bumps on face?

Okay so my 1 month old babygirl got a little bit of baby acne, then a couple days later her face got covered in acne, and what almost looks like a heat rash. Her face has been...

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Returning to work while breastfeeding

My baby is six weeks old tomorrow, and I am half way through my maternity leave. I'm just starting to pump to build up a milk supply so my first question is - How much do I...

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Struggling to find purpose

So I thought being a stay at home mum would be the best thing I'd ever do. But with my baby coming up 9 months old I'm feeling really unfulfilled like I need to do something for...


Eczema help

Hi. My baby is 3 months old. He is getting dry skin, pimples on his face , scalp , neck and back since he was 4 week . My Gp said he got eczema. She gave me dermeze ointment ....


Constipation and Gas

What can we do?? His gas is so painful he does not want to be put down! Constipation is a concern too.....he has this and he is only 10 weeks!!!!

Started by Crystal on 10/21/2009 in Babies And Infants

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my daughter Jayden was born [26 weeks] Sept 12, 07 1 lb 11 oz 12 in graduated from the NICU Jan 7, 08 5 lbs 13 oz 16 in 117 days old my 2 years old is now about 20 lbs she had...


Weaning off breastfeeding.

My son is 7 months old now I has been breastfed this whole time. I am ready for him to go to formula/frozen breastmilk, but he will not take a bottle. I think I have tried every...

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My ten month old has developed some separation anxiety. Everytime I put him on the ground to play he won't sit and just screams and I can't leave the room without a tantrum. I...


Feeling bad about gaining too much weight

I am 24 weeks and have already gained 30 pounds! I am having my 2nd baby girl and finding it so hard to fit in exercise. I didn't lose all the weight I gained with my 1st, so I...

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My name is Erica. I am 26 years old and due with my third baby on Valentine's day. I'm quite nervous. I have Hunter who is 5 and Haylee who is 2. I'm from Michigan my boyfriend...



Hi Everyone, My name is Sarah and I have a 7 week old daughter Amelie Grace born June 24th. Hoping to meet others having similar highs and lows that I am currently...

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Only one more month to enjoy your little babies before they become toddlers! Enjoy every minute of it :). It's amazing to think that just a year ago we were prepping for our...


Surgery on Tuesday :(

My baby girl has to have her tonsils out on Tuesday :(. I had mine taken out at her age but she is scared to death. Poor thing. She is normally so brave about these things &...

Started by Meryet on 01/31/2010 in Kids Born In 2002

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