Nursing a teething baby.

I am having some difficulty breast feeding my 7.5 month old son. Two bottom teeth emerged within the past couple weeks and he is biting me more and more frequently. I've...


Connection with your Preemie(s)

I know that I connected very well with my first preemie. I was able to see him an hour after he was born and then again later that night. With my second son, who was also a...



Is anyone else having trouble with biting? My eight (almost nine) month-old is really into biting. Not only does he bite while feeding (he's still breastfeeding) but he'll...

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Nursing Issues at 4 months

Hi I am having the hardest time nursing my 4 month old daughter! We have overcome the use of a nippleshield , thrush, colds, nursing strike, complete drop in milk supply, and...

Started by Ashley on 03/29/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Babies R Us, shower gifts, and returns

Hey everyone! I had my shower this weekend and I finally feel that a little weight has been lifted and I can continue my "nesting". They actually suprised me so it was a fun...


Going back to work.

How do you deal with coping about going back to work? I am breastfeeding and love the bond that my sweet girl and I have and am afraid that, that will be lost.

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breastfeeding and yeast infection

I have had a yeast infection in my breast for over a month now. My 2 month old does not have symptoms of thrush, but I am having the burning pain and sore nipples. We have...


How much is your premie eating?

Our little guy was born five weeks early -- he is 3.5 weeks old right now. He was having trouble eating in the NICU but really caught on his last days there and when he has...

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Ideas on getting baby girl to sleep better?

I put her to bed at night when she's tired.. usually around 8:30-9pm. I give her a bath and then give her a bottle of formula (she usually drinks about 8-9oz). She'll sleep...

Started by Marla on 04/02/2012 in May 2011 Babies

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tips on stopping breastfeeding.

my daughter is 14 months and im more then ready to stop breastfeeding, im barely producing milk and i feel like its more of a comfort thing for her now, as much as i want to...


When will they sleep?

My 13 months old son still wakes up twice at night to have milk...i give him dinner by 9:00am...would you approximately know at what age do kids sleep straight thru the night...


Nursing a 19 month old

I am wondering what nursing a 19 month old is supposed to look like? Do any of you have one or have older children that nursed at that age? What was your nursing relationship...


Baby doesn't want to nurse

I exclusively breastfed my baby (born june 2) from day one and it was a rocky start but with the help of a nipple shield we made it through! After 3-4 months she no longer...

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Sleep habits

I have 3 month old twin girls. They do sleep well at night. One usually sleeps right through the night and the other one is up 1 or 2 times to feed. The trouble is getting them...

Started by Lindsey on 08/24/2011 in Twins

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I'm so glad to have found this group!

I have been around babies my whole life, so I really thought having one of my own was going to be so much easier. I finally discovered that she is "high need" it's NOT that I am...


questions about fenugreek

so , last week , i noticed a drop in supply due to teething nursing strikes and lack of sleep so i started taking fenugreek. since starting my son did nurse well for about...


Breastfeeding and nipple piercings

I had my nipples pierced and took them out so I can breast feed, I have had them out for a few months now and they are infected and don't seem to want to clear up. I'm having my...