Weight Loss Battle. Any suggestons?

Good afternoon ladies! I have been trying to lose weight and it has been an up and down battle. I have been thinking about using diet pills but Iam aware that there is some...

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I've read a lttl on Neurofeedback Therapy. Apparently, it is used for ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, behaviour challenges, depression, etc. Has anyone tried it and what has your...


Advice on how to handle phone calls and sons behavior.

It is court ordered that my SD gets phone calls from her BM on Mon and Wed at 6:30pm. She had to shuffle time and dates around her new work schedule which seems fair, until we...

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How can I make my baby eat?!?

My 14-month-old is not meeting "government standards" in terms of her weight. All of her life she has been in the 5th percentile, but just recently fell off of the chart all...



My name is Christine. I decided to join Recipe Swap because I am always looking for dinner easy that are quick, easy & kid friendly.

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"Where is My Daddy?"

First a little info: My son just recently turned 5. His father is not involved in his life, he has been great with providing child support but we have no contact with him...

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How do other mothers do it?

I have a 19 month old boy that absolutely exhausts me. It's true we just moved and things are changed a bit, but I have tried through this process to pamper him and give him a...


Due May 5th

I am due May 5th with our second. I am freaking out a little just because my 2 year old toddler semas like more of a handful now than before I found out I was pregnant. I wont...

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Any suggestions?

My daughter..now 18 months old is growing up so fast! She is soooo interested in make up, purses, perfume, deodorant even! She knows the fake from the real so it is a little...


help please if anyone has any ideas.

I have a low milk supply so i take fenugreek, mothers milk tea, and pump after every time i nurse my son. He also has to have a bottle of formula after each feeding because I...

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mini pill?

anyone breast feeding and taking the mini pill? I m considering it, so any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated : )

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Round ligament pains!

I'm 29 wks along and went to L&D bc they thought i could be having contractions. Thanks God i wasn't but i do have round ligament pains. the cramps are getting worse! My poor...

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bill clinton

listening to my coworker's radio today - conservation dribble about how Bill is negotiating with terrorists. i wonder what they would have said if Sarah Palin had rescued those...

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Whats your opinion? Would you buy one?

Breast-feeding baby doll If you have visited the baby doll section of a toy store, you know about the miniature strollers, bassinets, and changing tables designed for kids to...

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