How do you deal with being a single mom?

I am recently separated from my husband. No divorce papers have been filed yet, but I'm devestated to say the least. I have 2 children, & 1 on the way. I guess I was just at the...

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I need help with my anger

I have two boys 1 and a half and 2 and a half, and I am a stay at home mom. We just moved to a new state where I know absolutely no one, I dont get any time away from my kids...


To share or not to share.....

My husband and I are ones that are very open with those we have to deal with on a personal level. Basically speaking of BM. We explain in detail why things happen, or what...

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Religious Science Test.

You may have seen the image of a 4th grade science test circulating the internet recently. The test is real, and it came from a private school in my area. It says it's a small...

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My Son is Gay

I recently found out my son is gay. I don't think I can accept him anymore. I suspect he sneaks out of the house to spend time a boyfriend. I can't stand it because this is...

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Trying to learn how to deal....

I'm trying so hard to be understanding and to be there for my bf through this whole ordeal....he is having to go through depression meds and anxiety meds....he's on Siezure meds...



Hi my name is Edwina ,im a wife and a mom to three wonderful children. Jaden is 4yrs, Jasmine is 21 months and Jordan is 8 months. I had my children verrry close togeather...

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Odd Feelings

So because I am only 22, I've been feeling like things happened to fast. Like I really should have tried to wait. When I look at my son though I can feel nothing but happiness...

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Prayer Update

I know that many of you have been praying for my Dad's family. I just wanted to update the request. My step Mom got the no contact order approved by the judge today because she...

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My 13 year old son

My 13 year old son is getting f in every class. He is the office 1 -2 times a day getting suspended.He is just messing up all the way. He tryes to do what ever he can to get...

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I am suffering from Anxiety which i dont really understand myself and find it hard to explain how i feel,i am under going help from councellors for it and talking things...

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