HELP!! 12 mo. old and 1 mo. old.

I'm not really sure what's going on with my boys right now. I'm really beginning to feel overwhelmed. My 12 month old, Jack has always been so mellow. He would only cry if he...

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Mine, his, an ours....

My boyfriend an I have been together for over a year now, both of us have children from previous relationships an we are expecting a baby next month. My oldest is almost 7 an...


How to stop wanting another baby

I am 33 with 3 boys (15, 13 & 10). I've been married for 13 years and together for 15. . . I had my first son unplanned at 17 years old. After he was born, we planned to...

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How to manage everything on my plate?

I am married with two kids, a 2 year old girl and a 5 wk old boy. I go back to work right after New Year's. I'm a full time 8th grade teacher at a school for children with...

Started by Tahra on 12/22/2008 in Working Moms

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my babys not sleeping at night

hi im a first time mum i love bing a mum but my baby boy is nearly 8 monts old and is not sleeping at night does anyone have any suggestions we have tried everything

Started by Charmaine on 01/06/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Potty Training

I have started potty training my 2 year old daughter... its been a little over a month now and no luck. I have tried many tips from other mothers close to me... but now I am...



Hey Everyone, What type of food are you feeding the no teeth kids? My daughter born on the 4th has no teeth and I was just interested to see what everyone is feeding their kids.


Anyone Else Already in a Halloween Mood?

Ok I know I'm not the only one! You bought a costume (or 2) last year ahead of time, but you're still looking at more for your little boy or girl! You are planning out the...

Started by Mschelseamac on 08/23/2009 in March 2008 Babies

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Feeding "plan" For 6 month old girl :)

We have a little girl who's coming up on 6 months now, She sitting up alone and plays and is starting to crawl! I was just wondering if anyone else has a slightly advanced baby,...

Started by Danielle & Bastien on 12/04/2009 in June 2009 Babies

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No Seperation Anxiety

I have an 8 month old (almost 9 months) and he has shown no signs of seperation anxiety. Now, i'm not complaining.... but it kind of makes me sad. Does he even care that i'm not...

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How do you handle crying

My son constantly crys at me! my husband will try to play with him some times when i get frusterated, but he dont want to play with his dad, he wants me. if i try to walk away...

Started by Brittany on 12/11/2009 in Family Activities

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Night waking...

My daughter will go a few days of sleeping through the night (10-12 hours, she is 6 months old) and then go a few days to a week of waking up around 2am, no matter what time she...

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Not wanting to eat- at all!

Hi, I'm new here so don't know if this has been addressed. My little girl turned two in December and just refuses to eat! The pediatrician tells me to let her go and she will...


Hello 2nd trimester!

I'm due July 26 so I'm guessing that almost all of us have hit our second trimester! Does any one feel tons better like I do?? If this isn't your 1st baby how are you explaining...

Started by Erica on 01/13/2011 in July 2011

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