I have a little boy whose almost 15 months and I'm afraid I don't work with him a lot. And I was wondering on how to homeschool him? I'm not talking about addition or...

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How do you cope?

I lost my 16 yr old daughter, Rachel on Valentine's day this year and just do not know how to cope with it. She was a twin and her brother's away at school till late June. I'm...


sippy cup

my son was born at 24 weeks. he has come along way-he is now 15 mths 12 adjusted. i have been trying to switch to a sippy cup and table food for several weeks. he will not hold...


encouraging your child to play an instrument :)

hi, my little boy is nearly 5 and has a keen interest in guitar. I play guitar and sing, one day he asked me if he could have a guitar! i was longing for him to want to play...

Started by Tamara on 01/11/2009 in Musical Moms

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night feeding at 8 months

The last few nights my 8 months old boy has started waking at night for a feed when he has been sleeping through since he was 8 weeks old. I try to snuggle him first when he...

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A 10yr old sharing a room with a newborn?

I have a daughter who's turning 10 next month and am excpecting a second daughter in Sept. I currently rent my apt. through a subsidized program. They have informed me I do not...

Started by Anita on 04/27/2009 in Moms Under 30

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How did you find out?

I would love to hear interresting stories of how you found out you were pregnant. My husband and I had just evacuated to North Louisiana from Hurrican Katrina. We really had...


wats best for my son??

recently me and my sons father split up!!!.....and me and the bby moved 2bk in with my folks....it didnt tke his dad long to find anuffa missus......and he was in a new...

Started by Sandra on 05/20/2009 in UK Teen Mums

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Help! with CD

Can someone explain to me the difference in an AIO diaper, fitted, and pocket diaper? AIO is pretty self explanatory, but do I need extra liners or absorbency for them? and do...


Tough Love? at 21yrs old? Help Me!

I thought I asked this but can't find the question, LOL! so I will do it again! My son, 21 is getting out of jail again the 5th of June, I know he is going to want my help. I...