Attack of the Bridezilla

I am at a wits end here and hope that somebody on here will be able to give me some perspective. I am the MOH of my sister's wedding (as she was for mine). Now, I am normally a...


Twin girls and potty training?

My twin daughters are ripping off their diapers at every chance they get and the diaper could be completely dry and they are still taking it off. They are 1 year old and I dont...

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This is kind of personal, but.....

I had bacterial infections through out the majority of my pregnancy. I've been treated for them repeatedly but they aren't going away. If you've had a similar experiance and...


potty training

i have an 2 yr old boy who doesnt want to potty like his bigger brothers he hates underwear.everytime i try to put them on all he want is his diaper my other 2 boys were not...

Started by Clarissa on 05/24/2010 in Moms Under 30

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before i was pregnant i used the nuva ring and had o problems with it.. and then i used my last one that i had and got preg after (planned) now i am not preg and i have tried 3...

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When should you start potty training?

I have a year and half old son and he keeps taking off his diaper.. But I thought I should wait til' he can talk a little better.... Any suggestions?

Started by Stephanie on 07/10/2010 in Toddler Moms

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New Admin

Hi Ladies!!! I just wanted to introduce myself to you all!!! My name is Jade, i have an 11 month old girl named Chloe. She was born with an abnormality in her left forearm...


Ideas for showing husband I care

Hi everyone, My husband works 4000 miles away he works 6 weeks on 2 weeks off. I was just wondering if you have any ideas for showing him I care and am thinking about him. I...


Help for the winter.

Winter time is rolling around,v and I have a 9 month old daughter who has been walking since she was 7 1/2 months. I can not find any shoes, let alone winter boots for her that...

Started by Misty on 11/27/2010 in Advanced Babies

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After the second baby!

My children are almost a year apart, 1 week from being a year. My son, who is the oldest, was doing wonderful with potty training, feeding himself, talking, and the normal...

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Has anyone tried this brand? My cousin recommended them; she uses them on her 6 month old. They are incredibly inexpensive (12 diapers and 24 inserts for about 80 bucks). I'm...