How to deal with self weaning?

My daughter is 9 1/2 months old and has started weaning herself from me. She will only bf when she wakes up and before bed. how do I deal with the fact that she is ready stop...

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feeding ?????

umm my daughter is 2 months old and i feed her 8 oz of formula and she still wants more. she doesnt throw it up at all . do u think i should give her that rice ceral for infants...


Need help gaining weight!

My dd went in for her 1 year well baby checkup. Her percentiles have been decreasing. (80th to 19th%) The doc seemed a little concerned and wants her to have weight checks...


Need some support please!

My youngest son will be three months on October 12th. He's in the hospital again. He's spitting up excessively, but the drs arn't sure why yet. I'm waiting on shells as my...


For the Love of Pit Bulls

Hey everybody I just wanted to let you know about some research I am a big Pit Bull advocate as well as my sister who is a Grad Student at University of Nebraska for cognitive...

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get my daughter to not wake up at night

shes 14mnths old but she dries about 1am and wants her sippy cup..how can i break this habit..shes a very good baby thru out the day, but oh my shes doesnt sleep for very long...

Started by Mari on 02/24/2011 in Toddlers

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not eating

My 18 month old hasn't eaten for 2 -3 days..but hes drinking fine...this has bn going on for weeks really worried...



Not quite sure what to write here lol, i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl on 18th of october had a 3 and a half hour labour which started with my waters breaking but only...


a little worried...

last week my daughter feel off our bed, i felt so horrible. i had her surrounded by large pillows and i thought she was secure, guess not. she cried but once i picked her up she...


I have 40+ lbs to lose... NEED HELP!

Before I had my 3 children I was about 140lbs. I never had to diet or exercise and now I have a lot of weight to lose and I honestly have no idea what to do... My husband and I...


To all the moms out there......

Hi ladies, I have a 5yr old son and now 16 weeks pregnant and me and my husband has been waiting for this pregnancy for 5yrs.... (it's a blessing from god), my 5yr old is so...

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I am Katie, mom to three. My youngest is two and still very attached....lol

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