2nd Dec 09) he has started the past few months to take these really bad temper tantrums now i have 2 older kids and dont remember anything...


nursing to sleep

Hi everyone, I am a first time mom of a wonderful 7 month old boy. He is such a happy boy, but has never been much of a sleeper. His naps during the day are only 20-60 minutes,...


Solids and bottle.

Hey, When we started Joseph on solids the doctor said we could offer him a bottle, but he probably wouldn't take it or would only drink an ounce or two. Well, it has been almost...



Hi all! My little one is just shy of being 6 months, and we've discovered she's starting to teeth. I've tried the Baby Orajel, cold teething rings, and soft teething biscuits,...


What do you feed and how much???

Just wondering what other little eight month old bubs are eating and how often?? My princess is happy and healthy but i am so confused about solids!!! She has a cereal and fruit...


What to feed my 11 month old??

I am having a hard time getting my 11 month old to eat table food. Any ideas? He will eat all the gerber snacks of course, but not pasta or fruits ect...

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an overweight child

my daughter is 2 years old. she's weighing 27K. She was advised by her pedia to lose weight but I don't know how to start it coz she always beg for food esp.at night. any...

Started by Meg on 01/23/2010 in May 2007 Babies

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my lil girl is pretty much on all her solid foods already she was born Feb 25 and she cutting her first tooth and getting around every whare


S/O How do you cook?

Do you cook different for your kids? I noticed that some comments on the thread about cookbooks were giving just "baby and toddler" cookbooks. Does that mean you all eat...