Anxious about upcoming camping trip~

Anxious about upcoming camping trip~ Hello, I am set to go camping with my partner and step son-13. I have fibromyalgia, and some other chronic pain/health issues. This is...


Private vs. Public

Our local district just increased the ratio in 2nd and lower grades from 20 to 1 to 30 to one. Just transferred my son into a public school from Montessori in the spring, and...


Sciatic nerve pain

I am 13 weeks pregnant and am haven't sciatic nerve pain. I also had it when I was pregnant with my daughter but I can't remember how to alleviate the pain a little. I vaguely...



Has anybody used it? How quickly does it work? What are the side effects if any? How safe is it?

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Hi There

Hello, I just joined this group and figured I would say hello and introduce myself. My name is Kris and I am the mother of an absolutely amazing child who was born at 24 weeks...

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hi don't know about everyone else but round me it's hard to find out about things to do and places to go for various ages. my little man is 14 months now and not quite walking...

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Baby acne

My son is 2 and a half weeks old and has what looks like acne all around his eyes and on his forehead. Any suggestions to help get rid of it? He's formula fed, has been since...


Hot tub

Honestly. How old is old enough for a child. My 5-year-olds biological father was letting them in a hot tub (public one). I had already asked him not too, and he still did....


Sleeping through yet?

Iv had two nights in the last nine and a bit months that iv been able to sleep through about six hours straight,is anyone else still not sleeping through? Iv tried...


New Member and New Mom

Hi Everybody, I am a veteran teacher of 8 years and am finally pregnant with my first child. I am currently 12 weeks and due in February. I am so excited about the year -...


No weight gain...

Hey all...I'm getting concerned because I've actually lost 5 lbs since getting pregnant almost three months ago. With my first pregnancy I gained 18 lbs by the 5 month mark, and...


My son has cavities! Help!

I recently discovered that my son has 3 cavities. I am so upset by this and feel like the worst mom in the world because of it. I've allways brushed his teeth, i guess it must...



My 8 month old son is 11.5kg and quite tall for his age group, he was a big boy born and kept steady through the last 8 months with weight gain so i know hes getting enough food...


trouble gettin my son to sleep

my son is 13 months and he just got over being sick, but we are havin a lot of trouble gettin him to sleep. he keeps fightin it and throwin fits. i ain't sure what to do

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