circumcision well after birth.

I'm considering circumcizing my son now that I know more about the pros and cons. He is 5 now. When I had him i was young and didn't know any better so I listened to his dads...


At the end of my rope!!

I am technically a SM although to everyone involved I am my son's mom. I am at the end of my rope with him. I don't know what to do. He has multiple behavior issues....



my son is 4 yrs old his dad hasnt came round for 2 yrs now , he got married then divorced and is datin a woman with 2 kids one is the same age as my son. he has asked a few...


What should i do??

I have a son who is 5 years old..he has a sister who is 7 and a little brother who is 19 months old....the thing that is confusing me is the fact that when i ask him to do...


Single mother of 6 mo twins ; father not interested

Single mother in Charleston escaping from abusive father and restarting from nothing. Twins boy and girl 6 mo. Father barely pays the child support and never visits them. I am...

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Sleeping issues at 16 months

My little girl has started resisting sleep. She is transitioning from 2 to 1 nap a day but has been for the past 2 months. It all depends on when she wakes up whether she has 1...


Terminal Illness in a close family friend

Hi, we have twin boys + another boy - twins 4yo other 2. An extremely close family friend (boys call them aunt and uncle) has just been diagnosed with secondary liver cancer....

Started by Anita on 04/20/2009 in Christian Mommies

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I was just wondering if anyone has ever had to give birth to a stillborn?



Happy 2010 to all. My biggest problem now with my 22 month old Boy is how to start potty training him as I fear it is a little late.

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Hiatus hernia

I was wondering if there are any moms out there who have a child with a hiatus hernia and have had the nissan fundiplication operation done? My little boy is 13 months and has...



my son is almost two years and he's still not talking yet.he babbles and the only word he says he's daddy.should i been worried or not?

Started by Jamie on 05/18/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Are there any bi sexual Moms in Missouri??

Are there any cute sweet Mommies in the St. Charles County area?? I am in need of a good friend and hopefully a little more. I am a 30 yr old attractive married working mother...

Started by Closet_Bi-Sexual_Mom on 07/11/2011 in Bisexual Moms

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potty training

My son is Two in half and He had started to go on the potty, but when we got our daughter he decided that he was going to do his poopy in his diaper like the baby. We've been on...


Help with homework

Hi we have two children both boys and the ages are 7 and 4. Our 7 year old is in 2nd grade and since he has been in school we have so much trouble out of him not wanting to do...


badly need ur help friends....!!!

I hav a 3 year old daughter & a one year old baby boy....my daughter hits her brother very badly & very frequently....I got frustrated & exhausted sometimes in a...



So BM just took my SS to the dentist last week for his 6 month check up which she is very good about doing. But this time he had 7 cavities and I know the last time he went he...

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maybe u guys cud help.....

Caleb is onli 18mths....he seems to be in a phase that he only listens to dad. it fustrates me how he doesnt listen to me. i give him a direct order and he laughs and walks...