Hello My Daughter Maya is going to be5 in a couple of weeks and still doesnt talk much other than repeating her tv shows and stuff from school i was wondering if as she gets...


abused child

hi i am a mum of 2 and i have a step son his name is blake..ill tel u some of his story he is 3 and he got abused by his mums bf he had a broken nose bruises head to toe split...


Liquids consumed?

I would just like to hear from other moms how much liquids their babies are / was consuming at 15 months? At this stage my baby girl gets 500ml milk (parmalat growth milk...



Hi, My name is Jodie, I have a 14 year old daughter. I have to say that so far we've been blessed. There was an incident last summer where she gave out personal info on the...

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"forcing" ???

My wonderful four year old is special needs - she has/had a receptive language disorder (she couldn't understand what we were saying to her) and as a result some behaviors that...


Sleeping issues

My 20 month old boy will not sleep through the night. I can get him down no problem, but by 12:00am he wakes up crying. I can usually get him back down with replacing his...

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Over 40 and back in school how about you?

Hello to all of you, I want to ask how many of you out there are like me? Over 40 or near it, back in college (or for the first time) and struggling to get their older brains...

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hi.. my husband is in the navy on deployment.. and our 1st born, kaleb.. he is almost 2yrs old.. i just found out that kaleb needs to go in for testing for autism.. i have...


To pull up or not to pull up??

I want to know it I should just put my 2 year old in undies and let him pee himself a few times and understand that it is uncomfortable... I'm not sure if that is to drastic....



i have two kids, a 2yr old coming 3son, another is 13 mths girl..my son is still potty training..s im still living wit my parents (we r waiting for new home), its my family who...


Baby seems to have type A personality

I have read a lot about the blogs on sleep issues, I too am a stay at home mom and usually rock my baby boy to sleep or walk around until he falls asleep. I have tried the cry...

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