Is it time to butt out or In

My son is doing his second tour. Before he left I went to NC to say bye, his gf was there and at the time we got along great. My son thought she may be expecting so I ask her to...



Why Mississippi's 'Personhood' Law Could Outlaw Birth Control On Tuesday (Nov. 8), Mississippi voters will decide whether fertilized eggs qualify as "persons" under the law...

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Where we wrong?

Okay I have a SD and a SS I have been their SM for going on 11 years now and they are 16 (SD) and 13 (SS). In January the kids Bio mom called me and asked for $5000.00 out of...

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Am I falling behind?

I am the proud mommy of a 13 month old boy, Ty'Daniel. So far, he is not sleeping through the night. He's not drinking from a cup. He refuses to eat normal, healthy food and...


my son is askin about his dad what do i say?

hey i am a single mum to a 4 year old son and his father has never had any thing to do with him he has my numder and i have his still he has recently got married and he keeps...

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doesnt hold his own bottle

my baby boy is nearly 7 months old his a very good baby its just that he doesn't hold his own bottle yet his not even interested in holding it when he was a 4 weeks old he used...

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My 2 babies

I had 2 C-Sections. My first was my son. His head was too big to fit through my pelvis, so we decided to go ahead with it before any labour complications arose! My second was my...

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I need some help!

have a 5 yearold step son and 9 years old step daughter that I've been around for about 3 -4 years while being with there dad. At first there mom realy resisted against the...

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Any suggestions - please!

Hi, My daughter is 2. She will be 3 in April. She has been potty trained since November 2009. She has done a great job with telling us she has to go and actually going. We just...

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soon to be In-laws HELP!!!

Ok so My fiance' and i have a three mth old little boy...we are getting married in Septembe of this year...I feel like his side of the family doesnt except me...you have to...

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Happy Mother's Day!

Just thought I'd share.... I've been a little bummed out, as my SD is going to spend the weekend with her BM for Mother's Day. I'm fairly used to it, but hearing her talk...

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Great hubby!

I just had my little one 3 months ago and my husband knows it would be my greatest desire to stay home with her. However, finanancially we could use a little extra money so I...


Need help with child

Hi everybody. I'm new at this so please be patient with me. I have a 10 year old son who has an angry issue with me. Not sure how to handle this problem. He is always so mad at...

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In Process of Autism Diagnosis

I am very confused and looking for advice and opinions from moms out there! Our daughter is only 18 months old, but has had health problems since an infant. She had seizures at...


Hi !! My Name Is Grace

MY 6 years old son got suspended from school what should I do? This was due to his behavior; he wanted to go home and had a tantrum. He started to throw toys and anything else...