Pros & cons of preschool

I've never enrolled my 5-year-old daughter in daycare or preschool. My mother-in-law has kept her during work hours since she was born, and has become basically a second mom to...

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what do people feed a 1 year old, and should they be using knife and fork or spoon and feed ing themselves my son still isnt im still feeding him most the time other wise he...


Other half

We always talk about ourself on here. I'm 23 weeks along. Just wondering is any of you ladies out there are as lucky as i am. I have a wonderful BF, who runs after me like a...

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My 3 year old daughter is FINALLY having an EEG done after 4 seizures this year (getting worse with each one) the last one that she had on tuesday was what they think was a...



I have an 8-almost 9 month old and his father is not involved. when he tries to get involved he never follows through. My point is that I have my son 24/7 and I also live with...


22mnths old

any one else having trouble wil terrible 2s at 22mnths old ?? do they like being a wind up merchant n if so how do u handle it ??


thumb sucking

my daughter is 3. she has sucked her thumb since she was a baby, she has some health issues so i always just lefted her alone thinking it was ok. someone told me that she is too...

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i have a 1yr old boy who has this condition ...when he get a flare up ,,i cry because he scratches like a dog...and it is sad..he is my only baby,he has a allergist who says he...



I am a married mum of 5,and i suffer depression. I am on medication but that's one thing that upsets me i see it as artifcial happiness. The kids are always treating me like a...


Birds & Bees!

My 8 year old is very wise and mature...she's been asking leading questions about how babies get in your belly and why her old dance teacher has a baby and is not married...how...

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My daughter born 12/10/09 has not really babbled, she makes sounds but not really to identify things. she will "converse" at times but rarely. Im wondering how much are your...


has the baby affected your marriage

I am ready to lose it I am soooo sick of my husband doing nothing around the house. I am exhasted and irritated beacause i feel like i am going 24/7 and he thinks hes intitiled...


taking any advice but be nice

i know me and my family have been babying my 8 month old WAY too much. i walk out of the room and she screams like she is hurt...she cries for MAMA all the time. She screams at...


potty training at night

i have a son who turned 3 in may. he is potty trained during the day and has been since april-ish. he just cannot turn the pee off at nighttime. anybody have any tips on what i...

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