Ergo vs. Beco-- I need a soft-structured carrier

I currently use a ring sling, which I love. However, my ultra macho hubby would like something a little more masculine. I've been looking at the Ergo and the Beco. Does anyone...

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4-7-07--new member

I remember my well-baby visit at 6 months old, the doc smiling and said "he's gonna be a handful!". She was right. He is so ACTIVE!!! He started walking at 10 months and...

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I need advise (Sorry kind of long)

So Ive been waiting since Tuesday for my Gst to come in the mail. . Nothing came by Thursday so I called to find out when my Gst would be coming, I was told there was nothing on...

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When nothing works !!

My 9 yr old loves to play outside in the front, generally i can see her from the window and periodically check on her, because she has boundaries she is supposed to stay in...

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Does anyone have the Implanon?? Help!

I currently have Mirena, and let me tell you, it has been nothing but hell! I bleed all the time, not to mention the odd smelling discharge, I had problems w/ the wire being to...

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I know it all attitude

My son just turned 9 and he thinks he knows it all. He gets grumpy and drops the lip when he has been proven wrong, and then storms off. Some times I am at wits ends with him...


Please help me I dont know what to do anymore!

I'm so angry and sad I just don't know what to do. I have a SO of almost 2-1/2 years. He has an 11 yo son that I have been taking VERY good care of I take care of everything...

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Accidents..at wit's end

My daughter will be 4 in November. She has toilet trained for 8 months now. Self-trained, we had little to do with it. The first week she was in panties she did have accidents...


2 month old biting!! halp! D:

My 2 month old daughter keeps biting me while nursing and when i yell "ow!" or "NO!" she thinks it's funny! what can i do to let her know that it's bad??

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LO insists on nipple feeding

Hi everyone its been 2.5 months and my LO is still nipple feeding...it does not hurt and in fact I get a ticklish sensation which is not very comfy for me....tried everything LO...

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Overnites diapers?

Ok, so Ive been having this problem with my son for a while now. Every morning when he wakes up he is soaked! Bed sheets, his blanket, EVERYTHING! I decided to try the Huggies...


how do you do it?

i find it extremely hard to do, when seeing my (step)son call someone else "mom" after i have been raising him for 5 years.


Compilcations ........

My daughter was born 13 weeks early and weighed 831g. We live in Buckinghamshire England and are experiancing great diffisculties with our health services..... She was born...

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