Immunodeficiencies! - edited

We have a 3 year old that is developmentally delayed and likely autistic. He's always suffered from chronic diarrhea, to the point where he has only had 2 "normal" stools in...


Husband's affair resulted in a baby

My husband of 14 yrs had a 6+month affair with a 24 yr old he works with (he is 41). I found out that he was havving an affair and that she was pregnant all in the same moment....


Need advice from veteran Pumpers!

First off I'd like to say Hello to all of you ladies! I am a first time mommy and my LO is doing great! I started out breastfeeding Carley, who is now 8 weeks old, but due to...


Worried he won't crawl

Hi Ladies, My son is 3 months old and hates being on his tummy. I'm worried that he won't be able to roll over or learn to crawl?! Any thoughts?

Started by Lottie on 11/07/2009 in Moms Under 30

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girls with ADHD

Just thought would share my story, daughter was alway teachers pet and not a problem but in 2nd grade started noticing couldnt focus on word problems with math. After much...



Hi, I'm Jen and my son is three weeks old. Rollins was born Sept 14th. He's my third. My concern is my first had a severe reaction tohis vaccines and the pediatrician skipped...


Baby will not stay latched on.

My son has been breastfed since birth. He's now 10 weeks. He doesn't like staying latched on during some feedings. I don't know what to do! It's driving me crazy! He gets mad...

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SEVEN - Proverbs 6

Thanks for waiting, sorry this wasn't up this morning, as mentioned in update. But wanted to make sure to pray over it to encourage and bless you for HIs glory. At any rate,...


Sleeping on his belly...

My son Nolan was born on Oct. 23. Whenever I put him to sleep he instantly turns on his side and then his belly. I drive myself crazy during the night trying to flip him back...


In my area...I am sad.

I am a young mother age 24. My son is a little over two. I live in an area on the out side the city of North Vancouver. I am the only young mom out here, the other moms are in...

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Weaning off the nipple shield

My daughter is 3 months old and has been using a nipple shield since day 1. I am happy that this tool allows her to nurse, but I would like to get her off it if I can....

Started by Jessie on 03/08/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Tilted head....

My son's head tilts to the left. When he was at the doctor last week he told me that I needed to stretch his neck. He also told me that my son needs more tummy time (which he...