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Getting back in shape

My youngest is now 10 1/2 months.....and I have been trying to get back in shape by this summer but nothing seems to be working. I have been counting calories....drinking more...


i need advice about my children!!!! HELP!!!

i just had a new baby and i also have a 2 yr old.ever since i brought home the newborn i feel as if im neglecting my 2yr old. i feel as if she is always bad even if shes "asking...

Started by Seirra on 11/23/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 11/24/2011 by Seirra


Easy menu ideas for picky 15 month old.

My son is 15 months old and I am having a difficult time finding meals that he will eat. He used to love veggies, but now tosses them on the floor. He loves fruit, but that...

Started by Ashley on 07/06/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 07/06/2010 by Jacqueline


pumping... how many oz to freeze??

I am a teacher. I was back to work for nine weeks after my daughter turned 3 months old. Now I am off for the summer.... I am pumping like a mad woman to prepare for fall... My...

Started by Natalie on 07/13/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 07/14/2009 by User


How do I balance everything?

Hi there. I'm a mom of 4, full time college student, and sell Mary Kay and Advocare. How do I balance my businesses with school and family without my businesses suffering?...


Creating a Schedule?

Hi all! I have a nearly 3 year old girl and my twin girls just turned one. I'm a SAHM, it's hard but worth it...but I feel like my current schedule (which is less schedule and...

Started by Jodi on 01/29/2012 in Twins

Last update on 02/13/2012 by Teresa


How do you teach your kids about money?

My 6 year old knows because she's in first grade. She knows how to count it, but I don't think she actually knows the VALUE of money. She's always trying to give it to me and...

Started by Katherine on 05/08/2012 in Money Saving Tips

Last update on 05/30/2012 by Dinorah


Are you a strict parent or a lenient one?

I always thought I would be a very strict parent because I am a firm believer in discipline. However, now that I really am a parent, I find myself wondering if I'm actually too...

Started by Esther on 09/01/2009 in Hot Topics

Last update on 09/04/2009 by ME


Do your children have a voice in your home?

This was prompted by another thread. The question is, do your children have a say in what happens in your home? What they wear? What they eat? If they can participate in...

Started by ~♥Little Miss on 11/02/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 11/04/2011 by Sylvia


What is it like to be a SAHM?

I've been wondering this for a long time but never knew how to pose the question without making it seem like I don't think SAHM's do anything. I think being a SAHM is amazing...

Started by Evangelyna on 06/09/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

Last update on 06/14/2013 by Eve


Potty Training

I'm new and my son was born June 22, 2005, and I am embarrassed to say that I still have problems with getting my son to do #1 on the potty! (We haven't even tried #2 yet) My...

Started by Glenda on 11/11/2008 in June 2005 Babies

Last update on 11/25/2008 by User


Started Back Dating

After being single for 14mo I have returned to the dating scene. Ive met a guy who's 4 years younger than I and have no kids. He treats me like a queen and he loves me and my...

Started by Kisha on 01/13/2011 in Single Moms

Last update on 01/28/2011 by Summer


My first child

Hello my name is Jessica I am 23 years old and this will be my first child. As many other first time mothers, I'm scared to death. My nipples are sore, I'm hungry all the time...

Started by Jessica on 10/18/2011 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 10/24/2011 by Amanda


Emotional roller coaster

My 13 year old daughter has always expressed a wide range of emotion, so this is not necessarily something associated with being a teen and "hormones". I worry about her when...

Started by Sondra on 08/11/2013 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 01/09/2014 by H

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