My middle daughter

Hello everyone out there my name is Jane i have a 7 yr old daughter who lives with the paternal grandparents. Because of children services and i think he is physically and...

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Ex and his family pressuring me.

To get the background for what's going on I'll say this... When I was 14 weeks pregnant my(now ex) left me, never told his fam or friends that I was pregnant. I ended up telling...


Was this punishment too harsh?

My 12 year old son kept peeing on the toilet seat at home. I told him time and time again to lift the seat, but he continued to do it. I even sat in it once! I made him clean...


NUK baby...

My son is going to be 11mos old in less than a week. He is very much a NUK baby (Binky, Passie). I have started to "hide" his NUK for parts of the day but he will search it out....

Started by Renee on 03/27/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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How did you know?

I have always wanted a large family. 4 seems the ideal number of children. Right now my children are 5, 3 and 5 mo. and lately I've been having serious second thoughts about...


parents separateing

Well me and my sons father weer engaged and now Ive called that off because we just constantly fight so right now we are separated. Its only been 3 day i know it hasn't been...


first deployment with baby

My husband and i have been married for almost 4 yrs this is our 3rd deployment but our first with a baby she will be 6 month old june 17th and by the time he comes home she'll...


Am so scared

SO a little history, my daughter 7, has Down syndrome and Autism. Feeding has always been an issue. She is on seizure meds (not having clinical seizures, need to prevent them)...

Started by Megan on 07/30/2010 in G-tube Parents

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Grieving and full of fear

Hi, I am new to the group...finally got up the strength to join. I have read so many of your stories and my heart just aches for so many losses. What I have learned by reading...


Bedtime troubles

My 3 and a half year old son has recently started coming in to our room night time, its been going on for a few weeks now and we can keep bringing him out to his own bed but an...


Playing with poop

I am very embarrassed to even bring this topic up but I hope someone is brave enough to help me. My daughter who is now 3 I was told by her sitter the other day that she pooped...

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Seperation Anxiety

My daughter is 3 years old. We adopted her when she was 13 months. I am a stay at home mom. For the last couple of months when I leave for an evening out or just time away,...

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Tips for Jetlag?

We are taking our 16 month old to Australia (from California) at the end of this month. Can anyone share experiences with jetlag and their toddler? We've only been to Hawaii...


my mother in law is driving me insane!

how do i dal with her. I live in the same house as her and she behaves worse then a 3 year old! I have to cook for her and clean up after her, not to mention im 36 weeks. Not to...