Anyone have a child on Intuniv?

My son was on Concerta and lost a ton of weight. We have worked our way up to 3mg but he is getting in trouble at school and can't focus. He is very emotional but he has gained...


Help me with my baby!!?

He's 10 weeks old, and will not go to sleep during the day, he continually cries,we know he is dairy intollerent and i know i havn't had any at all! Why wont he sleep?!!...


Santa Claus Real or Fake?

Has anyone ever just flat out told their kids Santa wasn't real? What do you say to kids who want to know if he is really? I'm only asking because I have two 7 years who are...


Comming up surgery

My son is going to have surgery he is 5 1/2 months old right now. We will find out the surgery date July 25th. I am nervouse about my child being cut and going under anesteshia...


17 month old throwing tantrums

My 17 month old little guy is throwing a lot of tantrums. I have tried to district him with something else. I have also tried to ignore and he walks over to me and throws...


Morning Ladies

I have a challenge and I am starting to feel really frustrated.My 5 year old son is still wetting his bed at night, I have tried waking him up 3 times at night and he still...


Getting Personal Time With Multiple Children.....

I'm a single mother of 4 children, ages 1-4, and I'm currently cramped in a 2-bedroom apartment due to downsizing after their father's death. I want to be able to spend time...

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Calling out for somebody we do not know.

This is a very weird question, but has any of you ever experienced your child calling for somebody that none of the family or friends or even teachers know? I thought it quite...


Help with Grandma issues...HELP!!!

Ok so here is the situation. I have a five year old daughter. I had her when I was 20 and my mother helped out ALOT when she was first born since I was parenting alone. She...

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Should I transfer my son to another school

My son who is a very sweet, calm and laid back 9 yr old. He is a straight A student who has always received rave reviews from his former teachers. No disciplinary troubles at...

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Babyweight :(

I put on A LOT of weight during my pregnancy (34kg) and have only lost about a third of it in the five months since Milla was born. It's like my appetite is confused and still...

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Poor taste or racist ?

This clip off a popular variety show in Australia was slammed as racist and insensitive by many across the world and deeply offended one judge , Harry Conick Jnr . The host...

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Is 4 too many for 22?

I know this has been asked time and again, but im 22 years old with 3 kids... and my crazy mind, after my last pregnancy being a complete nightmare, want another one... every...

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