I was 11 weeks pregnant, and just miscarried on Wednesday. Im handling it pretty well, i was bleeding for 3 weeks already so I kinda knew something was wrong. I was wondering...

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jelouse 2 year old

i jsut had a new baby girl 4 weeks ago and i have a 2 year old she is having a hard time dealing with her new sister. everytime i give them a bath my 2 year old gets in her...

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Introduce Yourself!

Tell us something about you! From just your first name to your life story: We want to know! If you can't think of anything, here's some things to start you off: + Name + Age +...


Baby name drama..

So I have this cousin that copies everything I do. Not only that, she takes credit for it! Like if I say something funny, she will say it like two days later, exact thing I...


Night time potty training?

What is a reasonable age for a child to be potty trained at night, and how did you go about it? My 4 1/2 year old daughter is completely potty trained during the day, even for...


Supplements & diet for ADHD

Hi! My 7 year old daughter is in the process of getting evaluated for ADHD. Her teacher & pediatrician have recommended a specialist but we cannot get an appointment until...


Questions/Advice PLEASE.... my story

I am with the most amazing man and father EVER. He has two wonderful boys ages 3 and 14 months. I have been part of their lives since the beginning of december. Now we live...

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My 13 month old daughter has had so many ear infections the past month and a half. She had one in her right ear, then it moved to her left, then after that she got it in both...


Thumb Sucking at Daycare

My daughter just recently started attending daycare, she loves it and they say she is advanced for her age group (potty trained, knows her alphabet and their sounds, recognizes...

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I need help

I h ave a daughter who will be turning 15 next month. She has such bad behavior in the household and I am really close to signing away my rights. I have asked for help so many...


My Fiance's son disrespects me...

I am getting married at the end of August to a WONDERFUL man. I have a 16 yr old son, and a 6 & 8 yr old daughter. My kids adore him. My girls call him daddy and my son is...


Grandparents rights - Legal point of views?

Hello, Me and my husband live together with children. I have a 3 and half year old and a 6 month old. We advised my father in law on 30/08 that he was not allowed to flit in and...

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need to decide

there is a decision that really bothers me.... i have two kids, a girl ages 4years 11 ,omths. and a boy ages 2years 3motnhs... and i am planning to go abroad to work( as a...


Am I being unreasonable?

My husband recently took a roll that requires a lot more travel.. and it's highly possible that he's about to become the classic road warrior. But here's my issue. He's...


Questions about siblings.

My daughter is 4 now and I thought she liked being the only child. The first grand child and great grandchild on my side and the first only one on her dads. But lately she's...