Good in the World

Write one thing that you love about yourself. Write 5 things you love about your spouse. Include a small paragraph about why you love being a mother. Take a moment to close...

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When is it ok, to let a cat in the same room as a sleeping baby. We got a cat (actually our 2nd, but the 1st is lazy and doesn't like to sleep near people, so I never worried...


Took in family member's kid

Right now I my husband and i have custody of my cousin's 10 year old daughter. Our oldest (9,female) is sharing a room with her and we are finally starting to adjust. She's...


Can anybody help???

since my son has been born (hes 4 months old now), he has only been able to breathe through his right nostril. his left has always been blocked BUT why is it that blocked up...


i don't want to goooooooooo *whiiiiine*

turns out we're going to husband's family's get-together. it's gonna be us (4 people), his mom and meemaw (2), his cousin and her husband plus their 3 kids (5), and maybe...



Hi Im a hairdresser working from home with a baby and am looking for other hairdressing mums to combine costs with marketing maybe even have days were our babys can be looked...

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Toilet training a SN child?

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips, book or site recommendations or anything at all to help potty train a special needs child. My son is 3.5. At the moment he is non-verbal,...


Need help!

My son has been diagnosed with PDD and has been doing well with it unmedicated, the past few weeks he has been falling backwards with his progress, his episodes have become more...


Step mom vs. real mom

In this case I am the step mom, the "real" mom is confusing the heck out of me!!!! I am the step mom of 3 beautiful kids', 1 boy-8, and twin girl's-10! They are great kid's, and...

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Help with transitioning to sippy cup

My daughter is 13 months and absolutely refuses to drink from anything other than a bottle. I have tried tons of different types of sippy cups, soft tops, hard tops, straws,...


fathers rights?

hi everyone....i have 15months old a boy with married man whos keept me 2 and half year about together future and divorce....he didnt divorce and when our son had 1 year i found...


Too quiet

I was having an ultra sound when the nurse all of a sudden said excuse me I have to go out for a min. She was accompanied by another nurse. I was thinking what the hell is going...


Breastfeeding Blues

I started to wean my son off of breast feeding a week ago, due to my returning to work. I planned for the process to take a couple of weeks. He's always been breast and bottle...

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Zero Waste Home

I'm not advanced enough to post a video...lol. Just click the link and it will take you to it. Basically this family took drastic measures to completely eliminate trash in their...