Modified Bedrest?!

Hi Im 27 weeks pregnant, was diagnosed with subchorionic bleed at 8 weeks on bed rest 7 weeks on and off. Then after that had healed (18 weeks). I went into early labor at 20...

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I just wanted to introduce myself!! My son is 9 months old now and I think breastfeeding is amazing. I was lucky and had midwives and they never once tried to force formula. I...


how much is you 6month eating?

Hi i was just wondering how much your 6month olds eat because its been 2 yrs since daughter was a baby so can't remember. my son is 6months and a bit and he eats 21oz of milk...

Started by Kimberley on 01/27/2012 in July 2011

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I need some advice..My husband never helps!

I am a stay at home Mom to my daughter who is 28 months old and I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My husband was laid off his job in March and has still currently not...

Started by Stephanie on 05/25/2010 in Moms Under 30

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Anyone feel this way about christmas??

Ok so christmas day is 1 week and a day away and I only have 1 present for each of my toddlers(3&4)......I feel like christmas is just annoying and saddening for our family this...

Started by Marcie on 12/17/2011 in Toddlers

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Is she having a reaction or is she sick?

My daughter is 6 weeks old and at her dr appt yesterday they gave her a Hep B shot. Normally my baby only cries when she is hungry or extremely bored. And she slept 6 hours...

Started by Rebekah on 11/24/2009 in Stay At Home Moms

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pregnant advise

hi,im 43 and 5 weeks pregnant SHOCK... l suffer from ms, l ihave had 4 kids all grown up now. a part of me wants this baby and a part of me says no... what happens after i give...


Any advice??

My youngest child is gonna be 6 years old in August. She is the baby of 4 children and she still has a tendency to sometimes act like a baby. Most of the time she only does it...

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How to relieve a bad cough?

Hi, my 7 month old has a really bad cough. She is weazing all the time and im not sure how i can help. I took her to the hospital the other day and the docter just said she has...

Started by Dawn on 03/17/2010 in August 2009 Babies

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Cloth Diapers

Our budget is getting a bit tight and I've been considering Cloth Diapers. This would be a new experience for my husband and I and we have some questions! I have been doing...


Trust your milk

The Lakeshore Medical Clinic of Breastfeeding Medicine is home to one of my favorite doctors anywhere -- Dr. Jenny Thomas, MD, IBCLC, FAAP, FABM. I've been lucky enough to have...


My son is crabby for no reason today.

I try to feed him, he only wants crackers. I gave him tylenol and baby pepto and still all he does is cry. It's so out of character for him and after a full day I just really...

Started by Shelly on 11/11/2008 in Toddlers

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Screaming child... any advice??

Hi all- I'm a first time mom to a 14 month old boy. Lately he's been screaming at the top of his lungs whenever he is happy, mad, excited... you name it and he will scream! In...

Started by Heidi on 01/19/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Walking, but no teeth!

Is this normal? My other boys got their teeth around six months. Brady does not have a tooth in his head (at least none that I can see). He has been walking since he was nine...

Started by Valarie on 03/12/2009 in April 2008 Babies

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Hello, I am new

Hi to all, I have just found this site. I am from Corby, northants,maried and work part time as a nurse. I have 2 boys, one who is 4 years and my second was born by...