Dinner Time

My little guy (DOB 3/25/10) is still primarily eating Stage 2 and - some - Stage 3 baby food. He only has two teeth, so I didn't think he was ready for table food yet....

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I need new recipes for a family of 6

I know we have had one of these for a family of 4 but I have a family of six that could use some new recipes for. I work full-time and don't always have a lot of time in the...


Anybody else's bump hurt?

Hello ladies, i'm almost at 25 weeks and i've been in total agony today with my bump! :( This is my second pregnancy, and with my little boy only being 14 months old will this...



Okay so can we all agree that the Media gives us the info they want us to know and that there is some brain washing going on? like whats the wrong and right way to do this or...

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Sleep habits

I have 3 month old twin girls. They do sleep well at night. One usually sleeps right through the night and the other one is up 1 or 2 times to feed. The trouble is getting them...

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My son is 8 and has Aspergers. That said he is doing good except for bed time. About a year ago we noticed he was not sleeping well. He doc gave us a very small dose of a...


How do you prepare and discuss The Talk....

Ive been seeing alot of talk on the subject of young girls and sex lately. Its making me extremely nervous. The Talk is getting closer and closer each year that goes by and now...


Am i too overprotective???

Hi all, I'm new here and this is the first thread i've started. I've read through alot of posts and i am amazed to see some of the foods that other babies are eating. My...



my almost a year daughter wont sleep through the night or even in here crib..my in-laws dont help me out at all(since we live with them) so i cant keep her on a schedule or...

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Sleeping situation

Since day one, my daughter has not slept very well on her own, and she's now 4 months old. In the hospital she only slept in the bassinet for maybe 20 minutes at the most, and...


Chromosone Disorder

My 18 month old son has a Chromosone disorder. They say its rare but we are not sure what it even is. He is severly delayed, he can't sit up yet. He is working on crawling and...


If he hits you # 2

Is there anyone out there that has been with a man that has hit them & then seeked help & he did change? Here all the negative that they don't change is there anyone that knows...