Emergency C-section

when i talk about the day my son was "born", i always use air quotes. it was really the day that he was cut out of me. before i had either of my children, i didnt know how the...


Introducing myself

Just wanted to say hello, my daughter who is 4 has been diagnosed with asd, she is 4 and starting full time school, we have just had all the reports from school sent back to us...



So I am having my second baby in ONE WEEK from today. I'm starting to think of what kind of birth control I want to rely on after baby arrives. I want something besides the...

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has anyone had a spinal headache?

i had my baby 2 months ago. i had my 2nd c-section. they gave me a spinal tap. after the first day i started getting headaches then after a few hours they were so bad i was...


Any advice!!

My husband recently left the Marine corps and re-enlisted with the army this time.. I was a military brat myself my mother did 10 years with the air force and my father 27 with...


5th grade cell phone trouble.....

My oldest is an 11 year old girl and she has (or had) a cell phone for emergency purposes. We held on to it and gave it to her only when we felt it was appropriate. One day she...


Felt like the worst mother in the world!!! :-(

This past Sunday was the scariest day of my life since having my twin girls (now 21 1/2months). The night before we had the fireplace (wood burning) in our room lit but once we...

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Breech Babies and C-Sections

For 3 weeks, 3 different doctors told me that my daughter was head down and fully engaged..."ready to rock" When I went into labor 2 days after my last doctors appointment, the...

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For those of you who have already gone through with the surgeries did your little ones get an epidural? What are the pro's/cons? My son is 8 mnths and goes for surgery...

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16 weeks 5 days

16 weeks 5 days. Thats How far along I was when I miscarried. I never recieved medical care while I was pregnant. I had all of the pregnancy symptoms . I should know because I...