New here and Questions :)

Hi! My name is Tiffany and have been going through a very frustrating journey with my 7 yr old. Noah is 7.5 years old but the size of a 5 year old. He has been diagnosed with :...


How can I increase my milk supply?

Hi there, My daughter is 2.5 months old and I've been breast feeding so far. The first 3-4 weeks she was fine and seemed satisfied. She nursed very well and would sleep for...


Hi there.. i am new

Hi to all. Hope all is well. This is my first baby. He is now 4 months old and i am enjoying every moment with him. I think my biggest fear right now is leaving him at a day...

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Daycare & Weaning from a bottle

Our daughter just turned 1 last week, when we took her for her needles the nurse said that we should try to have her weaned from the bottle to a sippy cup or even better an...

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is ther such thing as to much milk?

hello to all. My daughter every time she drinks any thing other than milk she gets a horrible diaper rash. I have tried gerber juice i was watering it down alot but it was still...

Started by Crystal on 01/13/2010 in May 2008 Babies

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Please Help!!

My 6 month old, has never been a good sleeper, but I'm beginning to loose my mind... He is STILL waking every 2 to 3 hours, if I'm lucky it'll be 4 hours. I've tried the...

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Have you ever been spotted out in a new group?

I was so excited to go to the Lady's Circle at church, but when I got there I felt kinda out of place. So I have been missing church and it has been like a month and its my...

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Another step closer

J and I had a 3 hour appointment today at a clinic. Come to find out he has spasticity in his legs and arms and will eventually need braces. Also that he is clearly not...


Samples/freebies/coupons off 1 site :)

I found this site looking for samples and I'd say about 90% of the things I find are true links http://www.mysavings.com/free-product-samples/babies-kids-moms/ It's not one of...

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Your best birth stories

When I was pregnant with my son I hear a multitude of horror stories, had I not known about a dozen women with multiple normal births I would have been terrified. Thank...


Soy and Low Supply? something else?

I have a 4 month old baby, he eats on cue...and I am lucky to have no gotten my period back. However, for two weeks of each month I have a huge struggly with low supply. It...

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Question about....

My daughter Jaya was born at 36 weeks with gastroschisis. She has a few issues with her kidneys so now i am wondering if any oth mommy's babies had this issue. Her Right Kidney...

Started by Andrea on 01/05/2010 in Moms Of Preemies

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21 Month old throws wild tantrums

My daughter has been so hard to handle lately. She has gotten to the point where she hates being restrained in any way, so when shes in the car seat, stroller, carriage, and god...