How I myself see Taken In Hand

When I created Taken In Hand in 2003, I chose that phrase to distinguish my site from D/s, which often seems to be associated with a kind of 'dominance' that doesn't necessarily...

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Overstepping Stepmother

I have been reading past posts on the stepmother boundary thing. I am writing as the birth mother. While I understand a good relationship and allowing my daughter's stepmom to...


Bed wetting at 8

My son is tuning 8 next month and still wets the bed. Mind you, he is wide awake when he does it. I give him nothing to drink 2 hours before bed. He used bathroom multiple times...


10 year old who won't listen

We ask our daughter of 10 to do something its its always a delay with her. She will eventually do it but takes her time doing it. When we ask her a second time after waiting for...


mothers in law

I've cut mine out of my life. She is a narcissist and her being around makes parenting my children effectively impossible. I'm keeping the flying monkeys at bay, and she is,...


39 week update

I dont think I shared after my check up Thursday? It went very well! In 2 weeks, I gained 4 more pounds. No traces of anything in my urine. My blood pressure was up a bit, but...


HI I am new

HI I found this thing today with facebook probably one of my daughter's postings or something. I have 3 herniated disks with pinched nerves. L4,l5,t2. Most of the time I don't...


Someone please help

I have just turned 40, and have been seperated for 7 years. My ex and I were married for 10 years and had 4 children together, the youngest of whom was born with 26...

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Toddler bedtime stalling & multiple night wake ups

Up until about a month ago, my toddler (2 years and 2 months) had a great night routine going. He ate dinner, had a bath, brushed teeth, got into jammies, had quiet playtime,...

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My daughter is just shy of being 11 months old and she is more active then EVER!!! The problem is, I am having a hard time finding ideas to keep her entertained and stimulated...


Teens and sex

I'd like to know how moms handle it with teenagers having sex.....my daughter is 17 and has had sex. I don't want her to lie to me about it, but I also don't want her to think...


SEVEN - Proverbs 6

Thanks for waiting, sorry this wasn't up this morning, as mentioned in update. But wanted to make sure to pray over it to encourage and bless you for HIs glory. At any rate,...


Service Dogs in the classroom

I kind of can't believe it had to go to court but an autistic boy was denied his service dog in class....

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hello all

Hello, my name is Dawnmarie Haldoupis Wilbur. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls. Through some personal trials and tribulations, I was unable to care for them for a few...

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Happy 6 Month Birthday November Babies!!!

Hello Everyone... Happy 6 month birthday to all of the November babies on here! It is so exciting to see how they are growing. My daughter Addison was born November 17th, and is...


Does anyones 2 yo stutter a lot?

My daughter has been talking perfectly fine but lately she's been starting to stutter a lot. I don't know if she just has too much on her mind and is trying to get it all out so...