New Sleeping Issue for 2 Year Old

Our son has been giving us a hard time lately with bed time. He use to be able to fall asleep on his own, no issues. We have tried the crying it out method, but 2 times now he...

Started by Heather on 12/14/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Easy dinner ideas??

Hey mums/moms I'm looking for some easy dinners for those nights when cooking becomes a nightmare. Something easy that tastes delicious! Thanks in advance!


Making nap time longer

My 8 week old struggles taking daytime naps. He is sleeping about 9 hours during the night with no problem. He's on a 3 hour feeding schedule during the day. After eating we...


Weight gain?

So i am just wondering what the "normal" weight gain is suppost to be when expecting twins? I guess this is a pretty hard question as it is always different for everyone. But...

Started by Alexandria on 03/14/2013 in Twins

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5 and not potty trained

DS is in 1/2 day kinder this year and still isnt completely potty trained. He wears pull-ups to school. We have been working on this for almost 2 years and he is very stubborn....


sensory integration disorder

hi everyone, my boys were born at 32 weeks and are now 18 months old. one son is delayed on some issues, we just stated early intervention and he was diagnosed with sensory...

Started by Danielle on 12/30/2009 in Moms Of Preemies

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The Naughty Chair or "Time Out Chair"

Okay, so with my daughter. I LOVE watching the "Supernanny" on tv. (After my daughter is in bed). So, I have learned a lot and even though my daughter is 2, she is just...

Started by Tammy on 11/08/2009 in Working Moms

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stress with an 11 year old girl

im having trouble with my 11year old girl...i get so frustrated at times with her obeying at school or home...im wondering if something bothering her and i ask her all the time...


Rules in the house

I have 5 boys aged 13, 10, 8 and the twins are 6. They help out with everything. My mum calls me a military mum because when I say anything my boys listen. It's true that I...


sleepless nights..... need help!

Hey everybody, My name is Sunitha and my little one is 8 moths toworrow. He used to sleep very well for the first 4 months but come 5 months he keeps waking up every hour or two...

Started by Sunitha on 11/07/2008 in March 2008 Babies

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hey there

My name is Tami. I have 2 little girls how are 15 months aprt to the day! Emma-Mae was born in April of 06 and CHeyenne was born in July of 07. We are expecting our 3rd in...


Sisters sharing a room

I have 2 girls, 4 and 1.5. The older one has been sleeping in our room (bad habit, I know) on a toddler bed, wile her younger sister is in her room happily sleeping in her crib...

Started by User on 02/20/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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problems with formula

my son is 8 weeks old. due to a medical condition i am unable to breast feed as i did with my first son. we have been using formula from day one. at first he would vomit (a lot)...


Troubles toilet training

I'm having troubles toilet training my 2 year old son. My first son was so easy and it just felt right but with my second son Ryan he just doesn't seem to be interested at all....

Started by Amie on 08/09/2009 in May 2007 Babies

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what can i do??

i have a little girl at 11 weeks and she tends to cry alot i try everything but nothing helps you got any advice for me??

Started by Jade on 09/07/2009 in June 2009 Babies

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Sleeping problems

OK I know that there is always a post about sleeping problems but mine are a little different I think. So here it is, my daughter has always slept great, right from the start....