Feeling anxious about leaving for a few days

Hello! I am having a hard time with the decision of going away. I've left my one year old over night a couple times but I would like to go away for about 4-5 days.... Thinking...

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How to Deal???

I am a single mother of two boys with different fathers. Ones dad is gone til 2011 and the others dad goes in and out of jail. I pressed charges against one for beating me up in...


Two households two different set of rules

My soon to be ex and I share 50 50 custody of our children. He has rules that he expects them to follow and I have my set of rules that I expect the kids to follow. Lately, my 8...

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When to start potty training?

Stupid question...when do you start potty training? My daughter is 14 months and I would like some advice on when and how to start training. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Started by Stina on 03/10/2009 in Toddler Moms

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don't know what to do ne more

ok....my sons's now 3, he's gone on the potty once when he was 18 months old.....he tried to go occationally, but sometime we think it's just a way for him to get out of doing...

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Potty Training

Have your 3 year-olds potty trained yet? My son will only do it occasionally. He has the knowledge on how to use the potty, he just lacks the ambition.

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just a few mins

baaaahh ok.. so i have a 5 month old and my bf neeeeeeeevvver gets up with her... feels like he hardly does anything for her.. makes me crazzy at night the most.. hes up untill...


How do I deal with my severe all day sickness?

Hello, I'm 13 weeks pregnant & I have severe all day sickness that is causing me to be depressed, cry a lot, and just feel miserable. I've literally been on Reglan, B6 , Zofran,...

Started by Kristen on 11/29/2012 in Expecting

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Hi, I'm new!

I'm from West Bend, Wisconsin(which is 30 minutes north of Milwaukee). My name is Brittany Haim. I have a 2yr old who was born on Valentine's Day. No, his name is not Romeo....

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Hi , I'm Cheryl. I,m 52 years old and I have three children, two daughters 20 and 19, and a son, 15 going on 16 in 1 month. I find life challenging at times, although, I have...

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