SS moving away, need some advice

My ss is moving from here (Colorado) to Texas in 1 week. We're crushed. We love him so very much and are going to miss him terribly. Especially his half-brother, my son. He's...

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Smoking in-laws

Both of my in-laws are smokers and neither my husband or I smoke. It really bothers me when they hold my 6 month old twins after finishing a cigaretter because the stench stays...

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Trouble expressing anger and frustration

My 5 yo has problems expressing his anger and frustration. He gets really angry and he wants to hit people and things. He hollers out that he hates his life, his house, he...

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Need advice

So I have adhd as well as my three and a half year old daughter. Well my soon to be hubby and I use to do alot of different drugs. Well we have been totally clean for almost two...

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I need advice....

So im 20 years old and just found out that im approximately 4 weeks pregnant. I told the guy that I was pregnant by who is 21, and he of course, panicked.... He asked me what we...

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Did Feminism Benefit Men more than Women?

Maureen Dowd wrote the following column: Women are getting unhappier. In the early ’70s, breaking out of the domestic cocoon, leaving their mothers’ circumscribed...

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At least I know what NOT to do...

I grew up with a mother who was alcoholic and, most likely, undiagnosed bi-polar. She has yet to admit her problems...swears her divorce from my father was my fault, etc. This,...

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I have a 2 yr old and a1 yr old

How do you feel saine when you have no one to watch your kids and have no time to yourself what can i do to feel like myself again. I am tired of feeling like i wear my...


Formula fed babies

My son is on formula and it seems like he is never really full. He is a big boy, he's 13 lbs. and 23 1/2 in. long, so the dr. said that he is just eatng so much because he's so...



i know that i feel my children's hurt even if they don't ... i know that i always want to take the responsibility for their mistakes, knowing full well i cannot. it doesn't...