overnight potty training?

my son is 7 years old and will be 8 in november and still wears nighttime pants/pullups at night and we don't know what else to do to get him out of it. he is a very heavy...

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my 6 month old is breastfed, she will nap diring the day for 3 solid hours with no problems, at night, however, she will not sleep for more then an hour or sometimes 2 unless...


Trouble Sleeping

My newphew is almost 3 month and he does nap during the day not more than an hour.....and once he does want to sleep after i bath him he doesnt want to sleep he seems like he...


sleeping problems

I've read in books, and found through info gathering, that Down kids have a lot of trouble sleeping, and that seems to be bearing itself out with my Nathaniel. Has anyone else...


3 year old bed-wtting at night again

my son was doing pretty good at staying dry at night. He went 2-3 with being dry. Now all of a sudden he has been wetting every night. I don't want to do pul-ups again, because...

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Re-introducing breastfeeding

Due to military obligation I had to leave for 2 weeks this summer. I came home to a daughter who is much more independent and will not breastfeed ( I pumped and stored milk for...

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Anyone eles? (cute and funny)

So about a month ago when my husband and I were waking up one weekend Kalli-Mae was waking up to. She currently sleeps in our bed for lack of a crib. Anyways, he and I were...

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not sleeping

William is soon to be 2 years old and for about 2 weeks now he will not sleep in his own bed past 2am. He will wake up and come in our bed, he takes all the room so me and my...

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My 15 month old daughter is having a hard time sleeping through the night. She goes to bed around 7,8,or 9 but then she'll wake up around 11/12 at night and wont go back to...


Frustration at night and trying to wean!

Ok, so the lack of sleep over the last 10 and a half months is starting to get to me! I love my son and I would do anything for him but I am so tired! I am currently working...


how do i break bad habits?

I think I posted about this before but I didnt get a response. Due to our current living conditions my 3yr old still sleeps in our bedroom. This of course makes for many...

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So tired...

My son will be 3 months old next week. At his 2 month check-up he weight 14 lbs and I'm sure he weights more now.. He is still nursing every 3 hours and sometims longer at...


I am exhausted.

I'm so friggen tired. I've been in sleep deficit ever since I worked closing & opening. I haven't been able to get to bed early enough or sleep in long enough at all....


Hide and seek is dangerous for Toddlers

This past week, 4-year-old Bryce McCraken of Missouri went missing while playing hide-and-seek. More than 250 people searched for 12 hours, before he was finally found around 11...

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Febrile Seizures?

Hi, I am looking for other moms who has had a child go through a febrile seizure. My 15 month old daughter just recently had a complex febrile seizure and I am so scared that...