Baby Sign Language

Do any of you use sign language to help your babies communicate? My 16 month old boy knows about 25 signs. I love that he can tell me what he wants and doesn't have to cry and...


weekly feeding menu

So I am becoming a little overwhelmed at what and how often a week I should give my LO a particular food....He has been eating bananas, sweet potatoes, squash and apples. Now I...

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Starting Solids

My boys are 4 months old. They were premies born at 34 weeks and 2 days. At our 4 month doctor visit the doctor mentioned that this was a time to start thinking about solid...

Started by Christina on 01/15/2011 in Twins

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How many sahm are homeschooling?

Did you alway know you would homeschool? Or was it a decision made after you enjoyed staying home with your kids for a few years? What kind of school materials do you use? How...

Started by Merry on 02/14/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Need help with solids

Hi all, I have a son who is just turning 1. I have given him various solids for the last few months. Lately, he is not eating well at all. He refuses almost everything. He...


Six months ago...

Wow, Can you believe it's been 6 months now since our little ones entered the world!?! How are everyones baby's doing? What milestones have they reached so far!?


My 6 month is not wanting to nurse at night

I'm worried he is trying to wean early or maybe I have a supply issue. Per his pediatrician's reccomendations I am taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, eating eggs every...

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Will they go back to the same size???

My daughter is 6 months old and she preferred nursing on my left side since birth. I saw a lactation consultant but even with pumping I lost the milk production on my right...

Started by Kristy on 01/07/2011 in Breastfeeding Moms

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baby girl hates bottle :(

Hello young moms, id like some little advice here. Im trying to stop breastfeeding & for a week my daugther took the bottle once a day and it was juste fine. But the daddy just...

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i am having a very hard time accepting and adjusting to having a baby with special needs. Em came right home after delivery and i thought i had a perfectly normal baby only to...



Any suggestions for getting a little one to sleep through the night? My daughter is 9 months old and gets up at least 2 times in the night still.

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my 5mo old decided he doesn't want 2 nurse!

My son will be 5mo this Saturday. 90% of the time he is breastfed - the other 10% is formula. We give him formula if we have a night out (I figure formula is better than what...

Started by Julia on 01/22/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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A little frustrated with his eating :(

Hello, Im new :) my son is 17 months old and insists on feeding himself. He is slightly underweight for his age and height hes 21 lbs dr wants him to 25. He will not eat if we...


Old Fashioned FAMILY Values!

When did the people in this world become so materialistic? I am old fashioned when it comes to the roles that mom's and dad's play in raising children. I believe, that it is...

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Do you believe in Love or Lust

I posted something on "Moms with wonderful husbands" and ended up starting my own conversation cuz I got bashed from everyone that responded. The first post on there I...

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