what do i do?

my son will be 3 in september and my husband and i recently bought a toddler bed for our son. he refuses to sleep in it. We try to work with him, but it doesn't do anything. We...

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New to Over 40 Moms

I have two kids who keep me busy day in and day out. My daughter is 12 going on 20 and my son is 9 with ADHD that causes issues at school. I am retired from the USAF. Now...

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22 hours with 3 kids all under 5!

On Friday I'm leaving to go see my dad he lives in Houston Texas and I live up north by Chicago Illinois and we are going by car. I'm taking my son that is 4 and has mild...


30 minute napper

My daughter used to take long naps but for the last couple months (she's 6 months old now) she's gotten into the habbit of taking only 30 min. naps. She seems to be pretty...

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hi my name is emma and i gave birth to my daughter sarah on 19 jan she is my second child my son callum is 8 years old my baby is three weeks old and suffers from colic no...


Going back to school

I am going back to school in a few weeks and also looking to start a part-time job. I pump and have milk stored up for when I am gone. But we are having trouble getting my son...

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i just curious to see when eveyones children started teething. i think my son is but im not sure. hes drooling like crazy and gumming at everything he can get his mouth on. but...


question about feeding

Hi. I have a set of two year old b/g twins that were six weeks early, and I have a son who is three months old. He was a full termer, but I have a question about him. Did...

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What can I do?

I am at a loss. I have a 4 year old son with minor ASD and a 6 month old daughter with a disabilty as well. I am finding it very hard to explain to my son why at this moment...


Breastfeeding and Periods

I am currently breastfeeding my 7 month old son. I started getting my period again when he was 3 months old (November) and have had 28 day cycles in November, December and...


Stuart Mesa anyone?

Hello everyone, My husband and I just moved to Camp Pendleton with our son about 2 weeks ago and so far we love it. We live in Stuart Mesa near the main gate. If there's any one...



I am also 43 yrs old mother of 3 boys.My oldest is 21 will be 22 June 13th of this yr his name is Johnathan Robert and he is my airman in the air force just had his 2 weeks of...

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Mommies with young kids at Pendleton?

My husband is getting stationed at Pendleton in August and I am attempting to make some friends before we get there so my kids and I won't be stuck in the house. I'm 23 with 2...


Toddler jealous of newborn

My 2 year old son seems to be jealous towards my newborn son. He doesn't get any less attention than he did before and we try to include him as much as possible with the baby's...


forced foreskin retraction

I brought my 13 month old son to the doctor today, because for the last week he has been running a fever 102-103 after the fact of a couple trips to the er, just for them to...

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