Another Update: Court Happenings

I will try to keep this short... but that probably won't happen, lol. Ok, I have posted many times about my situation, if you are unaware feel free to go back and read them, I...

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advice needed

my son harvey is 18 months old and has tuberous sclerosis complex, west syndrome, wolff-parkinson-white syndrome and chronic epilepsy. he can't crawl, walk, talk or feed...


Lets introduce ourselves

In this post I would appreciate it if you all would introduce yourselves. Please include: first names, child or family members child that has cancer, type of cancer, how long...


A normal C section Or was it messed up?

Ok I had a repeat c section 5 days ago. the 1st was good they cut me open took my daughter out closed me up I felt barely any thing. I recovered quickly at home and pain was...

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Grumpy baby- bit long sorry!

Hi, for the last couple of weeks my little girl (9 weeks) has been quite grumpy and not sleeping very well- up until this point she had started going 3 hours between feeds 4 or...

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"child stealer"

We have been together for a little over three years, over two of which I spent tolerating the presence of his hypochondriac sociopath hooker ex girlfriend who lived with us...

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having touble with teacher

my son is 10. this is the first year anyone has suggested ADD. we have not had an issue until this year. at the start of the year we have not had any bad reports, until the frog...


Baby Einstein

Hello... my daughter, Rebecca is 11 months 2 weeks old, and since she was about 7 months, has LOVED Baby Einstein. We try not to show her TV too much and swore we woudlnt do...


no where to express

hi all, my son is 2 months old and i have a event in 4 months time which i have to attend to, its a 11 hour event and will be really hard as there will be no where to express...

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sunscreen for sensitive skin

My son is 6 1/2 months old and has eczema. His skin is very sensitive; we have to use Tide free laundry detergent, and try to keep him as dry as possible (hard with all the...

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Help...Terrible Two's!!!

My daughter just turned two and she woke up on her birthday with with a bad attitude and has had it since. She seems to have no fear or respect of me. It doesn't matter what I...

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I will take anyone's advise!

Hey my name is jen and i have a 8 month old how is not sleeping throu the night yet....So my question is what can i do for her to get her sleeping throu the night....i feed her...

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i brought my 4 month old to the movie....

my sister inlaw brought our family to the movies and we brought my 4 month old son but when we were in the theater i notcied it was VERY loud should i be concered about how loud...

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