ppl r ignorant!!!

So, i am a "taxi" driver for my mom n bf on certain days, since we have no car at this time, were sharing moms truck. i get my poor baby up at 7am, off to gramas to bring her to...


My Story...please read

Hi everybody I am new to the site. My name is Brittney, Im 19 years old & I have a 3 month old baby boy named Santana. Lately alot has been happening in my life & my depression...

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my question

im getting my mirena removed janury 4 so how long do you think its gonna take me to get preganant


Eating habits

My 18 month old son hasn't been eating his dinner. He'll eat goldfish or snacks when we sit him down at the table to eat, but refuses to ingest anything substantial. I refuse...


Just stop a moment ....

I just want to say to all you mummies and daddies out there with twins/multiples/singletons - you are doing an awesome job. Don't beat yourself up worrying about whether or not...

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My 19 month cries a lot

My daughter is always crying, winie, crabby or fussy. She had colic very badly. as a baby and thought she would out grow it. She was so fussy that we thought for several...


acholic father wants daughter every other weekend

okay I have 2yr old daughter that I have raised pretty much alone. I did live with my ex untell april but we were no longer dating and had not been together for along time. I...

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Step Parenting, 20 year old

Hello all! I'm in a rough situation and I was kind of hoping for a little advice from other people who have been in my situation. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2...


I really need help with my 16 yr old son

My son has had diabetes since the age of 7 yrs old. He will turn 17 on Oct.31st and he refuses to take care of his health. And since he is not 18 well I get the blame for it. He...

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