Short Bio.

My name is Beth. I have a 22 year old daughter who is in her last year oif college. I also have an 18 year old daughter who took of on her graduation weekend of June of 2009...

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Dating Afterwards....

So, ever since i left my daughter's father i have chosen to stay single, and for some reason i have no desire to find a new man of any sorts. All my friends, even my mother,...


any step-mom's out there.....

Hi, I am a step-mother to an 8 year old boy......we have shared custody, and it is not fun what-so-ever. When the wee one comes home, he has forgotten all his manners, eats...


Circumcision To Do or Not to Do

Hi, I am expecting a baby boy and I am torn to circumcise or not to. I cannot bear the thought of causing my child unnecessary pain and the videos that I see make me cringe....


Time and Money

I used to work really REALLY close to home. About 2 minutes from the school and 3 minutes from the house. So, even though I felt as if I didn't have enough time with my 2...

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5 year old behaviors?

(Background) I have a lovely 5 y.o. SD who lives with my husband and I primarily. BM has her half the time (week on week off) in the summer, and during school she has every...

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My boy was 3 weeks early

Hi all im new 2 this group.My son was just under 3 weeks early and i cud have lost him when givin birth but thankully he is now a happy healthy 13 month old.He is so precious 2...


What do I do?

My daughters dad left me when I was six months pregnant. The first time he saw her she was two months old and then he only saw her once or twice a month. It has been almost two...

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Happy Easter! NOT!!!

ok so my husband and i took our 6 month old down to my families house yesterday for easter. my son cries everytime we go there and i think it is because of all the stress and...

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Son keeps saying bum hurts

My son will be 4 in may for the last year about a minimum of 3 times a day he'll say his bum hurts. He screams so much and cries out. We've taken him to docs loads of times and...

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Step daughter wants to move in

I am a mom of one, step-mom of two. My husband and his ex have been divorced for 7 years, we get the kids a few dinner visits each week and every other weekend. His daughter...


Fake Pregnant Bellies?

Sales of prosthetic, silicone pregnant bellies have recently taken off in China, according to a report in China Daily. These bumps, which can be purchased in sizes from 2-4...


going out...

weneva i go out with my 3 month old, she crys and is really moany. im tryin to get her used to noise and different places but we always end up goin home early! even frm family...


First birthdays

My sons first birthday is coming up in 13days. im not sure what kind of cake to give him? or what to do for his first birthday.


Hey everyone.

Unlike alot of the moms here my youngest is about to be two. And until recently I've never committed myself to losing the baby weight. Over the past four years I've kind of just...