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Vegas Wedding-Debate/Opinions/Advice Welcome

So, I'm planning my wedding and we had the venue set-it's now fell through. The wedding is not until late September so I have a ways to go. We know we want a small wedding...

Started by Mrs. on 01/14/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 01/16/2011 by Barb


Is Debate Mums morphing?

I've noticed lately that there have been several non-debate posts on this thread. And that has got me thinking... Should we create a second "Debate Mums" thread for more...

Started by Allison on 08/08/2009 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 08/10/2009 by Sarah


DMG!!! Debating Moms Gossip

In light of 'certain' threads.... what happened to DMG-Debating Moms Gossip.... we sort of let that forum go dead. Why don't we resurrect it by inviting new members? Edit to...

Started by Jenni on 03/26/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 03/30/2011 by Johnny


Not a debate just a WTF

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/woman/3485305/I-give-my-girl-8-Botox-for-pageant.html LIKE other eight-year-old girls, Britney Campbell loves dancing to Lady GaGa, is...

Started by Stifler's on 03/23/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 08/04/2011 by Merry


Debating Mum's!

Another group I admin for is "Debating Mum's" It's a great place with some great debates on the go. So I'd like to welcome you all to come and join in!...

Started by Sarah on 09/02/2010 in May 2008 Babies

Last update on 02/22/2011 by Heather


Online debate etiquette .

We all get very passionate at times when debating subjects close to our hearts but what is debate ? What etiquette should we follow on an online forum ? Should posts and...

Started by Charlie on 05/02/2010 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 04/22/2014 by Jeanie


Hmmmm....debatable topics!

I nursed and used formula I work outside of the home I used disposable diapers My son used a pacifer until 2 1/2 I vaccinated my son at the regularly scheduled...

Started by Sapphire on 06/16/2009 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 06/28/2009 by Rachel


What would you do? (Not exactly a debate)

So my children (2 and 6) have become quite good friends with an 8 year old boy who lives over the road. At first I thought he was a lovely, well-mannered boy who was careful and...

Started by Kylie on 11/04/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 11/06/2011 by Deanna


Welcome and Thanks! (please read)

Firstly, Thanks for joining Debating Mums! This is a community where we can debate anything and everything in a polite and respectful way! We've worked hard as a group to keep...

Started by Sarah on 07/02/2009 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 07/03/2009 by Megan


Girl becomes Mum at 10

http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8373232/girl-becomes-mum-at-10 There is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to start. 1. It is illegal to have an abortion...

Started by Kellie on 11/11/2011 in Debating Mums!

Last update on 11/14/2011 by Sharlene


"Mum, I am gay"

How would you feel if your child came out as being gay? Would it have implications in your life, your morals, values, religious beliefs? Would you accept it, ignore it, disown...

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