Why is that people get divorced? I think people give up to easily on relationships... relationships are hard work and when you say I do till death do us part you should be...


Potty Training! Help!!

I have been trying to potty train my 3 1/2 yr old son and I am having a rough time. He will go pee-pee most of the time, but we have yet to do the #2!!! I have tried everything...

Started by Becky on 06/09/2010 in Toddler Moms

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Feel like a failure...

I've been BF my son since minute one. He's almost 10 months old now and I seem to be having a problem getting any milk when I pump. I've had to send formula (gross) with him...


Freaking out!!

A little backround..... About 2 weeks after Kamden turned 4 months old we noticed he wasn't focusing on us when we talked to him and wasn't really grabbing for toys. So we...

Started by Kayle on 07/30/2010 in Stressing

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So i just found out that my 12 month old son is allergic to PEAS PEANUTS AND EGGS, i have two other kids who have no allergies so far. the tests have said that his resaults...


Daily battles

Why oh why do the simple easy everyday tasks have to be so hard while the more complicated difficult tasks are just too easy?????


anyone else feel guilty?

Somedays I feel really guilty that I'm not with my daughter's father. I feel like that picture perfect image you grow up with of a family is now ruined. I worry about things...



Hey guys! Lets get to know each other... where's everyone from, what's your baby mixed with, and what has been the toughest thing you've encountered so far? (Whether it be with...


How are you feeling?

How is everyone feeling at this point? I am into the second trimester and I am feeling pregnant. :) This is my fourth child so I have been through this before so I don't know...

Started by Melissa on 02/20/2011 in August 2011 Babies

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Twin Help

Hello, I have a set of 3.5 year old twins. Recently we have had some major things to happen, and I am afraid it is affecting my boys. I recently had a fall through my den floor...

Started by Samantha on 03/19/2011 in Twins

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Any Ideas???

So after I had my son (via C-section) I healed pretty good but my first menstrual cycle was longer than expected.. Against my better judgement I went on the pill to try to...


MIL troubles..

Ok. So I left my son with my mother in law while I ran an errand. She called me and when i answered she said I needed to hurry so i can take my son to the ER that he ate ICY...

Started by Erica on 07/30/2011 in Want To Vent?

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I need help with a sick 17 month old

My daughter has had many hospital visits since she was born. She has been sick all the time and I don't know what to do anymore. She has an over active glad in her stomach. That...