grief / child leaving for college

I lost my oldest son in auto accident two and a half years ago. Have done our best to cope and continue to be productive in life. Ourmidfle child, daughter has married and had...


inguinal hernia & hydrocele

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with inguinal hernia and hydrocele in boys? I have a 10 week old son, he was born 6 weeks premature. We saw a pediatric...


Child outside of Marriage.

I'm 24 and have a daughter outside of marriage. We are getting married in May but I'm having problems in my church w/ it. Our daughter is enrolled in CCD and is very friendly....

Started by Maria on 10/28/2010 in Catholic Mothers

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Boys vs Girls

I don't know what other forum I can post this in, so I'm hoping ya'll can help me: I have a son (16m) and a daughter on the way. Last night while talking to a family member I...


Weird Mother in law "issue"

I know this may seem a little trivial but am very wigged out at my M-I-L. I have that all to popular problem where my mil is saying things like "just because your packing it,...

Started by LuckiestMommy on 02/28/2012 in Due In April 2012

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I am SO glad it's not just me

I am so glad I found this group. My 2 1/2-year-old's behavior is incredibly difficult to manage. She has seen an OT who says it's Sensory Processing Disorder, a pediatric...



She makes my blood boil!!!! well mark tried once again to make "peace" wrote a note to her as its easier. well she started off by saying " The best way to work together is...


work, work, work. wheres baby time?

my fiance and i both work full time jobs so we can provide the best lifestyle for our daughter. now it seems like we never get to spend time with her. we drop her off in the...

Started by Teresa on 01/28/2010 in Working Moms

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