Divorced Holidays

My baby's father and I are working on maintaining a friendly, civil, relationship for our daughter. It's our daughter's first Thanksgiving and Christmas and I think it's very...



HI Im new here ..have a question for all u moms n grandmas . i have legal custody n im raising my grandson since he was about 3 n a hlf months old . he was loosing weight...

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Am I overreacting?

Okay, so as many of you know, my hubby and I have our oldest daughter (Sasha - 7 years old) 90% of the time. Her bio mom gets her for 2 weeks every 3 months, plus every other...

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How can i correct bad behavoir with my nephew?

Ok so this is how it is plain and simple, my nephews are out of control! They are always taking toys from my children, the oldest who is 4 (the same age as my son) is mean, he...

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Baby's sleep problems.

My baby girl, who is 10mo old, started waking up every 2hrs while we were visiting family in the states (in August); we live in Germany. She's been waking every 2-3hrs, every...

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Who knew what life would turn out like!

Hi. I am new to this group and have struggled with my emotions and guilty feeling towards my step son for the last few years. I gave up an overseas career to come home and help...

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How to deal with a conservitive family?

My in-laws are very conservative and criticize us very harshly for our political views. We are pro-choice and his family has called up baby murderers! Before the baby I was...

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How to deal with interfering parents

I'm going through a rough time in my life where I've been living with my parents while raising my 2 yr old daughter. My issue is that my parents (particularly my mother) keeps...

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Stay at home moms

Do any of you work at home? If so what do you do? I am looking like crazy none are true, and we need money fast now lol who doesn't?


acid reflux advice

i would like to know if anyone esle baby has had relux my little one has been really bad with it if it was an older child when did it go at what age.


another lil baby vs further education

hi,im happily married with 2 girlies leah 3 and emily 1.i work 3 days a week as a mcdonalds manager and cant help feeling i want more from my career,bee looking in to courses...

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