Contemplating "firing" my mom

I have a strange work schedule in which I have to work everyother weekend 5 am to 5pm. My mom has been watching my 2 girls (ages 2 and 1) every weekend that I work since I...


Christmas gifts

I would like to make flavored olive oil as gifts this year. Has anyone tried this before? Any tips?


The Ball...

Ok...first year going to the ball....I've been hugely preggers every other time and not felt like going. But anyways, whats the attire like??? I've heard different things. Some...


For Mommas who wear their babies :)

I bought a "peanut" sling before I had my daughter, but now at almost 6 months it is just too small. What sling works best for you? I would like to be able to carry her around...

Started by *Fluffy Bunnies on 10/27/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Just wants to be held

Need some advice, I have 6 month old who just wants to be held. I've tried a sling and honestly we didn't like it. I usualy put a blanket with toys on the floor and she likes...

Started by Gema on 03/18/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Pooping on the potty..... :)

My daughter, almost 3, has been peeing on the potty for months now, but she still won't use it to go poop. :) She even stopped using her little potty and is doing everything on...


What do you think about sage cleansing

We recently bought a house and I want to do sage cleansing to remove any negative energies that may remain in the house. The house we moved from felt heavy and I also don't want...

Started by Emily on 09/05/2011 in Pagan Moms

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anyone 18 or older?

i know it's hard to be a young mom ... very hard ... especially for those young moms that stay home with their child(ren) like me. im sick of always relying on my boyfriend...


Help with Sleep!!!

Hi! My daughter is now 4 weeks today. I know she is a newborn so maybe she is not supposed to sleep through the night yet but I am afraid she is picking up a bad habit. She...


my son is having trouble in school

my son is going to be 6 years old in december, and just started kindergarten this august. every week since starting school his friday folder says that he cant keep quiet and...

Started by Tiffany on 09/28/2010 in School-Age Kids

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are you sick of hearing........

We are all single parents and some of us have dead beat fathers/sperm donors to our children that don't want anything to do with them , and then there are those other women that...


i have NOOOO IDEA what to think anymore!

i understand that having kids at a young age or any age is tough. especially on couples with no income or who cant really take care of their own. i understand that the woman...


quitting smoking

help! I have quit smoking every time I've gotten pregnant, only to start back up once I'm done with nursing baby--this time I'm quitting for me (kind of) I am on the nicorette...