eating habits

my 10 month old son had a great appitite from 5 birth until about a month ago. he got a really nasty ear infection and slowed down a lot, which is normal. so instead of his 3...


Won't eat finger food

My 8 month old will not eat finger food. She only wants jarred food. I have tried, Cheerios, whole wheat toast, banana and Farley cookies. She won't hold her bottle either. I am...

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Hospital Visitors

When I had my son 2 years ago, we wanted EVERYONE to come and to show him off, etc...and we definitely got our wish. I had him early on a Monday and by noon Tuesday I was...

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What would you do?

Next year my daughter starts kindergarten. I have already arranged for her to take math with the first (or perhaps second) grade students while remaining with her peers for the...


Do I have Post Partum Depression?

I've been taking care of our nearly 4 month old since the beginning, however about a month ago my husband also started on leave and I've had the good luck of having him around...


i feel like a awful mom

I am a mom to three little ones they are five, four, and two. i love them very much and they mean the world to me but i am really fed up with their behavior i dont know how much...

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im 19 i work & go to skool(nursing) but i feel that im over working myself just because i dont want to be a failure or have ppl think negative about me(tellin me i told u it was...


Weight loss

I've come to the point where I've seriously got to lose the weight now. My self-esteem is suffering, and I just want to recognise myself in the mirror again. I weigh the same...


Aches and pains of 32 weeks

I really just needed to vent.....LOL This is my 4th baby (in 4 years), I am 32 weeks today. I know this isn't my first rodeo and as my fiance tells me being pregnant should be...

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ok so i have a few questions

ok so my first question is this. i have a baby girl who is one month old. before i had her i was always freezing cold. no that i have had her i get really really warm like...

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sudden issues!

ok, my son is 8 1/2 mo, and we were doing just fine with the whole spoon feeding and sitting at the table with the family. But all of a sudden he gets fussy and won't let me...


Anyone been to a osteopath for reflux?

My baby boy of 7 weeks has got reflux. He spews a lot during, after and just before a feed. I suppose when I change his position. He cries particularly at night and screws up...

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