trouble starting solids

My daughter is 5 months old and we are having a hard time getting her to eat solids. She has the mechanics down, but she hates everything but breastmilk. We cannot get her to...

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i should be due on dec 21st with my second.anybody feeling different this time around?i feel bloted and puffy like im due for my period.i felt great the 1st time around with my...


Does anyone else feel so alone?

Well, I just had my baby 1 month ago and I have not been with the father since I became pregnant with her. We were married for 2 1/2 years and he was VERY abusive (both...


Reflux HELP!!

My 5 month old son has reflux. its driving me crazy. he is sick from one feed to the next all day long. He is healthy and gaining weight but just wondered if anyone has any...


Pregnant after 13 years

Its been 13 long years since my boys were born, I am having my third child and am curious if there are some good suggestions for baby products since im out of the loop from not...


Please Help!!

Hi- I'm really poorly at the moment with tonsillitis. I can hardly eat or drink anything. My daughter is teething and off her food and now off her milk. I'm really scared of...


Help/advice on weaning

OK... not sure what happened to my message... Here's my story. My lil guy has been ebf'd for 17 months now. Now that he is older he knows how to go about getting what he...


Still will not eat finger food solids!

I know I posted about this before! My son still will not eat solids. I give him homemade pureed food, and I started to make the food a bit chunkier. Sometimes he eats like,...


Weaning at 15 months

My son is 15 months old and I am having a lot of trouble weaning him. He stopped taking breast milk from anything other than the breast at four months and I had to adjust my...

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Breastfeeding up to 2 years old - is it wrong?

I have a very supportive husband, who got me through the first couple of weeks of breast feeding with my first son, when I could easily have given in, with the pain. I had...

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should i wean my baby?

hi god day to you all, I have a 8 months old baby boy who does not take bottle or cup i try but he reject it. All he take is breast, i am worried that he is not getting enough...



My son is 7 weeks and I am exclusively b/f. I stupidly dyed my hair this evening and now I am worried I could harm my son via breast milk. On le letch website it states 'there...

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To Small??

I was wondering if other mums have or had small babies and got them to put on a good amount of weight. My daughter is 3 1/2 months old and is only 11lb 15oz. The nurse says she...