hi im new here and my son is now almost 5 months, i had him at 31 weeks being my first it was very scary when i found out i had preeclampsia and was being rushed down to have a...


Hi, everyone!

Hi, everyone! I didn't realize this group was here. Thanks, Martha, for inviting me! I have a little boy who was born on 6/20/08. His name is Will (William) and he's a...

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starting all over!

Yes! I have a 12 yr old boy and my husband got a very big surprise last April!! that we are having a baby!! Since then i had gotten use to the idea. well really had no choice!...



really big baby she 3 and gonna be 4 on june 29th this year and she around 3 1\2 feet tall curly locks and real black hair and big brown eyes very cute thats my little baby

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I have a beautiful baby girl who was born on November 9, 2008. She came nearly three weeks early. Despite a planned c-section, I ended up delivering her completely natural. I...


my 15 month old's hair

i have twins mixed Algerian /white my daughters hair is easy to Handel becouse its straight my sons hair is very curly and dry at the ends and gets frizzy at the back he hates...


Bad behaviour

My little boy will be 6 in November is behaviour is getting terrible never listens. Violent towards siblings , tells lies and has tantrums like a toddler also very tearful any...

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Questions/Advice PLEASE.... my story

I am with the most amazing man and father EVER. He has two wonderful boys ages 3 and 14 months. I have been part of their lives since the beginning of december. Now we live...

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Hi! Glad to see everyone on here! Looks like some topics I am definitely interestd in! I have a 6 1/2 year old daughter in 1st grade and Anya is our March 2008 baby at 19 mos -...

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Baby prayer

My son is so cute! (of course, aren't they all?) We've started trying to help him memorize a small prayer. Probably the one everyone starts with. "He is God. O God, My...

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A little about me... I am the mother of a goregous daughter! She was born in August 2007! She is very loving and independant. She has transistioned into a toddler bed and is...

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I'm 50 next year!!!

My boys are not babies anymore, Richie is 26 and Zak is almost 16. Zak still lives at home and will leave school in the summer, then he plans to go to college. He has Dyslexia...

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