Asperger's Banking Accounts...?

Okay. So, I'm not a mom. But, I'm a really concerned sister. I'm 17 and my brother is 23 with asperger's. So obviously my life is changing and I'm about to move out on my own...


sleep issues

I don't know what to do bout my daughter. i put her down at night and she cries because she is so itchy. it's like she is thinking bout it when she is trying to sleep, but is...

Started by Krista on 05/17/2011 in Eczema And Kids

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homeschooling abroad?

Are there any expat moms out there who are homeschooling their kids? I am thinking about it for next year, when my little guy would be 1st grade. The international schools here...

Started by Anne on 06/27/2011 in Expat Moms

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Boy names

hey im just after some input on the name we like n if nebody has ne more suggestions thatd be awesome :) here are the names we like Noah Alex Jack Harry Oliver George...

Started by Elisha on 07/26/2011 in December 2011

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Having pains any help?....Fast responses please...

I've been having strange pains mostly everytime I move or get up I'm kind of scared what if somethings wrong??....i have an appointment on the 12th of this month should I wait...

Started by Melissa on 01/08/2012 in Moms Under 30

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Help! First Birthday Issues!

I thank you in advance for any advice you can offer. My father who resides in Chicago and has yet to meet my child has purchased me a plane ticket to fly up for Easter. My...


ADHD medication side effects

I recently had my son tested and diagnosed with ADHD, he has been on Vyvanse 20 mg for 4 days and has turned from a happy, joking loving kid to a emotional moody wreck, anyone...


Can anyone help me in 2nd Pregnancy?

I am 2nd time pregnant and my 1st baby is 22 months old and use to get angry at him cause i feel he is getting stubborn i am helpless to control my anger help me out

Started by User on 08/23/2012 in Moms Under 30

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